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Trouble Shooting - Haier JC-110GD JC-160GD Service Manual

Wine cellor
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Maintenance Service and Trouble Shooting
causes, Remove the power cord from AC outlet when a power outage occurs,
When power has been restored ,replug power cord to AC outlet.
Vacation and Moving Care
For ling vacations or absences ,unplug the wine cooler and clean the
wine cooler and door gaskets according to "General cleaning " section,
Prop doors open, so air can circulate inside. When moving always move
the wine cooler vertically, Do not move with the unit lying down,
Possible damage to the sealed system could occur.

Trouble Shooting

Normal Operating Sounds You May Hear
Boiling water, gurgling sounds or slight vibrations that are the result of the refrigerant
circulating through the cooling coils.
The thermostat control will click when it cycles on and off.
Wine Cooler Does Not Operate
Check if wine cooler is plugged in.
Check if there is power at the ac outlet ,by checking the circuit breaker.
Wine appears too warm
Frequent door openings.
Allow time for recently added wine to reach desired temperature.
Check gaskets for proper seal.
Clean condenser coils.
Adjust temperature control to colder setting.
Wine temperature is too cold.
If temperature control setting is too cold, adjust to a warmer setting.

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