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LG Aria LDK 300 User Manual

Digital keystation
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LDK 300


Table of Contents

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  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Digital Keystation User Guide for Aria 300 System TABLE OF CONTENTS Placing an Outside Call Answering an Outside Call Call Transfer Last Number Redial Save Number Redial Auto Called Number Redial Queuing Executive/Secretary Transfer Stepcall Speed Dial Numbers Storing Dial by Name Call Park Universal Night Answer Changing Intercom Answer Mode...
  • Page 3: Placing An Outside Call

    Placing an Outside Call Button Procedures Range 1, or Lift handset or press MON button. 01 ~ 72 Press outside line button, or dial CO line access code. or, 48 + 001~200 Dial external number. When called party answers, lift handset or use speakerphone. Answering an Outside Call Button Procedures...
  • Page 4: Last Number Redial

    Last Number Redial Range Button Procedures The last dialed number on an outside line is saved. To redial the last dialed number, Press the REDIAL button. ∗ ∗ ∗ ∗ Or press the SPEED key then the key. When the last dialed number is displayed. Press VOLUME ∨...
  • Page 5: Queuing

    Queuing When a CO line is busy, you can request a call back when the CO line is available. As soon as it becomes idle, you can be the first extension to get the CO line. Range Button Procedures Lift handset or press MON button. Press busy outside line button or specific line group button.
  • Page 6: Speed Dial Numbers

    Speed Dial Numbers Each extension can program up to 20 individual speed dial numbers in the station. The numbers are entered and stored by the user and it can be recalled at any time. Range Button Procedures To store station speed numbers, Press TRANS/PGM button.
  • Page 7: Call Park

    Storing Dial by Name Users of a digital display phone can enter the called party’s name so they can dial by name instead of dialing the phone number. Button Procedures Press TRANS/PGM button. Press SPEED button and speed number bin. Dial the desired phone number.
  • Page 8: Universal Night Answer

    Universal Night Answer When External lines are programmed for UNA and the system is placed into night mode, users can answer incoming calls by dialing UNA code (regardless of their pick-up group) Range Button Procedures Lift handset or press MON button. Dial You will be connected to ringing outside line.
  • Page 9: Answering An Intercom Call

    Answering an Intercom Call Range Button Procedures With your intercom answer mode setting, - in TN mode, intercom ring is heard. Lift handset to talk. - in PV mode, 3 bursts of tone and one-way announcement is heard. Lift handset to talk. - in HF mode, 3 bursts of tone and announcement is heard.
  • Page 10: Voice Over

    Voice Over This feature provides voice announcement to a busy station without interrupting the existing conversation. The announcement is received over the existing conversation so that only the busy station hears both incoming parties. Range Button Procedures When a busy keyset engaged in an internal or external call is called through camp-on by a caller, HOLD/SAVE button of busy keyset is flashing.
  • Page 11: Call Wait (Camp On)

    Call Wait (Camp-on) If you dial a busy station, you may alert it of your call. Range Button Procedures After receiving intercom busy tone, dial “*” or last digit of called station number, or press DSS button. Camp-on tone is heard in called station. When called party answers, talk or hang up to transfer the call.
  • Page 12: Message Waiting

    Message Waiting When the called extension does not answer the call, you can leave a message wait to the station. Button Procedures Range If a called party does not answer, press CALLBK button. Hang up. At that time, the LED of CALLBK button in the called station is flashing.
  • Page 13: Call Forward

    Call Forward A call can be forwarded to the other station, station group or VMIB depending on the call forward type. It should be programmed in Admin. Programming to use some of the Call Forward types. Range Button Procedures Lift handset or press MON button. (The MON button is ellum inated.) Press DND/FWD button.
  • Page 14: Paging

    Paging A station, which is allowed to access page facilities, can connect and transmit voice announcement to any or all of the system external/internal page zones. Range Button Procedures To make a page, Lift handset. Dial page zone. (See below chart.) And you will hear warning tone.
  • Page 15: Speakerphone

    Speakerphone Pressing an outside line button, a speed button, a station button or dialing a station number will automatically activate the speakerphone. (LKD-2N/S has no microphone and doesn’t function as handsfree unit.) Range Button Procedures To activate speakerphone, Press MON button. Dial outside line number or intercom number to talk.
  • Page 16: Placing An Intercom Group Call

    Placing an Intercom Group Call Procedures Range Button To make an intercom group call, 620 ~ 667 Lift handset or press MON button. Dial the intercom group number. Placing a CO Call on Hold Range Button Procedures Press HOLD/SAVE button. - Once for system hold - Twice for exclusive hold Reverse if hold preference is programmed to system hold.
  • Page 17: Conference

    Conference Button Procedures Range To establish a conference, Call desired party. (internal or outside) Press CONF button. (CONF button is lighting and the called party is put on exclusive hold.) Call the next party. Press CONF button twice. (once if adding additional parties) Conference is established.
  • Page 18: Access Authorization Codes

    Access Authorization Code To prevent unauthorized outside calling, DISA access or Trunk access on your station by others, the system provides a means to lock/unlock a station by access authorization code. Range Button Procedures To register access authorization code, Press TRANS/PGM button and dial Dial your own 5 digit authorization access code.
  • Page 19: Wakeup Calls

    Wake-up Call The system automatically sends ring signal to a station which registers a wake-up time. There are two kinds of wake-up call, one is effective for one-day, the other is effective until canceled. Range Button Procedures To register wake-up time, Press TRANS/PGM button.
  • Page 20: Programming Your Name Into Display

    Programming Your Name into Display You can program your name and people using display phones will see your name instead of your station number. Range Button Procedures Press TRANS/PGM button. Press SPEED button and dial 0 0 0 Press SPEED button. Enter your name.
  • Page 21: Voice Announcement

    Voice Announcement This feature provides the station an audible system prompt and you can record your greeting to provide the caller when the call is not answered within the predefined time. Button Procedures Range Date & Time Prompt ; Press TRANS/PGM button and dial 6 2. You will hear the time prompt, “Date is December, 20th, Time is XX : XX PM.”...
  • Page 22: Background Music

    Voice Announcement (Cont'd) Button Procedures Range Listen to the recorded message, Press the flashing CALLBK button. The recorded message is heard with the time and date. Pressing HOLD/SAVE button, the current message is saved and the next message is heard. Pressing CALLBK button, the current message is played again.
  • Page 23: Co Message Wait

    CO Message Wait When a call is received with DID, the Calling Line Identification (CLI) of the incoming call is displayed on the LCD of the station. If the DID external party hangs up the call before answered, the CLI will be stored in the CO message wait queue in the called party. Button Procedures Range...
  • Page 24: Two Way Record

    Two-way Recording While a CO line call, you can record the conversation and it will be saved in its own mailbox. Range Button Procedures To record the conversation, Press the programmed {RECORD} button. To program the {RECORD} button, [TRANS/PGM] + Flex. BTN + [TRANS/PGM] + 4+ [HOLD/SAVE] To finish the recording, Press the programmed {RECORD} button again.
  • Page 25 Station Programming Menu Table (Aria-300) The Aria-300 system supports multiple hierarchical menus based on station programming. User can make station programming by selecting desired menu. By pressing [TRANS/PGM] button in a keyset with LCD, user can see the menu. Main Menu Sub Menu Sub Menu-2 Selection...
  • Page 26: Station Programming Menu Table

    Code for Flexible Button Programming TRANS/PGM + 11 Ring Type Direct Station Select station number TRANS/PGM + 12 Ring Answer Mode 700 ~ 999 TRANS/PGM + 21 COS Down Call Park parking location 601 ~ 619 COS Restore TRANS/PGM + 22 Hunt Group internal hunt group TRANS/PGM + 23...
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