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Bosch DIVAR IP 7000 1U Installation Manual

Network surveillance system.
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DIVAR IP 7000 1U
DIP-7040-00N, DIP-7042-2HD, DIP-7042-4HD
Installation Manual


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   Summary of Contents for Bosch DIVAR IP 7000 1U

  • Page 1

    DIVAR IP 7000 1U DIP-7040-00N, DIP-7042-2HD, DIP-7042-4HD Installation Manual...

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    DIVAR IP 7000 1U Table of Contents | en Table of contents Safety precautions General safety precautions Electrical safety precautions ESD precautions Operating precautions Important notices FCC and ICES compliance System overview Chassis features Chassis components 2.2.1 Chassis 2.2.2 Backplane 2.2.3...

  • Page 4

    | Table of Contents DIVAR IP 7000 1U Connecting to the internet Protecting the system from unauthorized access Setting up port forwarding Choosing an appropriate client 7.3.1 Remote connection with Operator Client 7.3.2 Remote connection with Video Security App...

  • Page 5: Safety Precautions

    DIVAR IP 7000 1U Safety precautions | en Safety precautions Observe the safety precautions in this chapter. General safety precautions Follow these rules to ensure general safety: – Keep the area around the system clean and free of clutter. –...

  • Page 6: Electrical Safety Precautions

    Installation should only be carried out by qualified customer service personnel in accordance with the applicable electrical regulations. Disposal Your Bosch product has been developed and manufactured using high- quality materials and components that can be reused. This symbol means that electronic and electrical devices that have reached the end of their working life must be disposed of separately from household waste.

  • Page 7: Esd Precautions

    DIVAR IP 7000 1U Safety precautions | en – Use only one hand when working with powered-on electrical equipment. This is to avoid making a complete circuit, which will cause electrical shock. Use extreme caution when using metal tools, which can easily damage any electrical components or circuit boards they come into contact with.

  • Page 8: Important Notices

    | Safety precautions DIVAR IP 7000 1U Note: Please handle used batteries carefully. Do not damage the battery in any way. A damaged battery may release hazardous materials into the environment. Do not discard a used battery in the garbage or a public landfill. Please comply with the regulations set up by your local hazardous waste management agency to dispose of your used battery properly.

  • Page 9: System Overview

    DIVAR IP 7000 1U features wizard based set-up and centralized configuration to reduce installation times. All components are pre-installed and pre-configured. Simply connect to the network and turn on the unit — DIVAR IP 7000 1U starts recording straight out of the box.

  • Page 10: Backplane

    | System overview DIVAR IP 7000 1U 2.2.2 Backplane Each chassis comes with a 1U backplane. The backplane accepts SAS/SATA hard drives. Warning! Use caution when servicing and working around the backplane. Hazardous voltage or energy is present on the backplane when the system is operating. Do not touch the backplane with any metal objects and make sure no ribbon cables touch the backplane.

  • Page 11: Control Panel Buttons

    DIVAR IP 7000 1U System overview | en Rear view: 2x mains connection 100 – 240 VAC, Monitor (VGA) 50 - 60 Hz Note: Do not use! Note: Connect both power cables. 2x PS/2 (mouse and keyboard) 2x NIC Note: Connect both NIC ports to the appropriate network switch.

  • Page 12: Power Supply Leds And Overheat Indicators

    | System overview DIVAR IP 7000 1U – HDD: A flashing LED indicates IDE channel activity in the SAS/SATA drive, SCSI drive, and/or DVD-ROM drive activity. – Power: Indicates power is being supplied to the system's power supply units.

  • Page 13: Inserting Hard Disks

    Notice! We recommend using the respective Bosch hard disk drives. The hard disk drives as one of the critical component are carefully selected by Bosch based on available failure rates. HDD – not delivered from Bosch – are not supported. Information on supported HDDs can be found in the datasheet in the Bosch Online Product Catalog.

  • Page 14: Rack Installation

    You should inspect the box the chassis was shipped in and note if it was damaged in any way. If the chassis itself shows damage, file a damage claim with the carrier who delivered it and notify the respective Bosch RMA desk. You will also need it placed near at least one grounded power outlet.

  • Page 15: General System Precautions

    DIVAR IP 7000 1U Rack installation | en – This unit should be mounted at the bottom of the rack if it is the only unit in the rack. – When mounting this unit in a partially filled rack, load the rack from the bottom to the top with the heaviest component at the bottom of the rack.

  • Page 16: Rack Mounting Instructions

    | Rack installation DIVAR IP 7000 1U Rack mounting instructions This section provides information on installing the chassis into a rack unit. There are a variety of rack units on the market, which may mean the assembly procedure will differ slightly. You should also refer to the installation instructions that came with the rack unit you are using.

  • Page 17: Installing The Inner Rails

    DIVAR IP 7000 1U Rack installation | en 4.3.2 Installing the inner rails The chassis includes a set of inner rails which are in two sections: inner rails and inner rail extensions. The inner rails are pre-attached and do not interfere with normal use of the chassis if you decide not to use a server rack.

  • Page 18: Installing The Outer Rails To The Rack

    | Rack installation DIVAR IP 7000 1U 4.3.4 Installing the outer rails to the rack Outer rails attach to the rack and hold the chassis in place. The outer rails extend between 30 inches and 33 inches. To install the outer rails to the rack Attach the longer section of the outer rail to the outside of the shorter section of the outer rail.

  • Page 19: Installing The Chassis Into The Rack

    DIVAR IP 7000 1U Rack installation | en 4.3.5 Installing the chassis into the rack Inner rail Outer rails Rail extension To install the chassis into a rack Confirm that chassis includes the inner rails and rail extensions. Also, confirm that the outer rails are installed on the rack.

  • Page 20: Installing The Chassis Into A Telco Rack

    | Rack installation DIVAR IP 7000 1U 4.3.6 Installing the chassis into a Telco rack To install the chassis into a Telco type rack, use two L-shaped brackets on either side of the chassis (four in total). First, determine how far the chassis will extend out the front of the rack.

  • Page 21: System Setup - First Steps

    The Microsoft Software License Terms and the EULA (End User License Agreement) are displayed. Accept the license terms, then click Start. Windows restarts. After restart is finished, different Bosch VMS versions are displayed on the screen. Bosch Sicherheitssysteme GmbH Installation Manual...

  • Page 22: Using Bosch Vms Config Wizard

    Note: In case of password loss a system recovery must be performed as described in the installation manual. The configuration must be done from scratch or must be imported. 11. On the Bosch VMS default screen, double-click the Bosch VMS Wizard icon to start the Configuration Wizard.

  • Page 23: Adding Additional Licenses

    On a computer with Internet access, enter the following URL into your browser: If you do not have an account to access the Bosch License Activation Center, either create a new account (recommended) or click the link to activate a new license without logging on.

  • Page 24

    Cameras in the Logical Tree with a red dot in the camera’s icon are recording. To verify playback functionality in the Operator Client The time line moves if the a camera is viewed in playback mode. To perform further functionalities refer to the Bosch VMS manual. Performance overview live 4CIF 2.5 Mbit...

  • Page 25: Installing Additional Drives

    Installing additional drives | en Installing additional drives After physical drive mounting has been performed, the following configurations must be performed for the drives to be accessible to both the operating system and Bosch Video Recording Manager (VRM). – Adding new drives to Windows Server –...

  • Page 26: Adding And Formatting The Vhd As A Vrm Target

    Adding and formatting the VHD as a VRM target To add and format the VHD as a VRM target: On the Bosch VMS default screen, double-click the Configuration Client icon change device network settings. The application starts. Enter the following, then click OK.

  • Page 27: Connecting To The Internet

    To set up port forwarding: Make sure the system is fully configured with all devices. On the Bosch VMS default screen, double-click the Bosch VMS Wizard icon. The Welcome page is displayed. Follow the wizard until the Basic page is displayed.

  • Page 28: Installing An Enterprise Management Server

    User name: admin Password: enter user password Notice! Only use Bosch VMS Operator Client Video Security App in the version that matches DIVAR IP. Other clients or application software may work but are not supported. Installing an Enterprise Management Server For a central management of multiple systems you can install Bosch VMS Enterprise Management Server on a separate server.

  • Page 29: Recovering The Unit

    DIVAR IP 7000 1U Recovering the unit | en Recovering the unit Following procedure describes how to restore the factory default image. To restore the unit to factory default image Start the unit and press F11 during the BIOS power-on-self-test.

  • Page 30: Additional Documentation And Client Software

    DIVAR IP 7000 1U Additional documentation and client software Documentation for Bosch Security Systems products can be found as follows: Open any browser > enter > select your region and your country > start a search for your product > select the product in the search results to show the existing documents.

  • Page 31: Appendices

    DIVAR IP 7000 1U Appendices | en Appendices This chapter gives information for supporting and troubleshooting. 10.1 Motherboard All graphics shown in this chapter were based upon the latest PCB Revision available at the time of publishing of the manual. The motherboard you've received can differ from the graphics shown in this chapter.

  • Page 32: Motherboard Component Overview

    | Appendices DIVAR IP 7000 1U 10.1.2 Motherboard component overview Figure 10.2: Motherboard – component overview X8SIL/X8SIL-F/X8SIL-V jumpers Number Jumper Description Default JPUSB1 BP USB0/1 Wake-up Pins 1-2 (Enabled) JBT1 CMOS Clear JPES Energy Saving Feature Pins 2-3 (Disabled)

  • Page 33

    DIVAR IP 7000 1U Appendices | en X8SIL/X8SIL-F/X8SIL-V headers/connectors Number Connector Description 4,16 COM1/COM2 COM1/2 Serial connection headers 33,32,27,23,7 Fans 1~5 System/CPU fan headers Floppy Floppy Disk Drive connector Alarm Reset Speaker header (Pins 3/4: Internal, 1~4:External) Front Panel Control header...

  • Page 34: Motherboard Features

    | Appendices DIVAR IP 7000 1U 10.1.3 Motherboard features Single Intel Xeon 3400 series processor in an LGA1156 socket. Memory Four (4) 240-pin, DDR3 SDRAM DIMM sockets with support for up to 16GB of UDIMM or up to 32GB of RDIMM memory (ECC/ DDR3 1333/1066/800 MHz memory only.)

  • Page 35

    DIVAR IP 7000 1U Appendices | en Two (2) USB ports on the rear IO panel Four (4) USB header connectors for front access One (1) Type A internal connector Keyboard/Mouse PS/2 Keyboard/Mouse ports on the I/O backplane Serial (COM) Ports...

  • Page 36: Block Diagram

    | Appendices DIVAR IP 7000 1U Drivers and software for Intel 3400/3420 chipset utilities Other ROHS 6/6 (Full Compliance, Lead Free) Dimensions Micro ATX form factor, 9.6" x 9.6" 10.1.4 Block diagram The following graphic shows the block diagram of the motherboard.

  • Page 37: Pc Health Monitoring

    DIVAR IP 7000 1U Appendices | en better performance than comparable systems. The X8SIL/X8SIL-F/X8SIL-V also features a TCO timer (to enable the system to recover from a software/hardware lock), ECC Error Reporting, Function Disable and Intruder Detect. Intel 3400/3420 chipset features –...

  • Page 38: Power Supply

    DIVAR IP 7000 1U does not have a function to determine pre-failure of a power supply. The power supply will have the LED to show it is “OK” or “failed” by showing the color green or amber for the respective status.

  • Page 39: Overview Of The Nuvoton Bmc Controller

    DIVAR IP 7000 1U Appendices | en For the X8SIL/X8SIL-F/X8SIL-V motherboard, iSCSI is supported on LAN 1. This can be enabled through the BIOS: Advanced => PCI/PnP Configuration => Onboard LAN1 Option ROM Select. 10.8 Overview of the Nuvoton BMC controller...

  • Page 42

    Bosch Sicherheitssysteme GmbH Robert-Bosch-Ring 5 85630 Grasbrunn Germany © Bosch Sicherheitssysteme GmbH, 2014...

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