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Owner's Manual
Please read the safety information carefully before using the product.


Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for LG PF85U

  • Page 1 Owner's Manual DLP PROJECTOR Please read the safety information carefully before using the product. PF85U www.lg.com...
  • Page 2: License

    LICENSE LICENSE Supported licenses may differ by model. For more information about licenses, visit www.lg.com. Manufactured under license from Dolby Laboratories. Dolby and the double-D symbol are trademarks of Dolby Laboratories. ABOUT DIVX VIDEO: DivX® is a digital video format created by DivX, LLC, a subsidiary of Rovi Corporation.
  • Page 3: Safety Instructions

    SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Please take note of the safety instructions to prevent any potential accident or misuse of the projector. Safety precautions are given in two forms, i.e. Warning and Caution as detailed below. WARNING Failure to follow the instructions may cause serious injury and even death. CAUTION Failure to follow the instructions may cause personal injury or product damage.
  • Page 4 SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Do not place the product close to Do not place the projector on an sources of steam, oil or oil mist, such unstable or vibrating surface such as as humidifiers and kitchen counters. a wobbly shelf or a slope. - Failure to do so may result in fire, - It may fall and cause injury.
  • Page 5 Only use the official power cord pro- or lamp, because these will be very hot. vided by LG Electronics. Do not use other power cords. - This may result in fire or electric...
  • Page 6 SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS If there is a gas leak in the room with In the event that no image appears the projector, do not touch the projector on the screen or no sound is heard, or power outlet. Open the windows stop using the projector.
  • Page 7 SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Cleaning Others WARNING WARNING Do not spray the projector with When you go out, place the projector water when cleaning. Make sure water out of reach of animals, and remove does not flow into the projector. the power plug from the wall outlet. - This may result in fire or electric - Using a damaged power cord may shock.
  • Page 8 Do not throw or disassemble the battery. - This may result in fire or explosion due to damage to the battery. Always use batteries approved and certified by LG Electronics. - This will prevent damage or fire.
  • Page 9 SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS ANTENNA For USA NOTE TO CABLE/TV INSTALLER Outdoor Antenna Grounding This reminder is provided to call the If an outdoor antenna is installed, CATV system installer’s attention to follow the precautions below. An Article 820 - 40 of the National Electric outdoor antenna system should not Code (U.S.A.).
  • Page 10 SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS FCC NOTICE This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the Federal Communications following two conditions: Commission (FCC) Statement 1) This device may not cause harmful You are cautioned that changes or interference, and modifications not expressly approved 2) This device must accept any...
  • Page 11 SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS IC (CANADA) Avis d’Industrie Canada sur l’exposition aux rayonnements Industry Canada Statement: Cet appareil est conforme aux limites This device complies with RSS-210 of d’exposition aux rayonnements the Industry Canada Rules. Operation is d’Industrie Canada pour un subject to the following two conditions: environnement non contrôlé.
  • Page 12: Table Of Contents

    CONTENTS CONTENTS LICENSE Additional Options - Adjusting Aspect Ratio - Using the Keystone Function SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS - Changing Input Device - To Use SIMPLINK PREPARATION Using the Quick Menu To Set Sound Accessories - To Set Sound Output Optional Extras - To Connect and Use a Bluetooth headset Parts and Components - Front...
  • Page 13 - To Use Screen Remote To Use the LG Cloud - To Control a Device Connected to the - What is the LG Cloud? Projector Using the Screen Remote - To Use the LG Cloud To Use the Universal Control function...
  • Page 14 CONTENTS Connecting a PC - HDMI Connection - HDMI to DVI Connection Connecting a Laptop - HDMI Connection Connecting to Headphones Connecting a Digital Amp Using the Mirroring Function of a Mobile Phone - MHL Connection MAINTENANCE Cleaning - Cleaning the Lens - Cleaning the Projector Case INFORMATION To update projector software...
  • Page 15: Preparation

    PREPARATION PREPARATION Accessories Accessories included with the project are show below. The pictures may differ slightly from the actual product. Accessories are subject to change without prior notice. New accessories may be added or old ones removed. Tag On Remote Control Magic Remote Control User Guide Tag On...
  • Page 16: Optional Extras

    To purchase optional accessories, visit an electronics store or online shopping site or contact the retail store where you purchased the product. Optional accessories are subject to change without prior notice. Projection Screen Tripod HDMI Cable Video Cable Audio Cable RF Cable Optical Cable LG Audio Device MHL Cable...
  • Page 17: Parts And Components

    PREPARATION Parts and Components The projector is manufactured using high-precision technology. You may, however, see tiny black dots and/or bright colored dots (red, blue, or green) that continuously appear on the projector screen. This is a normal result of the manufacturing process and does not indicate a malfunction.
  • Page 18: Back

  • Page 19: Installation

    PREPARATION Installation Installation Precautions Do not place the projector in a hot, Place the projector in a well-ventilated cool, or humid environment. environment. Do not place the projector in a place - To prevent internal heat build-up, where it will easily attract dust. install the projector in a well- - This may result in fire.
  • Page 20: Projection Distance Per Screen Size

    PREPARATION Projection Distance per Screen Size Place the projector on a sturdy, level surface, together with the PC or audio/video source. Place the projector an appropriate distance away from the screen. The distance between the projector and the screen determines the actual size of the image. Position the projector so that the lens is at a right angle to the screen.
  • Page 21: How To Install The Projector On A Tripod

    PREPARATION How to Install the Projector On a Tripod You can install this projector using a camera tripod. As shown below, you can mount the projector instead of a camera on the tripod. When stabilizing the tripod, we recommend using a locking bolt of standard size 4.5 mm (0.1 inches) or less.
  • Page 22: Remote Control

    REMOTE CONTROL REMOTE CONTROL Open the lid at the back of the remote control and insert the batteries as described in the instructions. Use new batteries and do not mix regular or rechargeable batteries. (1.5 V AAA) CAUTION y Do not mix new batteries with old ones. POWER Turns the projector on or off.
  • Page 23 REMOTE CONTROL SETTINGS Displays or closes the Settings menu. SMART Displays the Home menu. MY APPS/ Q.MENU MY APPS: Displays the list of my apps. Q.MENU: Changes the settings easily. Up/Down/Left/Right buttons Switches between menu functions. Shows the current mode and saves changes to the settings. Returns to the previous screen.
  • Page 24: Magic Remote Control

    MAGIC REMOTE CONTROL MAGIC REMOTE CONTROL If the battery low message appears while using the projector, replace the batteries. As shown in the figure, press the top of the battery cover and slide it down the cover. Insert two new and identical batteries (1.5 V, AA type) with + and - poles pointing in the correct direction in the remote control.
  • Page 25 MAGIC REMOTE CONTROL Opens the self-diagnosis window. The universal remote is displayed. Allows you to change the projector settings easily. Adjusts the volume level. (MUTE) Mutes the sound of the projector. Changes the TV channel. Displayed when you press the If you point and hold the pointer at Wheel (OK) button on the magic the bottom left of the screen while...
  • Page 26: To Register The Magic Remote Control

    MAGIC REMOTE CONTROL To Register the Magic Remote Control To use the magic remote control, register it with your projector first. Turn on the projector and wait for about 10 seconds and then press Wheel (OK) button while pointing the remote control at the projector. The remote control is automatically registered and the registration completion message appears on the projector screen.
  • Page 27: Using The Magic Remote Control

    MAGIC REMOTE CONTROL Using the Magic Remote Control Shake the magic remote control lightly when there is no pointer displayed on the screen. A pointer will be displayed on the screen. - The pointer disappears if the remote control is not used for a certain period of time.
  • Page 28: Using The Projector

    USING THE PROJECTOR USING THE NOTE PROJECTOR Make sure not to bend the copper wire of the RF cable (75 Ω). Turn the input jack to the right to fasten it. Connecting to an Antenna or Cable Copper wire To watch TV using an indoor/outdoor antenna, connect a wall terminal and the Ensure you use a standard coaxial antenna port of the Projector using an...
  • Page 29: Watching Projector

    USING THE PROJECTOR Watching Projector Initial Setup The menu screen display in this owner's manual is an example to help users understand how to operate the product and may look different from the actual screen. Connect the power cord correctly. After waiting for a moment, press the POWER button on the remote control or the control panel.
  • Page 30 USING THE PROJECTOR * Store mode is used when displaying the product in-store. The picture mode is automatically reset after a certain period of time. You can select Home to use the product at home.
  • Page 31 USING THE PROJECTOR * The initial settings are completed when you select the settings above. * Simple guide of Magic Remote Control. NOTE For Auto Tuning while using the projector, go to SETTINGS → CHANNEL and select Auto Tuning. To change the mode while using the projector, go to SETTINGS → OPTION and select Mode Setting.
  • Page 32: Focus And Position Of The Screen Image

    USING THE PROJECTOR Focus and Position of the Watching With the Screen Image Projector In standby mode, press the POWER When an image appears on the screen, button to turn the projector on. check if it is in focus and fits the screen properly.
  • Page 33: To Set Channel

    USING THE PROJECTOR To Set Channel Displays information on current program or current time, etc. Image shown may differ from your projector. To View Program Information Move the pointer of the magic remote control to the top of the projector screen. Click the activated channel banner area.
  • Page 34: Additional Options

    USING THE PROJECTOR Additional Options Using the Keystone Function Adjusting Aspect Ratio To prevent the screen image from becoming trapezoidal, Keystone adjusts Select SMART → Settings → the top and bottom width of the image HOME PICTURE → Aspect Ratio to change if the projector is not set up at a right the aspect ratio.
  • Page 35: Changing Input Device

    USING THE PROJECTOR Changing Input Device Selecting an Input Label Displays which devices are connected to To select an external input which input ports. Selects external input. Select SMART → Input List or HOME press the INPUT button on the remote control to display the input selection screen.
  • Page 36: To Use Simplink

    USING THE PROJECTOR To Use SIMPLINK NOTE SIMPLINK is a feature that enables This function only works on devices you to control and manage various with the SIMPLINK logo ( multimedia devices conveniently using Verify that the external device has a the projector remote control only via the SIMPLINK logo.
  • Page 37: Using The Quick Menu

    USING THE PROJECTOR Using the Quick Menu Explanation Of SIMPLINK Features Menu Description You can customize frequently used Direct Play Plays the multimedia menus. device on the projector instantly. Press the MY APPS button to select the Quick Menu. Select Selects the desired Or press the SMART button and...
  • Page 38: To Set Sound

    USING THE PROJECTOR To Set Sound Menu Description AV Mode Sets the genre. Mode To Set Sound Output You can watch using the settings To use projector’s speakers in the video/ audio menu. Sound is output through the projector Cinema Change to speaker.
  • Page 39 To connect and use an LG audio NOTE device You can use the projector remote control to adjust the volume of the LG audio device allows you to enjoy rich connected device. powerful sound easily. For a wireless connection, if the Wired Connection:...
  • Page 40: To Connect And Use A Bluetooth Headset

    TV station. For wireless connection, if the device fails to connect. Check the device power For default language, select at to connect and if the LG Audio device is SMART → Settings → OPTION in a proper operating condition.
  • Page 41: Entertainment

    ENTERTAINMENT ENTERTAINMENT To Use Smart Features To Use Home Screen With all smart projector features on one screen, everyone can access a wealth of content and applications conveniently via the quick and easy-to-use menu, arranged by themes such as Card, MY APPS, etc. Press the SMART button on the remote control.
  • Page 42: To Use My Apps

    ENTERTAINMENT To Use MY APPS SMART → More HOME Select More at the bottom of the home screen. Select More to check apps pre-installed apps and apps you have downloaded. To Edit Items in MY APPS On the MY APPS page, select Edit) at the top of the screen to move or delete apps.
  • Page 43: To Connect Network

    For use in special circumstances such is required to use smart features. as in offices (in cases where a static IP When connected to the network, you is used). can use premium content, LG Smart World, DLNA and more. Select SMART → Settings → HOME NETWORK →...
  • Page 44: To Use The Wi-Fi Direct Function

    To Use the Miracast™/ performance. Intel’s WiDi Function You may not connect your projector to a non-LG Electronics device even You can view the screen of a device with when it is detected. Miracast™ and Intel’s WiDi technologies It is recommended you to connect a on your projector.
  • Page 45: Tips For Network Settings

    LG Electronics is not responsible for enabled on the device. Contact your any network connection problems or service provider regarding availability...
  • Page 46: Tag On

    Do not crumple or fold the Tag On screen and install the Tag On app sticker. Otherwise, the Tag On is not and LG TV Remote app. recognized. Tap the smartphone to the Tag On To purchase a Tag On sticker, please sticker again.
  • Page 47: To Use The Tag On

    ENTERTAINMENT To use the Tag On Follow the steps below to share content on your NFC-enabled smartphone. Tap the NFC-enabled smartphone to a Tag On sticker. The Tag On app starts running on the smartphone to connect to the smart projector.
  • Page 48: Smartshare

    SMARTSHARE SMARTSHARE Removing a USB Device Press the MY APPS button to select Before Using the Quick Menu. (Or press the SMART button and HOME select Quick Menu.) Connecting a USB Device Use the button to move to USB Device and press the OK Connect a USB device (external HDD, button.
  • Page 49 SMARTSHARE Tips for Using a USB Device If the USB storage device has a built- in auto recognition program or uses its own driver, it may not work. Some USB storage devices may not work or may work incorrectly. If you use a USB extension cable, the USB device may not be recognized or may not work properly.
  • Page 50: To Use Smartshare

    SMARTSHARE To use SmartShare™ Press the SMART button on the remote control. HOME Select SmartShare™. You can watch the photo, music, video and document on the projector by connecting a USB or home network (DLNA). The photo, music, video and document files of all devices connected to the projector are displayed.
  • Page 51: Watching The Videos

    SMARTSHARE Watching the Videos In the Movie List, you can watch movies stored on the connected USB device. Controls playback and sets options while viewing videos. Playing video - warning Some subtitles created by users may not work properly. The video and subtitle files should be placed in the same folder. In this case, you must assign the same names for the video and subtitle files for proper display.
  • Page 52 SMARTSHARE To control video playback You can control playback using the following buttons. Shows the current playing position. Use the button to move forward or backward. Item Description Resumes normal playback. Pauses the video player. Displays in slow motion. Whenever this button is pressed, the playback speed is increased or decreased by one unit.
  • Page 53: Viewing The Photos

    SMARTSHARE Viewing the Photos You can view photos stored on a connected device. To control photo view You can control playback using the following buttons. Item Description Selects the previous or next photo. If no picture is selected, all photos in the current folder are displayed in a slide show.
  • Page 54: Listening To Music

    SMARTSHARE Listening to Music You can play audio files stored on the connected device. To control music playback You can control playback using the following buttons. Changes the playing position. Item Description Plays the previous/next file. ꕙ Pauses the music player. Resumes normal playback.
  • Page 55: Viewing Files

    SMARTSHARE Viewing Files You can see document files stored on a connected device. Supported File Formats XLS, DOC, PPT, TXT, XLSX, PPTX, DOCX, PDF Microsoft Office 97/2000/2002/2003/2007 version Adobe PDF 1.0/1.1/1.2/1.3/1.4 version File Viewer realigns a document, so it may look different from what is displayed on a PC.
  • Page 56: To Set Smartshare™ Related Functions

    SMARTSHARE To Set SmartShare™ Related Functions Select SMART → SmartShare™ → Settings. HOME Changes settings related to SmartShare™ content playback. Advanced Setting Item Description My Projector Name Changes the name that appears when searching for the projector from other devices. Network Status Checks the network connection.
  • Page 57 SMARTSHARE Video Supported Codec Maximum resolution: 1920 x 1080 @ 30p Extension Codec Video VC-1 Advanced Profile, VC-1 Simple and Main Profile .asf .wmv Audio WMA Standard, WMA 9 Professional DivX3.11, DivX4, DivX5, DivX6, XViD, H.264/AVC, Video Motion Jpeg, MPEG-4 Part 2 .divx .avi MPEG-1 Layer I, II, MPEG-1 Layer III (MP3),...
  • Page 58 SMARTSHARE Audio File File type Item Info Bit rate 32 Kbps - 320 Kbps Sample freq. 16 kHz - 48 kHz Support MPEG1, MPEG2, Layer2, Layer3 Available photo file Profile File type Item Minimum: 64 x 64 (jpeg, jpg, JPEG Maximum: Normal Type: 15360 (W) x 8640 (H) jpe) Progressive Type: 1920 (W) x 1440 (H)
  • Page 59: To Use The Lg Cloud

    To Use the LG Cloud What is the LG Cloud? LG Cloud is a service that allows you to enjoy your contents, such as video, music and photos on your LG Projector, SmartPhone and LG Website at any time, regardless of where you are.
  • Page 60: To Use The Lg Cloud

    Add or remove favorites LG Cloud Move to Home/Notice/My Account/FAQ Item Description Move to Home Displays a default screen. Notice Shows notices about the LG Cloud service. My Account Shows the user ID and e-mail address. Displays the FAQ regarding LG cloud service.
  • Page 61: To Connect Dlna

    Playback or PlayTo Windows 7 or Install/run a DLNA app to share Windows 8 feature. content on the smartphone (It’s called For playback on devices like a mobile SmartShare on LG phones). phone, refer to the model’s user Run Share my mobile phone guide. Content.
  • Page 62: To Connect Dlna Dmp (Digital Media Player)

    SMARTSHARE To Connect DLNA DMP (Digital Media Player) With a PC having SmartShare™ PC software, music / video / photo files may be replayed on the projector via home networking. Configure projector and PC on the same network. The projector and each device should be connected through a single access point to enable DLNA service.
  • Page 63: Smartshare™ Pc Sw Installing And Setting

    You can run the program when installation is complete. NOTE DLNA or Media Link service is only available if projector and other devices are connected via a single router. PC requirement for installing LG SmartShare™ Recommended Item Minimum Specifications Specifications Intel Pentium Dual Core or Intel Pentium4 2.0 G or higher/...
  • Page 64: In Case Of A Dlna Malfunction

    SMARTSHARE In Case of a DLNA To add a subtitle file later, turn off the shared folder and reset. Malfunction DRM files located in SmartShare™ If a DLNA feature does not work PC Software server are not played. properly, check network settings. A 5-GHz access point is needed to view 1080p videos via DLNA.
  • Page 65: To Use A Premium Service

    A fee is payable for some Premium content. Fee-paying services are paid for either through LG Electronics’ proprietary billing system or through that of the relevant content provider. Before using the LG billing system, you will need to sign up for membership and register payment information on projector or the website (www.lgappstv.com) to purchase paid content.
  • Page 66: To Reset Premium

    Refer to the website of the relevant content provider for questions, troubleshooting, or the latest information about content. LG Electronics assumes no legal responsibility for content services and related information, even when a service is discontinued by the service provider.
  • Page 67: To Use Lg Smart World

    To use LG Smart World SMART → LG Smart World HOME LG Smart World is a projector application service available through Smart projector Service. You can download and enjoy many different apps (for fee or free) including education, entertainment, life and news. App 1...
  • Page 68: To Use Search Function

    When you enter keywords using the input device, such as the remote control, you can find apps of LG Smart World and some contents of the Premium service. Links are also provided to go for web search. If you are using SmartShare...
  • Page 69: Using This Function On The Internet

    SMARTSHARE Using this Function on the Internet Go to SMART → Internet. HOME Move the Magic Remote Control pointer in the text field on a website to open the virtual keyboard. Select the voice recognition icon ( on the left of the text field on the virtual keyboard.
  • Page 70: To Use Voice Mate Function

    SMARTSHARE To Use Voice Mate Function What Is Voice Mate? Voice Mate allows you to search desirable programs and content with your voice and adjust the projector. Press the voice recognition ( ) button on the magic remote control. When the Voice Display bar is activated on the left of the screen, say what you want to watch.
  • Page 71: How To Use Voice Mate

    SMARTSHARE How to Use Voice Mate? What Are Other Functions of Voice Mate? To use all the functions and services of Voice Mate, you need to set Smart You can access various Projector Wizard and Time. Set up the network, features using Voice Mate.
  • Page 72: What Is On Now

    SMARTSHARE What Is On Now? On Now allows you to select and watch recommended programs currently available on your Projector. The Favorite function allows you to select and watch recommended content related to the program you are watching. To Use On Now To see in Mini view SMART →...
  • Page 73 SMARTSHARE To See in Full View SMART → My Card → On Now HOME Sign in Find Sets the options. Refreshes all the list items and Move to Mini view. moves the screen up simultaneously. For TV channels, you need to complete Auto Tuning to use this service properly. If you move to a different region, you need to set the region to your current location in order to use this service.
  • Page 74: To Use Internet

    SMARTSHARE To Use Internet SMART → Internet HOME Types URL manually on Projector or visits websites added to favorite. ❶ ❷ ❸ Description ❶ Types in the web address. ❷ Chooses when you open several web browsers. Add the current page to favorites. ❸...
  • Page 75: Frequently Asked Questions For Smart Projector

    Frequently Asked Questions for Smart Projector Sign up is required to use LG Smart World. You can sign up on either your Projector or the LG website (www.lgappstv.com). Free apps are available immediately after signing up. You can purchase paid apps using your credit card registered with the website or credits.
  • Page 76 World on both a projector The apps provided from LG Smart Projector's LG and a PC? Smart World can only be used on an LG Smart Projector. Apps may be purchased from the website (www. lgappstv.com) but cannot be used on a PC or Mac.
  • Page 77 To purchase paid apps using your credit card or credits, you should have a credit card registered with the LG website (www.lgappstv.com) or have enough credits. Paid apps can also be purchased through carrier billing if your credit card details are not registered with the website or you do have enough credits.
  • Page 78 ID or change it to the email address. What is the LG account? The LG account allows you to sign into all of the LG Smart service with a single ID and password. You can use the following services with your LG...
  • Page 79: Using Advanced Functions

    USING ADVANCED FUNCTIONS USING ADVANCED FUNCTIONS To Use Screen Remote To Use Screen Remote Press the button on the magic remote control. Select a button on the screen remote displayed on the screen using the magic remote control. The type of buttons on the screen remote varies depending on the region or the type of a connected device.
  • Page 80: To Use The Universal Control Function

    USING ADVANCED FUNCTIONS To Use the Universal Control function For magic remote control only With the magic remote control, you can control a set-top box, Blu-ray player, home theatre system, etc. Check if a device you want to set is connected to your Projector. After pressing the button on the magic remote control, select the icon of a device you want in the change device tab.
  • Page 81: To Control A Projector Using A Smartphone

    USING ADVANCED FUNCTIONS To Control a Projector Using a Smartphone You can download the LG TV Remote app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store and use it on any projector connected with your smartphone. - Now you can enjoy your favorite projector shows on your smartphone. (Some models only) - You can easily enter your account information to log in.
  • Page 82: To Use A Usb Input Device On A Projector

    Connect your keyboard to the USB port. You can enter text with the keyboard when using the search function and the Internet. Text cannot be entered on some screens. It is recommended to use the product which is tested for compatibility with the LG Projector. LOGITECH K200, LOGITECH K400, MICROSOFT Comfort Curve 2000,...
  • Page 83: Customizing Settings

    CUSTOMIZING SETTINGS CUSTOMIZING SETTINGS SETTINGS Press the SETTINGS button. (Press the SMART button and select Settings.) HOME Use the button to select the desired item and press the OK button. Use the , or button to set up the desired item and press the OK button. Press the EXIT button when completed.
  • Page 84: Picture Settings

    CUSTOMIZING SETTINGS PICTURE Settings Press the SETTINGS button. (Press the SMART button and select HOME Settings.) Use the button to select PICTURE and press the OK button. Use the , or button to set up the desired item and press the OK button. - To return to the previous menu, press the button.
  • Page 85: Advanced Control

    CUSTOMIZING SETTINGS Item Description Sharpness Adjusts the sharpness of the borders between bright and dark. Horizontal and Vertical Sharpness are available only in Expert1/2. Color Adjusts the colors on the screen darker or lighter. Tint Adjusts the red/green color balance. Advanced Customizes the advanced settings.
  • Page 86 CUSTOMIZING SETTINGS Item Description Super Provides a crystal-clear picture by improving the details in areas Resolution where the picture is blurry or unclear. Color Gamut Selects the range of colors that can be expressed. Standard: Displays the original colors of an input signal regardless of the display features.
  • Page 87 CUSTOMIZING SETTINGS Picture Option Item Description Noise Reduction Reduces screen noise in the video. MPEG Noise Eliminates noise generated while creating digital picture signals. Reduction Black Level Adjusts the brightness or darkness of the screen to suit the black level of the picture input using the degree of darkness (black level) of the screen.
  • Page 88: Sound Settings

    CUSTOMIZING SETTINGS SOUND Settings Press the SETTINGS button. (Press the SMART button and select HOME Settings.) Use the button to select SOUND and press the OK button. Use the , or button to set up the desired item and press the OK button. - To return to the previous menu, press the button.
  • Page 89 (Optical/HDMI Digital Sound Out: Sets up Digital Sound ARC) Output. LG Sound Sound is output through an LG audio device Sync (Optical) connected to the optical digital audio output port. LG Sound Sync Sound is output through a wirelessly connected (Wireless) LG audio device.
  • Page 90 Adjusts how the sound is synced to external Speaker speakers, such as an external speaker connected to the digital audio output port, LG audio device and headphone. The + and - buttons allow the viewer to synchronize the audio with the video.
  • Page 91: Channel Settings

    CUSTOMIZING SETTINGS CHANNEL Settings CHANNEL Press the SETTINGS button. Auto Tuning (Press the SMART button and select Settings.) Manual Tuning HOME Use the button to select CHANNEL and Ch.Edit press the OK button. Use the , or button to set up the desired item and press the OK button.
  • Page 92: Time Settings

    CUSTOMIZING SETTINGS TIME Settings Press the SETTINGS button. (Press the SMART button and select Settings.) HOME Use the button to select TIME and press the OK button. Use the , or button to set up the desired item and press the OK button. - To return to the previous menu, press the button.
  • Page 93: Lock Settings

    CUSTOMIZING SETTINGS LOCK Settings LOCK Press the SETTINGS button. (Press the SMART button and select HOME Set Passwo Settings.) Lock System Use the button to select LOCK and press the OK button. - To enter the LOCK menu, enter the preset 4-digit password.
  • Page 94 CUSTOMIZING SETTINGS Item Description Lock Item System TV Rating- Blocks the children’s TV programs that parents do not Children want their children to watch. To block other TV programs, you should set the TV Rating-General feature. Age TV-Y (All children, including children from ages 2-6), TV-Y7 (Directed to older children, suitable for children age 6 and above) Fantasy Violence TY-Y7 (Directed to older children...
  • Page 95: Option Settings

    Language You can change the country setting of your smart projector. The Service Country premium service and LG Smart World that are available for the Setting country you selected will be provided. If a network is disconnected while setting the service country, it may not be set properly.
  • Page 96 CUSTOMIZING SETTINGS Item Description View subtitles when the TV station provides subtitled programing. Caption Program subtitles work only on digital/analog broadcasts or external input. Change Caption to On and select caption setting. Mode CC 1-4 (Closed Captioning) / Text 1-4 Displays the audio portion of a TV program as text on the TV screen.
  • Page 97 CUSTOMIZING SETTINGS Item Description Adjusts the LED button indicator. Standby Light Item When the buttons are touched, their indicators are all turned on at maximum brightness. In standby mode, LED indicators are turned on at 20 % of the maximum brightness. When the buttons are touched, their indicators are all turned on at maximum brightness.
  • Page 98 CUSTOMIZING SETTINGS Item Description Auto Power Makes the projector turn on automatically When the power code is connected to the projector. Item When the power code is connected to the projector, it turns on automatically. When the power code is connected to the projector, it goes into standby mode.
  • Page 99: Network Settings

    CUSTOMIZING SETTINGS NETWORK Settings Press the SETTINGS button. (Press the SMART button and select HOME Settings.) Use the button to select NETWORK and press the OK button. Use the , or button to set up the desired item and press the OK button. - To return to the previous menu, press the button.
  • Page 100: Support

    CUSTOMIZING SETTINGS SUPPORT Press the SETTINGS button. (Press the SMART button and select HOME Settings.) Use the button to select SUPPORT and press the OK button. Use the , or button to set up the desired item and press the OK button. - To return to the previous menu, press the button.
  • Page 101: Connecting Devices

    CONNECTING DEVICES CONNECTING DEVICES You can connect various external devices to the projector. Computer/Laptop Video/DVD Digital Device LG Audio Device Game Console Headphones Mobile Phone HDMI - page 102 Composite (AV) - page 103 Component - page 104 USB Devices - page 48...
  • Page 102: Connecting To Hd Receiver, Dvd, Or Vcr Player, External Devices

    CONNECTING DEVICES Connecting to HD NOTE Receiver, DVD, or ARC(Audio Return Channel) VCR Player, External External audio devices that support Devices SIMPLINK and ARC must be connected using HDMI IN 1(ARC) Connect an HD receiver, DVD, VCR port. player, or external devices to the projector When connected with a high- and select an appropriate input mode.
  • Page 103: Hdmi To Dvi Connection

    CONNECTING DEVICES HDMI to DVI Connection AV Connection Using an HDMI to DVI cable, connect Connect the output ports of an external the projector's HDMI IN port to the DVI device and the AV IN ports of the OUT port. projector using an AV cable.
  • Page 104: Component Connection

    CONNECTING DEVICES Connecting a PC Component Connection You can enjoy a video by connecting the The projector supports Plug & Play. Your Component port of an external device PC will automatically detect the projector to the COMPONENT IN port of the and requires no driver installation.
  • Page 105: Hdmi To Dvi Connection

    CONNECTING DEVICES HDMI to DVI Connection NOTE Using an HDMI to DVI cable, connect It is recommended to use an HDMI the projector's HDMI IN port to the DVI connection for the best image OUT port. quality. To output audio, use an audio cable for Depending on the graphics card, connection.
  • Page 106: Connecting A Laptop

    CONNECTING DEVICES Connecting a Laptop The table below shows examples of switching the output. For more information, refer to the External You can connect the projector to a Output, Connecting to an External laptop to use various functions. Monitor, or similar sections of the owner's manual of your computer.
  • Page 107: Connecting To Headphones

    CONNECTING DEVICES Connecting to Headphones You can listen to the audio through a headphone. * Optional Extras...
  • Page 108: Connecting A Digital Amp

    CONNECTING DEVICES Connecting a Digital NOTE Also, refer to the user manual of the audio device to connect. Using an optical cable, connect the When connecting this product to digital audio input port of a digital amp other devices, make sure to turn off to the OPTICAL DIGITAL AUDIO OUT and unplug all the devices.
  • Page 109: Using The Mirroring Function Of A Mobile Phone

    CONNECTING DEVICES Using the Mirroring Function of a Mobile Phone MHL Connection The Mobile High-definition Link (MHL) is an interface that can connect a mobile phone to the projector and play video and audio from the mobile phone through the projector.
  • Page 110: Maintenance

    MAINTENANCE MAINTENANCE Clean your Projector to keep it in optimal condition. Cleaning Cleaning the Lens If there is any dust or staining on the lens surface, you must clean the lens. Use an air spray or a cleaning cloth to clean the lens. To remove dust or stains, use an air spray or apply a small amount of cleaning agent onto a swab or soft cloth to lightly rub the lens.
  • Page 111: Information

    INFORMATION INFORMATION To update projector software Uses Software Update to check and obtain the latest version. It is also possible to check manually for available updates. Press the SETTINGS button. (Press the SMART button and select Settings.) HOME Select SUPPORT and go to Software Update. Item Description Software Update...
  • Page 112: Before Reporting A Problem, Check The Following

    INFORMATION Before reporting a problem, check the following: If the following symptoms occur, please carry out the checks and adjustments described below. There may be no malfunction. General Problem Solution Cannot view certain Adjust the location or orientation of the antenna. programs.
  • Page 113: Sound

    INFORMATION Problem Solution Digital broadcasting is not Check with the cable operator providing your available even though the subscription and/or signal. (Depending on your cable is connected. subscription, digital broadcasting may not be supported.) The display is inactive or Check the HDMI cable specifications. If your unclear when connected to HDMI cable is not genuine, images may fade in an HDMI source.
  • Page 114: Pc Connection Problem

    INFORMATION Problem Solution On certain programmes, In Language, set Language → Audio Language there is no sound at all, or to the language of your choice. Even if you change only the background music the language on Multi Audio, you can go back to can be heard the default setup once you turn off the power or (in case of a programs...
  • Page 115: Problems Replaying Movies In My Media

    INFORMATION Problems Replaying Movies in My Media Problem Solution I cannot view the files on Check whether the file on the USB storage device the Movie List. can be read on a computer. Check whether the file extension is supported. This file is invalid.
  • Page 116: Specifications

    SPECIFICATIONS SPECIFICATIONS Model PF85U (PF85U-JE) Resolution (Pixel) 1920 (Horizontal) × 1080 (Vertical) Aspect ratio 16:9 (Horizontal:Vertical) Panel size (mm) 16.654 Projection distance 0.63 m - 3.72 m (50.8 cm - 304.8 cm) (Video size) 24.8 inches - 146.4 inches (20 inches - 120 inches)
  • Page 117 SPECIFICATIONS HDMI(DTV) supported mode If an invalid signal is input into the product, it will not be displayed properly on the screen or a message Horizontal Vertical such as No Signal or Invalid Format Resolution Frequency Frequency will be displayed. (kHz) (Hz) The product supports the DDC1/2B...
  • Page 118 DVD disclaimers and copyright notices are player available for download. LG Electronics will also provide open source code to you on CD-ROM for a charge covering the cost of performing such distribution (such as the cost of media, shipping and handling) upon email request to opensource@lge.com.

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