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Makita 4390D Instruction Manual page 6

Makita cordless recipro saw instruction manual 4390d
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12. To reduce risk of electric shock, unplug
charger from outlet before attempting any
maintenance or cleaning. Turning off con-
trols will not reduce this risk.
13. The battery charger is not intended for
use by young children or infirm persons
without supervision.
14. Young children should be supervised to
ensure that they do not play with the bat-
tery charger.
1. Do not charge Battery Cartridge when
temperature is BELOW 10°C (50°F) or
ABOVE 40°C (104°F).
2. Do not attempt to use a step-up trans-
former, an engine generator or DC power
3. Do not allow anything to cover or clog the
charger vents.
4. Always cover the battery terminals with
the battery cover when the battery car-
tridge is not used.
5. Do not short the battery cartridge:
(1) Do not touch the terminals with any
conductive material.
(2) Avoid storing battery cartridge in a
container with other metal objects
such as nails, coins, etc.
(3) Do not expose battery cartridge to
water or rain.
A battery short can cause a large current
flow, overheating, possible burns and
even a breakdown.
15. If operating time has become excessively
shorter, stop operating immediately. It
may result in a risk of overheating, possi-
ble burns and even an explosion.
16. If electrolyte gets into your eyes, rinse
them out with clear water and seek medi-
cal attention right away. It may result in
loss of your eyesight.
6. Do not store the tool and Battery Car-
tridge in locations where the temperature
may reach or exceed 50°C (122°F).
7. Do not incinerate the Battery Cartridge
even if it is severely damaged or is com-
pletely worn out. The battery cartridge can
explode in a fire.
8. Be careful not to drop, shake or strike bat-
9. Do not charge inside a box or container of
any kind. The battery must be placed in a
well ventilated area during charging.



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