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Lincoln Electric GMA WIRE FEEDERS LN-7 Operator's Manual Page 34

Wire feeders (2 and 4 roll models).
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To change drive rolls on a four-roll wire feeder, refer to
Figure B.3 and perform the following steps:
1. Remove the gun and cable from the conductor
block on the feeder by loosening the hand screw
and pulling the gun straight out of the block.
2. Open both quick release levers by moving the
levers outward and pulling them toward you.
3. Loosen the thumb screws holding the guide tubes
in place. Remove the incoming and outgoing
guide tubes, if installed.
4. Remove the hex head screws and clamping
collars from the output shafts. Remove the drive
rolls and middle guide tube, if installed.
5. The new rolls to be installed are stenciled with the
wire size that will be fed. An "A" after the number
indicates aluminum wire. Remove the rolls from
the kit and wipe them clean. Wipe the output
shafts and locating shoulders clean.
6. Install one roll onto either output shaft using the
drive key, clamping collar, and hex head screw.
Certain size drive rolls consist of two roll halves,
and may contain a spacer. If the drive roll you are
installing contains a spacer, the spacer fits
between the two halves of the drive roll. Tighten
the hex head screw.
7. Install the middle guide tube, but do not tighten at
this time. When installing a 0.035" middle guide
tube the larger radius should be aligned towards
the drive roll. Slide the guide tube up against the
drive roll.
8. Install the second drive roll on the remaining shaft
the same way as the first. Center the middle guide
tube between the rolls and tighten the
thumbscrews holding it in place.
9. Close and latch both quick release levers.
10. Slide the incoming guide tube into the rear hole of
the gearbox until it almost touches the drive roll
and guide tube. Tighten the thumbscrew to hold it
in place.
Install the outgoing guide tube into the front hole
of the gearbox (through the conductor block) and
tighten the thumb screw. The 0.035 in. outgoing
guide tube should have the larger radius oriented
toward the drive roll. For proper installation of the
outgoing guide tube insert, refer to Figure B.3.
12. Be certain that the guide tubes do not touch the
drive rolls or idle rolls. If they do touch, readjust
them and tighten in place.
LN-7 & LN-7 GMA


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