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Using The Griddle - Miele KMGP 340 Operating Instructions Manual

Griddle gril
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How to procced:
^ Place the griddle over two burners
spanning them front to rear. The
wording must be at the front.
^ Turn on the two burners.
^ Pre-heat for 5 minutes at the highest
burner setting.
^ After preheating the griddle, turn
down the burner to medium to cook
meat, and low to grill vegetables.
^ Turn the food frequently to prevent
Make sure the gas burners are
turned off after using the griddle!

Using the griddle

– To minimize splattering, dry moist or
marinated foods with paper towels
before cooking.
– Salt meat and fish after cooking to
retain natural juices.
– Cook with oils that can handle high
temperatures without smoking.
– To help prevent the food from
sticking, brush un-marinated meats
and vegetables with a little oil before
placing on the griddle.



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