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Specific Safety Rules - Makita 4390D Instruction Manual

Makita cordless recipro saw instruction manual 4390d
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21. Tool service must be performed only by
qualified repair personnel. Service or main-
tenance performed by unqualified personnel
may result in a risk of injury.


DO NOT let comfort or familiarity with product (gained from
repeated use) replace strict adherence to cordless recipro saw
safety rules. If you use this tool unsafely or incorrectly, you can
suffer serious personal injury.
1. Hold tool by insulated gripping surfaces
when performing an operation where the
cutting tool may contact hidden wiring.
Contact with a "live" wire will make exposed
metal parts of the tool "live" and shock the
2. Be aware that this tool is always in an
operating condition, because it does not
have to be plugged into an electrical out-
3. Always use safety glasses or goggles.
Ordinary eye or sun glasses are NOT
safety glasses.
4. Avoid cutting nails. Inspect workpiece for
any nails and remove them before opera-
5. Do not cut oversize workpiece.
6. Check for the proper clearance beyond the
workpiece before cutting so that the blade
will not strike the floor, workbench, etc.
7. Hold the tool firmly.
8. Make sure the blade is not contacting the
workpiece before the switch is turned on.
9. Keep hands away from moving parts.
22. When servicing a tool, use only identical
replacement parts. Follow instructions in
the Maintenance section of this manual.
Use of unauthorized parts or failure to follow
Maintenance instructions may create a risk of
shock or injury.
10. Always switch off and wait for the blade to
come to a complete stop before removing
the blade from the workpiece.
11. Do not touch the blade or the workpiece
immediately after operation; they may be
extremely hot and could burn your skin.
12. Some material contains chemicals which
may be toxic. Take caution to prevent
dust inhalation and skin contact. Follow
material supplier safety data.



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