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Patriot Power Generator 1500 User Manual

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Table of Contents
User Manual


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 PATRIOT POWER User Manual...
  • Page 2 Notice of Copyright Patriot Power Generator User Manual. Copyright © 2015 4Patriots, LLC. All Rights Reserved. Exclusions for Documentation Unless specifically agreed to in writing, 4Patriots and the Patriot Power Generator: A.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

  • Page 5 PLEASE read this entire manual before attempting to use this product. WARNING 1. Avoid dangerous environments. Do not charge this item in rain, snow or damp or wet locations. Do not use this item or charger in the presence of explosive atmospheres (gaseous fumes, dust or flammable materials) because sparks may be generated when charging or discharging this item, possibly causing fire.
  • Page 6 PATRIOT POWER Before using this unit, please read ALL instructions and information in this user manual.
  • Page 7: About The Patriot Power Generator

    The quiet, portable device is all about practicality and endurance, lasting up to 1,000+ life cycles. Other generators try, but none can match the power of the Patriot Power Generator and still offer all of the following: Safety: No emissions —...
  • Page 8: Symbols And Terms

    SYMBOLS AND TERMS Important Symbols The following symbols are used in this guide: Warnings are conditions and practices that could result WARNING in personal injury. Cautions are conditions and practices that could result CAUTION in damage to the unit or other equipment. Important Terms The following terms are helpful for you to know and are used in this guide: Term...
  • Page 9: Safety Instructions

    Opening the generator is very dangerous and WILL VOID THE WARRANTY. • Repairs should be done ONLY by a qualified Patriot Power Generator repair technician.
  • Page 10: Getting Started

    GETTING STARTED • Thank you for your purchase of the Patriot Power Generator. The 1,500-watt pure sine wave AC inverter output in this unit makes it compatible for use with many of today’s high-tech electronic devices. It also allows appliance motors to operate more efficiently and at cooler temperatures.
  • Page 11: Unit Overview

    UNIT OVERVIEW You should have received the following items with your Patriot Power Generator: • Unit • AC wall-outlet charging cord • User manual • Keys • Accessory pouch ON/OFF Procedures • Insert key into the master power lock on the back of the unit. Turn key right to the ON position to power unit on and illuminate the LCD display (see A).
  • Page 12 Patriot Power Generator Interface Front Back...
  • Page 13 Interface Key 1. AC output power switch and LED indicator 2. LCD display 3. AC outlets 4. 12 VDC cigarette lighter outlet (10A) 5. 12 VDC Anderson Powerpole outlets (20A) 6. USB outlets 7. USB power switch and LED indicator 8.
  • Page 14 AC Charging WARNING Never use a damaged or frayed AC cord; electrical shock can occur if AC cord is damaged or frayed. If AC cord is damaged, replace with a new cord before proceeding with AC usage (request replacements via Contact Information on page 2).
  • Page 15 cord that is connected to your charging source (solar panel, hand crank, windmill, etc.) into the DC 24V Anderson Powerpole slots on the back of the unit (see C). While unit is charging, the LCD display will show a flashing lightning bolt and the charge level, which is indicated by the battery charge status bar.
  • Page 16 DC Usage Outlets WARNING Never use a damaged or frayed DC cord; electrical shock can occur if DC cord is damaged or frayed. If DC cord is damaged, replace with a new cord before proceeding with DC usage (request replacements via Contact Information on page 2).
  • Page 17: Troubleshooting/Faq

    Patriot Power Generator AC outlets are on and ready for use. • For the Patriot Power Generator to function at its highest ability, it must be charged after being used and must not be abused, misused or damaged. Please ensure all of these conditions are met.
  • Page 18 3. I used the Patriot Power Generator once, and now it won’t charge when I plug it into the wall. • The Patriot Power Generator is designed to be used for over 1,000 full discharge and charge cycles. If it will not charge when you plug...
  • Page 19 When you drink water from a glass, it does not refill itself. You have to refill it if you want it to hold more water. • If the Patriot Power Generator will not function after you have followed these steps, contact customer support (see Contact Information on page 2).
  • Page 20 The LCD display should show a full battery charge, and the lightning bolt should disappear. • If you remove the cable from the Patriot Power Generator while it is charging, you may need to wait one minute for the Patriot Power Generator to recalibrate and prepare to accept a charge again.
  • Page 21 30 to 60 minutes (depending on sunlight conditions) to ensure that the battery cells are optimally balanced. • Tip: The Patriot Power Generator can be charged by both AC sources and DC sources at the same time to achieve a faster charge.
  • Page 22 Patriot Power Generator. 8. I can’t connect my solar panel to my Patriot Power Generator. • If a Patriot Power Generator solar panel was included in your...
  • Page 23 10. I can’t connect all of my solar panels to my Patriot Power Generator at the same time. • The Patriot Power Generator is designed to accommodate two to three solar panels with identical Anderson connectors. If using Anderson Powerpole connectors (rectangular red and black connectors), there may be dust covers that need to be pulled back to connect the first panel directly to the unit.
  • Page 24 • The Patriot Power Generator should not have any odor while functioning or bring stored. Dust, dirt or debris should not be allowed to enter the Patriot Power Generator, but if it does, it may emit a very light odor similar to a clothes dryer when the generator is powered on.
  • Page 25 LCD display will help you with these calculations because it shows the wattage used by any appliance plugged in. • To ensure you are able to enjoy the Patriot Power Generator’s full battery charge the next time you use it, charge it fully and turn the power off after use.
  • Page 26 • See question 16 for additional information. 18. My Patriot Power Generator got wet and now will not turn on. • It is possible to damage the Patriot Power Generator when it is used improperly or in harsh conditions.
  • Page 27 4-amp @ 24V solar panels. • Always balance the currents you are putting into and taking out of the Patriot Power Generator. This is a sure way to know you are treating your Patriot Power Generator in a way that will prolong the battery life, stay in-warranty and give you many years of extensive use.
  • Page 28: Technical Specifications

    TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Dimensions: 18" L x 10" W x 12" H Weight: 27 lbs (12.2 kg) Operating Temperatures: 23-111 °F (-5-45 °C) Battery: • Lithium-ion polymer technology (LiPo) • 22Ah (528Wh) capacity • 24V capacity • Rated for 1,000 charge and discharge cycles (80% loss after 500 cycles) •...
  • Page 29 LCD Display: • 6-bar battery-shaped gauge - Always on so you always know when your battery is charged. - Displays wattage used with the AC inverter for easily run time calculations. Power Controls: • Master power control via key slot on back of unit •...
  • Page 30: Manufacturer Warranty Information

    MANUFACTURER WARRANTY INFORMATION 0 to 365 days from the date of delivery: What is covered? • Defects in materials or workmanship. • Non-cosmetic, normal wear and tear related damages. • Units authorized for return. To receive authorization, please contact our customer service team (see Contact Information on page 2).
  • Page 31 Additional Terms: 1. Damage caused willfully or by negligence will void the warranty at any point in the 365-day period. Willful or negligent damage is determined upon receipt and inspection of the unit. All refunds/ returns will be processed after inspection for willful or negligent damage.
  • Page 32 PATRIOT POWER...