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Haier JC-110GD Installation Instructions & User Manual

Haier wine cellars installation instructions & user guide
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Installation instructions

and user guide
Wine Cellar



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  • Page 1: Installation Instructions

    Installation instructions and user guide Wine Cellar JC-110GD JC-160GD...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents Safety and warnings Your Haier Wine Cellar Installation instructions Power supply Positioning your Wine Cellar Operating instructions Storing red and white wine in the Wine Cellar Short-term storage/serving Long-term storage of wine Interior fan Ventilation control Condensation control Shelving...
  • Page 4: Safety And Warnings

    Do not use a cord that shows cracks or abrasion along its length at either the plug or appliance end. If the power supply cord is damaged, it must only be replaced by your Haier Appliances Authorised Service Agent.
  • Page 5: Your Haier Wine Cellar

    It is therefore important to store and serve wine correctly. The Haier Wine Cellar provides you with all the necessary storage requirements to ensure your wine is adequately cared for.
  • Page 6: Installation Instructions

    Installation instructions Installation instructions Please follow the installation instructions below to ensure your appliance operates correctly. Power supply The appliance must be installed so that the plug is accessible. To ensure that the appliance is not accidentally switched o , connect your Wine Cellar to its own power point.
  • Page 7 Installation instructions Before rst use Remove all packaging from inside the Wine Cellar. Clean the inside of the appliance with warm water and a little liquid dishwashing detergent to remove manufacturing and transportation dust. Allow the Wine Cellar to run empty for at least 30 minutes to allow the appliance to acclimatise itself before making any temperature adjustments.
  • Page 8: Operating Instructions

    Operating instructions Operating instructions Temperature Control When the Wine Cellar is rst turned on, it defaults to its red wine setting of 13°C (the light next to the “red wine” button on the display will be illuminated). The LED display will show the actual internal cabinet temperature of the Wine Cellar, which will be close to the temperature of the room.
  • Page 9: Storing Red And White Wine In The Wine Cellar

    Operating instructions Storing red and white wine in the Wine Cellar The temperature varies within the Wine Cellar, creating di erent wine storage zones. When storing a combination of red and white wine in the Wine Cellar, the top three shelves, the bottom shelf and the drawer should be used for red wine storage.
  • Page 10: Interior Fan

    Operating instructions Interior fan The interior fan will stop when the door is opened and will start up again once the door has been closed. Ventilation control Your Wine Cellar is tted with a ventilation control. This allows ambient air to enter and circulate through the Wine Cellar.
  • Page 11: Shelving

    There are 9 wooden shelves and 1 wooden drawer in the JC-160GD and 7 wooden shelves in the JC-110GD for easy storage and removal of your wine. Larger bottles, or Magnums can be more easily accommodated by laying them across the shelves at the bottom of the Cellar.
  • Page 12: Cleaning And Maintenance

    Cleaning and maintenance Warning! To avoid electric shock always unplug your Wine Cellar before cleaning. Ignoring this warning may result in death or injury. Before using cleaning products, always read and follow manufacturer’s instructions and warnings to avoid personal injury or product damage. Cleaning and maintenance Important! Many commercially available cleaning products contain solvents that may attack the plastic...
  • Page 13: Replacing The Light Bulb

    Cleaning and maintenance Replacing the light bulb To avoid electric shock, unplug your Wine Cellar before replacing the bulb. Remove the light cover as illustrated (Fig. 7). Unscrew the bulb and replace. Bulb speci cation: 220-240V,15W,E14 Re t light cover. Light Cover Fig 7.
  • Page 14: Problem Solving Checklist

    Problem solving checklist Problem solving checklist If there is a problem with your appliance, please check the following points before contacting your local Haier Appliances Dealer or Authorised Service Agent or Customer Care Centre. Problem Possible causes What to do...
  • Page 15 0070507495...

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