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Mercedes-Benz smart Radio 10 Operating Instructions Manual

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  Summary of Contents for Mercedes-Benz smart Radio 10

  • Page 1 Operating instructions > smart Radio 10...
  • Page 2 smart - a brand of DaimlerChrysler
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    ID ..22 smart Radio 10 operating elements . . 9 Mute function ....17 Resetting the PTY ID .
  • Page 4 ..... 29 Ejecting CDs from the smart Radio 10 ....29 Ejecting a single CD from the smart Radio 10.
  • Page 5 Overview >>...
  • Page 6: Overview

    24 months without smart Radio 10. some of the descriptions and illustra- distance limit for this accessory or re- Read these instruction carefully and tions.
  • Page 7: Specified Normal Operation

    Overview >> General Specified normal operation >Notice! Dear User, This equipment has been tested and Caution found to comply with the limits for the this device complies with Part 15 of the This equipment complies with Class A digital device, pursuant to part FCC Rules.
  • Page 8: Operating Basics

    "Lock" your vehicle and its occupants. and cause an accident. position, the radio will switch off auto- Always operate the smart Radio 10 in a Operating basics matically after 60 minutes. manner that you remain in full control...
  • Page 9: Smart Radio 10 Operating Elements

    Overview >> smart Radio 10 operating elements smart Radio 10 operating elements Button Function Button Function Button Function In the Radio mode: Audio source Turning button: Station memory 1-6 (Radio, CD, AUX) Change settings In the CD mode: Pressing button:...
  • Page 10: Display

    Overview >> Display Example: Radio mode Example: CD mode Display The display shows information about set- tings, stations, CD number, CD track etc. GN2.Q3 :6/61 234567 TXS 4 USBDL 23 12;57 SFHJPO Depending on the audio source, this in- DE!3 TXS!4 formation varies.
  • Page 11: Menu Functions

    In the CD mode Radio Data System (RDS) The function of the menu button differs In the CD mode the following menus are The smart Radio 10 is equipped with a in the various modes. Detailed informati- available: Radio Data System.
  • Page 12: Switching On/Off The Af Function (Alternative Frequency)

    AF func- mode. As a result, the smart Radio 10 For further information please contact tion. The smart Radio 10 tunes to a better switches over only between the Radio your smart service center.
  • Page 13: Reset Function

    Overview >> Menu functions RESET function With the RESET function all of your sound settings on the smart Radio 10 will be set back to the default settings. Press the button for at least MENU three seconds. > The sub functions appear.
  • Page 14 Overview >> Menu functions 14 Overview >>...
  • Page 15: Audio

    Audio >>...
  • Page 16: Volume Control

    Audio >> Volume control Volume control Adjusting the volume for Adjusting the Loudness traffic announcements (TA VOL) The volume settings are valid for the When the Loudness function is activated, Radio mode as well as for the CD mode. The volume of the traffic announcements low and high audio frequencies are amp- can be increased.
  • Page 17: Mute Function

    Audio >> Volume control Mute function In the Radio mode the Mute function in- terrupts the radio sound as well as the traffic announcements. In the CD mode the Mute function sets the CD to pause. Switching on the Mute function Press the button.
  • Page 18: Sound Settings

    Audio >> Sound settings Sound settings Bass and Treble Balance The sound settings can be adjusted se- Adjusting the Bass settings Adjusting the Balance settings parately for the Radio FM, RADIO AM, CD Press the button repeatedly until Press the button repeatedly until BASS and AUX modes.
  • Page 19: Radio Mode

    Radio mode >>...
  • Page 20: Adjusting Radio Mode And Station

    The following wavebands are available: rently receivable stations (see FM waveband (Stereo): page 22). Only one entry is displayed If the smart Radio 10 was in a different at a time. - 87.5 - 108 MHz mode, press the button repeatedly - Tuning via station presets.
  • Page 21: Tuning Via Station Search

    Radio mode >> Adjusting Radio mode and station Tuning via station search Tuning via scan search Tuning via manual tuning The station search is available in all The scan search is available in all wave- The manual tuning is available in all wavebands.
  • Page 22: Tuning Via Pty

    > In the station list, all stations are - Jazz music programs available. JAZZ Choose with the button the PTY ID > When you switch the smart Radio 10 - Leisure reports LEISURE from the list. POP M off and on, the PTY ID is also reset.
  • Page 23: Tuning Via Station Presets

    Radio mode >> Adjusting Radio mode and station - National folk music Tuning via station presets Switching on/off the REGION mode NATION M - News programs For each waveband there are 6 station By activating the Region function you NEWS presets available.
  • Page 24: Storing A Station

    The Autostore function assigns six sta- be stored. - Storing by using Autostore > The smart Radio 10 switches over to tions according to their reception qual- Storing manually by number buttons ity. These will be stored in the preset the last tuned in station.
  • Page 25: Cd Mode

    CD mode >>...
  • Page 26: General Informations

    Injury hazard! The CD drive is designed to accept - Do not expose CDs to heat and direct smart Radio 10 is classified as a EN 60908 standard CDs only. Only use sunlight. Class 1 laser product. You must not CDs which are up to 1.3 mm thick.
  • Page 27: Switching Over To The Cd Mode

    CD menu appears. OP!DE QSFTT!MPBE > The smart Radio 10 switches over to the CD mode. The inserted CD will > After two seconds the smart Radio 10 be played. switches over to the last active mode. USBDL 23 12;57...
  • Page 28: Loading And Ejecting Cds

    INSERT CD Insert an Audio-CD in the CD slot with Loading CDs in the smart Radio 10 the printed side facing upwards. JOTFSU!DE > The smart Radio 10 draws the CD into Loading single CDs the slot. Press the button.
  • Page 29: Completely

    > The smart Radio 10 ejects all CDs another. like to eject the CD. that are inserted in the CD changer. > The smart Radio 10 draws in the CDs. > The display shows EJECTING The CDs will be loaded in the slots 1-6 in turn.
  • Page 30: Selecting A Cd

    CD mode >> Selecting a CD Selecting a CD Playing tracks by using RANDOM Selecting a track Example: If you do not want to listen to a specific - Selecting by using track skip CD no. 6 in the CD changer track on the CD but to all tracks random- - Selecting by using Fast-Track Press the button...
  • Page 31: Selecting By Using Fast-Track

    CD mode >> Selecting a CD Selecting by using Fast-Track MP3 CD with folder structure: Selecting by using scan search For standard CDs as well as for MP3 CDs, Press the button. During the scan search, each track on the Fast-Track function is available. It the current CD is played for approxi- >...
  • Page 32: Repeat Track

    CD mode >> Selecting a CD Repeat track > The display shows on the left. Displaying MP3 Text REPEAT Press the button. The last heard If a CD was saved in MP3 format, the in- SFQFBU 234567 track will be repeated. formation saved on the CD can be dis- DE!6 12;57...
  • Page 33: Mp3 Text Informations

    CD mode >> Selecting a CD MP3 Text information The following methods are available to show the MP3 text information: - MP3 Filetext: The file information will be shown. - MP3 ID3: The information about the performer and the information saved corresponding to the tracks will be shown respectively.
  • Page 34 CD mode >> Selecting a CD 34 CD mode >>...