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LG Multi V ARWN Series Installation Manual

LG Multi V ARWN Series Installation Manual

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• Please read this installation manual completely before installing the product.
• Installation work must be performed in accordance with the national
wiring standards by authorized personnel only.
• Please retain this installation manual for future reference after reading
it thoroughly.your set and retain it for future reference.
P/NO : MFL68100303


Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for LG Multi V ARWN Series

  • Page 1: Installation Manual

    • Installation work must be performed in accordance with the national wiring standards by authorized personnel only. • Please retain this installation manual for future reference after reading it thoroughly.your set and retain it for future reference. MODELS : ARWN Series P/NO : MFL68100303...
  • Page 2: Tips For Saving Energy

    Installation TIPS FOR SAVING ENERGY • Have all electric work done by a licensed electrician according to "Elec- tric Facility Engineering Standard" and "Interior Wire Regulations" and the Here are some tips that will help you minimize the power consumption instructions given in this manual and always use a special circuit.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    TABLE OF CONTENTS CAUTION Installation TIPS FOR SAVING ENERGY • Always check for gas (refrigerant) leakage after installation or repair of product. - Low refrigerant levels may cause failure of product. IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS • Do not install the product where the noise or hot air from the outside unit could damage the neighborhoods.
  • Page 4: Installation Process

    INSTALLATION PROCESS Power Supply : 3Φ, 380-415V, 50Hz Model Name : ARWN***LAS4 Indicate clearly who will be responsible for switch setting. Determination of division work Unit 1 Unit System Capacity (HP) Make connection clearly between outside, indoor, Preparation of contract drawings remote controller and option.
  • Page 5 Unit 2 Unit Unit 3 Unit System Capacity (HP) System Capacity (HP) Combination Unit ARWN280LAS4 ARWN300LAS4 ARWN320LAS4 Combination Unit ARWN480LAS4 ARWN500LAS4 ARWN520LAS4 Model ARWN140LAS4 ARWN160LAS4 ARWN180LAS4 ARWN200LAS4 ARWN200LAS4 ARWN200LAS4 Independent Unit Model ARWN140LAS4 ARWN140LAS4 ARWN140LAS4 Independent Unit ARWN140LAS4 ARWN160LAS4 ARWN180LAS4 Refrigerant Precharged Amount 5.8 + 5.8 3.0 + 5.8...
  • Page 6: Alternative Refrigerant R410A

    CAUTION Unit 4 Unit System Capacity (HP) Combination Unit ARWN680LAS4 ARWN700LAS4 ARWN720LAS4 • The wall thickness of the piping should comply with the relevant ARWN200LAS4 ARWN200LAS4 ARWN200LAS4 local and national regulations for the designed pressure 3.8MPa Model ARWN200LAS4 ARWN200LAS4 ARWN200LAS4 Independent Unit •...
  • Page 7: Installation Space

    INSTALLATION SPACE WATER CONTROL Individual Installation Water control During the installation of the unit, consider service, inlet, and outlet • Keep the water temperature between 10~45°C. Other it may cause acquire the minimum space as shown in the figures below. the breakdown.
  • Page 8: Lifting Method

    INSTALLATION Closed type Effect Items Circulating water Supplemented water Corrosion Scale Basic Item pH(25C) 7.0~8.0 7.0~8.0 • Install at places where it can endure the weight and vibration/noise Conductivity[25C](mS/m) Below 30 Below 30 of the outside unit . Chlorine ion(mg CI - /l) Below 50 Below 50 •...
  • Page 9: Preparation Of Piping

    Ⓐ The corner part must be fixed firmly. Otherwise, the support for the Burrs removal installation may be bent. - Completely remove all burrs from the cut cross section of pipe/tube. - Put the end of the copper tube/pipe to downward direction as you re- Ⓑ...
  • Page 10 Opening shutoff valve Standard refrigerant pipe EPDM heat insulation material thickness. Remove the cap and turn the valve counter clockwise with the Air conditioned location Non-air conditioned location wrench. Classification Note1) Note2) Note3) Note4) General location Special location General location Negative condition Turn it until the shaft stops.
  • Page 11: Refrigerant Piping Installation

    Refrigerant piping on three principles REFRIGERANT PIPING INSTALLATION Drying Cleanliness Airtight WARNING Should be no moisture There is no refrigerant No dust inside. Always use extreme care to prevent the refrigerant gas (R410A) inside leakage from leakage while using fire or flame. If the refrigerant gas comes in contact with the flame from any source, such as a gas Dust Moisture...
  • Page 12: Installation Of Water Pipe

    Connection of Outside units A second branch cannot be made after a header. (These are shown Outside units Model Gas Pipe Liquid Pipe (Master) (Slave1) I.D.28.58 I.D.28.58 I.D.15.88 I.D.15.88 ARCNN21 2 Unit I.D.12.7 I.D.9.52 I.D.22.2 I.D.19.05 I.D.31.8 I.D.34.9 I.D.41.3 I.D.38.1 O.D.34.9 I.D.22.2 O.D.19.05 I.D.28.58 I.D.12.7...
  • Page 13: Device Protection Unit

    DEVICE PROTECTION UNIT • Always install a strainer (50Mesh or above) at the entrance of the water pipe. (When sand, trash, rusted pieces get mixed into the water supply, it can cause problems to the product due to block- Strainer on water pipe ing) - If On/Off valve is applied, by interlocking with outside unit, it can To protect the water cooling type product, you must install a strainer...
  • Page 14: Pipe Connections Between Indoor And Outside Unit

    PIPE CONNECTIONS BETWEEN INDOOR Cover AND OUTSIDE UNIT Micro-switch Adjustment screw 1 Outside Units Vibration plate Bellows Y branch method 1 inch or Indoor 3/4 inch Unit Ⓐ : Outside Unit socket Ⓑ : 1st branch (Y branch) Ⓒ : Indoor Units L150m (200 m : Conditional application)* Ⓓ...
  • Page 15 Header method WARNING ODU Capacity Slave3 Master ≥ Slave 1 ≥Slave 2 ≥Slave 3 Ⓐ : Outside Unit Slave2 Increased Pipe Diameter(table 2) Slave1 10m or Ⓑ : Header Master less - When pipe length is Over 40m from 1st branch to longest IDU. Ⓒ...
  • Page 16 Pipes between outside unit WARNING s are 2m or longer Pipe length after header branching (a~f) Oil Trap 0.2m or more It is recommended that difference in length of the pipes con- 2m or less 2m or longer nected to the Indoor Units is minimized. Performance difference between Indoor Units may occur.
  • Page 17 - Apply Oil Trap as shown below when the length of the pipe between The amount of Refrigerant the outside unit s is more than 2m. Otherwise, the unit may not oper- The calculation of the additional charge should take into account the ate properly.
  • Page 18: Refrigerant Charging

    Distribution Method WARNING • Regulation for refrigerant leakage Horizontal Distribution : the amount of refrigerant leakage should satisfy the following equation for human safety. Slave Master Total amount of refrigerant in the system ≤0.44 (kg / m Volume of the room at which Indoor Unit of the least capacity is installed Slave 3rd main pipe distribution...
  • Page 19 Branch pipe Fitting • Header should be insulated with the insulator in each kit. Y branch Insulate the header using Ⓐ To Branch Piping or Indoor Unit the insulation material attached to the branch pipe kit Ⓑ To Outside Unit as shown in the figure.
  • Page 20: Leak Test And Vacuum Drying

    Header WARNING [unit:mm] Use a vacuum pump or Inert(nitrogen) gas when doing leakage test or air purge. Do not compress air or Oxygen and do not use Flamma- Models Gas pipe Liquid pipe ble gases. Otherwise, it may cause fire or explosion. - There is the risk of death, injury, fire or explosion.
  • Page 21: Thermal Insulation Of Refrigerant Piping

    Thermal insulation of refrigerant piping WARNING Use a vacuum pump or Inert(nitrogen) gas when doing leakage test Be sure to give insulation work to refrigerant piping by covering liquid or air purge. Do not compress air or Oxygen and do not use Flamma- pipe and gas pipe separately with enough thickness heat-resistant poly- ble gases.
  • Page 22: Electrical Wiring

    Penetrations Outside Unit Inner wall (concealed) Outer wall Outer wall (exposed) Indoor Indoor Unit Unit Remote Remote control control Floor (fireproofing) Penetrating portion on fire Roof pipe shaft Indoor Indoor limit and boundary wall Unit Unit Remote Remote control control 2-Core Shield Cable Ⓐ...
  • Page 23 CAUTION Noise Filter • Use the 2-core shield cables for communication cables. Never use them together with power cables. • The conductive shielding layer of cable should be grounded to the Main PCB metal part of both units. • Never use multi-core cable •...
  • Page 24: Wiring Of Main Power Supply And Equipment Capacity

    Wiring of main power supply and equipment Field Wiring capacity Single outside unit - Use a separate power supply for the Outside Unit and Indoor Unit. - Bear in mind ambient conditions (ambient temperature,direct sun- Voltage range(V) Outside Frequency light, rain water,etc.) when proceeding with the wiring and connec- Power supply Outside Indoor...
  • Page 25 u Example Connection of Communication Cable Series outside unit s [BUS type] [STAR type] When the power source is supplied to Each outside unit individually. - Connection of communication - Abnormal operation can be cable must be installed like caused by communication de- Outside below figure between indoor fect, when connection of com-...
  • Page 26: Dip Switch Setting

    Checking the setting of outside units Automatic Addressing Checking according to dip switch setting The address of indoor units would be set by Automatic Addressing - You can check the setting values of the Master outside unit from the - Wait for 3 minutes after supplying power. 7 segment LED.
  • Page 27 DIP-SW01 7 - Segment Group recognizing the central controller No.0 group (00~0F) SW04C ( : cancel) SW03C ( : forward) No.1 group (10~1F) SW02C ( : backward) No.2 group (20~2F) SW01C ( : confirm) SW01D (reset) No.3 group (30~3F) Mode Function Option Value...
  • Page 28 Geothermal mode setting Sol. Valve 220V output If you want to use the product with heat source water of the low tem- It is the function to select 220V output when you want solenoid valve perature such as ground heat, it is the function that enables the use of control.
  • Page 29 Setting the outside unit address Use Sump Heater It is the function to select when you want to connect and use Sump How to set the mode Heater. Turn on DIP switch No.5 of the master unit PCB How to set the mode Use ‘▶‘...
  • Page 30: Test Run

    TEST RUN WARNING • Always check whether the water supply is flowing smoothly Precaution before test run before the test run. (If sufficient amount of water is not flow- ing, it can burn the product.) • During the initial test run after installing the product, leaving Check whether the air is completely removed and the water sup- the product for more than 3 days or after replacing the com- ply is flowing smoothly.
  • Page 31 Maintenance/Repair checklist 2) Be sure to check if the gate valve of inflow/outflow pipe and the valve for outflow pipe are properly closed when cleaning. 3) Connect the water pipe for cleaning with the chemical solvent Period (Year) through the service plug of the pipe and fill up the panel heat ex- 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 Checkpoint changer with 50°C~60°C of cleaning solvent and circulate it with...
  • Page 32 Self-Diagnosis Function Error Indicator - This function indicates types of failure in self-diagnosis and occurrence of failure for air condition. - Error mark is displayed on display window of indoor units and wired remote controller, and 7-segment LED of outside unit control board as shown in the table.
  • Page 33 Display Title Cause of Error Master outside unit low pressure over-drop. Compressor turned off due to master outside unit low pressure overdrop. Master Outside Unit Low Compression Ratio Lim- Master Outside Unit stayed under low Compression limit for 3 ited minutes Master Outside unit Communication error between Master Outside unit inverter compressor current detection (CT) sen-...
  • Page 34: Caution For Refrigerant Leak

    Display Title Cause of Error Communication Error Between Master Outside Unit Failing to receive Slave Unit signal at main PCB of Master Outside and Other Outside Unit Unit Master Outside Unit Liquid pipe Temperature Sen- Liquid pipe temperature sensor of Master Outside Unit is open or sor Error short Master Outside Unit Subcooling Outlet Temperature...
  • Page 35: Cooling Tower Applied Method

    In case the concentration exceeds the limit When the concentration exceeds the limit, change original plan or take one of the countermeasures shown below: Closed type • Countermeasure 1 cooling tower Provide opening for ventilation. Provide 0.15% or more opening to floor space both above and below door, or provide opening without door.
  • Page 36: Installation Guide For Harmonics And Flicker

    INSTALLATION GUIDE FOR HAR- MONICS AND FLICKER The below Installation guide is limited applicable only for model Model : ARWN140LAS4, ARWN120LAS4, ARWN100LAS4, ARWN080LAS4 Installation Guide for Harmonics (EN 61000-3-2 & EN 61000-3-12) This equipment complies with IEC (EN) 61000-3-2. This equipment complies with IEC (EN) 61000-3-12 in harmonic currents emission limits corresponding Rsce =33.

Table of Contents