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Setup Your Ge Branded Audio Receiver - GE 11081 User Manual

Wireless audio receiver
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Setting up your GE branded Audio Receiver
1. Connect one 3.5mm end of the included 3.5mm cable to the audio out connection on the GE audio
2. Connect the other end to the audio input on your home stereo system, soundbar, or computer
speaker using the 3.5mm or the RL audio adapter.
Note: Consult your stereo user's manual for more information on audio inputs available
and their locations.
3. Connect the provided micro USB plug of the AC adapter into the micro port (DC 5V) on the back of
the GE audio receiver. Then plug the AC charger into an available wall outlet.
4. The LED light will flash once to show the unit is powered and ready to be paired with your devices.
3.5mm to 3.5mm
audio cable
3.5mm female
to Right/Left
audio cable
audio receiver
micro USB AC
power adapter

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