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LG -600 User Manual

Lg gsm phone user's manual
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GSM Phone
MODEL : LG - 600
Please read this manual carefully before
operating your set. Retain it for future reference.


Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for LG LG-600

  • Page 1 GSM Phone USER'S MANUAL MODEL : LG - 600 Please read this manual carefully before operating your set. Retain it for future reference. ENGLISH...
  • Page 3 LG-600 has a polished style which provides users’ a better feel and convenience. LG-600 GSM Phone...
  • Page 4: For Your Safety

    For Your Safety All radio transmitters carry risks of interference with electronics in close proximity. GSM Phones must be switched off at all times in an aircraft. Do not activate near petrol stations, fuel depots, chemical plants or blasting operations. Avoid use in hospitals : medical electronics, e.g.
  • Page 5 Please note: Use only specified batteries and chargers as others can damage the phone. Unusable batteries should be disposed of in accordance with relevant legislation. Only use ORIGINAL accessories to avoid damage to your phone.
  • Page 6: Table Of Contents

    Contents Overview Accessories ... 10 Part of the Phone ... 11 • Front of the Phone ... 11 • Rear of the Phone ... 12 Key Description ... 13 • Side of the Phone ... 14 • Alphanumeric Keys ... 15 Display Information Display Information ...
  • Page 7 Call Functions Making and Answering Calls ... 27 • Making Calls ... 27 • Answering Calls ... 28 Recent Numbers ... 29 • Dialed Number ... 29 • Received Number ... 29 • Missed Number ... 29 Accessing the Menu Phonebook ...
  • Page 8 • Status Report [Menu 1-4] ... 46 • Call Voicemail [Menu 1-5] ... 46 • Cell Broadcast [Menu 1-6] ... 47 • Memory Status [Menu 1-7] ... 48 • Setting [Menu 1-8] ... 49 Call Option [Menu 2] ... 50 •...
  • Page 9 Voice Dial [Menu 7] ... 69 • Training [Menu 7-1] ... 69 • Search [Menu 7-2] ... 69 • Setting [Menu 7-3] ... 70 • Delete all [Menu 7-4] ... 70 Internet [Menu 8] ... 71 • Home [Menu 8-1] ... 71 •...
  • Page 10: Overview

    Accessories Overview Check to make sure that you have all the parts shown below. Standard Battery Card(s) User’s Guide Handset Travel Adapter Belt Clip <Optional Accessories> Extended Battery (BEL-11G) Data Kit/CD (DK-10G) Handsfree Portable (PHF-10G) Hands-Free Car Kit Desktop Charger Cigar Lighter Adapter (IHF-11G) (DC-11G)
  • Page 11: Part Of The Phone

    Part of the Phone Front of the Phone 1 Front LCD Screen 2 Hard Icons 3 Call Indicator Light 4 Antenna 1 Earpiece 2 Active Folder 3 Display Screen 4 Soft Left Key 5 Record Key 6 Confirm Key 7 Send Key 8 Up/Down Side Key 9 Ear Microphone 10 Star Key...
  • Page 12: Rear Of The Phone

    Part of the Phone Rear of the Phone 1 Battery Cover 2 Cable Connector/ Battery Charging Connector/ Hands-Free Car kit Connector 3 SIM Card Socket 4 Battery Terminals 5 Handstrap Hole 6 Battery Lock Overview...
  • Page 13: Key Description

    Key Description The following shows key components of the phone. Keypad Description Description Soft Left Key / Soft Right Key Each of these keys performs the function indicated by the text on the display immediately above it. WAP Hotkey You can directly connect to WAP by pressing this key. Navigation Keys You can use these keys to scroll through names, phone numbers, menus or setting options.
  • Page 14: Side Of The Phone

    Key Description Description Hash Key Used to lock key by pressing this key for a long time. END/PWR Key Used to end or reject a call. This key is also used as Power Key. You can power on and off by pressing this key for a long time.
  • Page 15: Alphanumeric Keys

    Alphanumeric Keys The alphabet and numeric keypad mapping relation are listed as the following table. Description . ! ‘ ´ , - ? @ 1 _ A B C 2 Ä À Á Â Ã Å Æ Ç a b c ä à á â ã å æ ç D E F 3 Ë...
  • Page 16: Display Information

    Display Information The screen displays several icons the following describe each of them you may see on the phone. On-Screen Icons Call status Signal Strength Roaming Icon/Indicator Description Tells you the strength of the network signal. You are in no service area. / Call is connected. Shows that you are using a roaming service.
  • Page 17 Top Menu Icons Icon Description Messages Call Option Call Charge Security Setting Accessories Voice Dial Internet Result Icons Icon Description Completed Message Displayed when menu navigation is completed. Information Message Save Message Warning Message Displayed with error or warning message. Display Information...
  • Page 18: Getting Started

    Installation Installing the SIM Card Locate the SIM card socket in the back of the phone. Follow the steps below to install the SIM card. 1. Unlock the battery cover ˜ 2. Flip the SIM holder 3. Slide the SIM card into the holder •...
  • Page 19: Installing The Battery

    Notice • Before installing SIM card, please make sure that the phone is switched off and the battery is removed. • The metal contact of the SIM card can be easily damaged by scratches. Pay special attention to the SIM card when you handle and install.
  • Page 20: Charging The Battery

    Installation Charging the Battery To connect the travel adapter to the phone you must install the battery. The usage times may be different depending on network service. Battery Type Charging Times Standard Extended Disconnecting the Charger 1. Insert one end of the travel adapter into the bottom of the phone.
  • Page 21: Powering On Sequence

    Notice • Remember to charge the new battery fully after changing it. • Do not remove your battery or SIM card while charging. • “Battery Charging” is displayed on the screen after connecting the travel adapter. Only if the battery is totally empty, Call Indicator Light will be on without displaying “Battery Charging”.
  • Page 22: Access Codes

    Access Codes You can use the access codes described in this section to avoid unauthorised use of your phone. PIN1 / PIN2 codes and Security code can be changed by using [Menu 4-2]. See the following section. PIN Enable Change Codes Fixed Dial No.
  • Page 23: Write And Read Messages

    Write and Read Messages Write Message If you want to write the short message, you will follow the next procedure. Write Message Outbox Inbox Status Report B a c k Read Message If you want to read the previous stored short message received before, you will follow the next steps.
  • Page 24: Ezi Text

    eZi Text How to Use eZi Text The eZi Text allows the user to type easily and quickly. Simply pressing each key once for each character, you can get the words you want. Furthermore, the candidate is predicted along with other candidates that fit the letters typed thus far.
  • Page 25 For example, if you want to enter “you”, then press can see “we”. Next, press box. If the word isn’t shown, press After entering characters, select the candidate you want with Notice • You can change a language with the capital form with YOU ➝...
  • Page 26 eZi Text Description changes another mode e.g. eZi mode ➝ Numeric mode. changes Capital mode to Small mode or Small mode to Capital mode. enters Symbol mode by pressing this key for a long time. moves next Symbol page in Symbol mode. Notice •...
  • Page 27: Call Functions

    Making and Answering Calls Making Calls 1. Key in phone number including the area code. To edit a number on the display, press the left, and press 2. Press to call the number. 3. Press to end the call (or to cancel the call attempt). Voice Dial 1.
  • Page 28: Answering Calls

    Making and Answering Calls Last Number Redial 1. Press and then you will see the last dialed number. 2. Then press 3. If you want to dial the latest number by one key stroke, press and hold I Calling your Voicemail Service Outbox Inbox Status Report...
  • Page 29: Recent Numbers

    Recent Numbers In a standby mode, when you press be displayed. Dialed Number, Received Number and Missed Number can be saved in a Phonebook. Dialed Number Shows recently dialed phone numbers that were not answered. After locating a phone number, you can make a call or erase the phone number. Received Number Shows recently received phone numbers up to 10.
  • Page 30: Accessing The Menu

    Phonebook Names Names Search Search E-Mail Add Entry Add E-Mail Groups Speed Dials Delete all Memory Copy Own Number Search [Names 1] Search Search E-mail Add Entry Add E-mail B a c k The phonebook has several menus from which you can choose.
  • Page 31: Search E-Mail [Names 2]

    4. Scroll to highlight required name. 5. Press [OK] to display the name and phone number. 6. If you want to call, press Note • In this menu, you can edit or delete the number you selected. If you do not enter the name and press displayed.
  • Page 32: Add E-Mail [Names 4]

    Phonebook Phone memory capacity is 500 entries of personal number, and SIM card memory capacity of personal number depends on the service provider. You can also save 20 characters of name in the Phone memory and the SIM card memory each. The number of characters is dependent on SIM feature.
  • Page 33: Groups [Names 5]

    Groups [Names 5] By choosing this function, you can manage Group list, such as Member list, Add, Delete, Rename. If you use Add menu, you can save up to 20 members in each group. You can save up to 10 groups only in the Phone memory. 1.
  • Page 34 Phonebook Delete: You can delete Group in the Group list. 1. Scroll to highlight Groups, then press 2. Scroll to highlight Delete, then press 3. Then confirmation message will be displayed. 4. Press [OK] to delete, or press Notice • Even though you delete a Group in the Group list, the entries will remain in memory.
  • Page 35: Speed Dials [Names 6]

    Speed Dials [Names 6] You can associate any of the keys give you direct access, with a single long key press in a standby mode. 1. Open the phonebook first by pressing 2. Scroll to Speed Dials, then press 3. Then Speed Dials list will be displayed. 4.
  • Page 36: Copy [Names 9]

    Phonebook Copy [Names 9] You can copy entries from one memory to another. You can copy/move entries from SIM card memory to Phone memory once at a time or all at once. And you can copy/move entries from Phone memory to SIM card memory once at a time or all at once.
  • Page 37: Service Dial Number [Names 10] (Sim Dependent)

    Service Dial Number [Names 10] (SIM dependent) Use this function to access a particular list of services provided by your network operator (if supported by the SIM card). 1. Open the phonebook first by pressing 2. Scroll to SDN, then press 3.
  • Page 38: Mmi Structure

    MMI Structure 1 Messages Write Message Outbox Inbox Status Report Call Voicemail Cell Broadcast 1-6-1 CB Option 1-6-1-1 1-6-1-2 1-6-2 Read 1-6-3 Topics 1-6-3-1 1-6-3-1-1 1-6-3-1-2 Delete 1-6-3-2 Phone 1-6-3-2-1 1-6-3-2-2 Select 1-6-3-2-3 Delete 1-6-4 Languages Memory Status Setting 1-8-1 Status Report 1-8-2 Message Type...
  • Page 39 3 Call Charge Call Duration 3-1-1 Last Call 3-1-2 All Calls 3-1-3 Incoming Call 3-1-4 Outgoing Call 3-1-5 Reset Call Costs 3-2-1 Last Call 3-2-2 All Calls 3-2-3 Reset Cost Settings 3-3-1 Call Cost Limit 3-3-2 Set Tariff 3-3-3 Sum. After Call 4 Security PIN Enable Change Codes...
  • Page 40 MMI Structure 5-4-1-2 Set Time Format 5-4-2 Date 5-4-2-1 Set Date 5-4-2-2 Set Date Format 5-4-3 Alarm 5-4-3-1 Set Alarm 5-4-3-2 Cancel Alarm 5-4-3-3 Power Off Alarm Profiles Accessing the Menu 6 Accessories Scheduler 6-1-1 View day 6-1-1-1 Delete 6-1-1-2 Edit 6-1-1-3 Send Note...
  • Page 41 7 Voice Dial Training Search 7-2-1 Voice Search 7-2-1-1 Edit Voice 7-2-1-2 Edit Number 7-2-1-3 Delete 7-2-2 Number Search 7-2-2-1 Edit Voice 7-2-2-2 Edit Number 7-2-2-3 Delete Setting 7-3-1 Enable 7-3-2 Disable Delete all Accessing the Menu 8 Internet Home Bookmarks 8-2-1 Go to...
  • Page 42: Using The Menu

    Using the Menu Your phone offers the functions which allow you to tailor the phone to your needs. These functions are arranged in menus and submenus. The menus and submenus can be accessed by scrolling appropriate shortcut. Menu Navigation by scrolling The Main menu gives you access to all the other menus.
  • Page 43: Messages [Menu 1]

    Messages [Menu 1] This menu in your phone includes functions related to text message, voice message, cell broadcast message, as well as setting for message. Write Message [Menu 1-1] With the Write Message menu, you can write and edit text message up to 160 characters.
  • Page 44: Outbox [Menu 1-2]

    Messages [Menu 1] Dictionary : In this option, you can add or delete a word to user’s dictionary. 1. Press [Opt] key after entering word you want, then you can see the following menu. Add to UPD Del from UPD 2.
  • Page 45: Inbox [Menu 1-3]

    I Delete: The message is deleted. Delete all: All messages in Outbox will be deleted. In this menu, your phone will ask you if you really want to delete all messages for safety. Then press [OK] to remove all messages, and press want to.
  • Page 46: Status Report [Menu 1-4]

    Messages [Menu 1] Extract Number: If the selected message has a phone number within “ only extract it but also store it in a phone book. Delete all: All messages in Inbox will be deleted. Your phone asks you if you really want to delete all messages for safety.
  • Page 47: Cell Broadcast [Menu 1-6]

    Cell Broadcast [Menu 1-6] Cell broadcast messages are text messages broadcasted by the network to groups of GSM phone users. They provide general information such as weather reports, traffic news, and stock market prices. Each type of information has an associated information type number. When you receive broadcast message, you can read it following sequence : 1.
  • Page 48: Memory Status [Menu 1-7]

    Messages [Menu 1] Topics (Dependent to network and subscription) [Menu 1-6-3] If you select this menu, you can add or delete the CB message category in SIM memory. If you select the Add menu, you can enter the only category numbers which consists in a pair of number. If you select Delete menu, you can see the list of CB message category and delete it by using Phone...
  • Page 49: Setting [Menu 1-8]

    Setting [Menu 1-8] I Status Report [Menu 1-8-1] In this menu, you can set the message service to receive messages which will be sent. This report is represented whether the message is sent to destination successfully or not. • On : If you select this menu, you will receive the status report of message.
  • Page 50: Call Option [Menu 2]

    Call Option [Menu 2] Use the “Call Option” menu to access supplementary services provided by the GSM network. Note • The Call Divert, Call Barring, and Call Waiting menus each contains an option for displaying the current status of the service. This function makes a call to the network.
  • Page 51: Call Barring [Menu 2-2]

    All Data Call [Menu 2-1-2] : 1. Press [Menu] in a standby mode. 2. Press for direct access or use 3. Select Call Divert menu and press 4. Select All Data Call. All Fax Call [Menu 2-1-3] : 1. Press [Menu] in a standby mode.
  • Page 52: Call Waiting [Menu 2-3]

    Call Option [Menu 2] 1. Press [Menu] in a standby mode. 2. Press for direct access or use 3. Scroll to highlight Call Barring menu and press • All Outgoing Calls • Outgoing International : The barring service of outgoing Calls •...
  • Page 53: Sending Number [Menu 2-4]

    Sending Number [Menu 2-4] (network and subscription dependent) This menu is valid only when the user subscribes temporary mode. If you Select On, you allow your phone number to be displayed to the other party. Also, you can change this mode On/Off you want. 1.
  • Page 54: Call Charge [Menu 3] - (Sim Dependent)

    Call Charge [Menu 3] - Call Duration [Menu 3-1] This function allows you to view the duration of your Last Call, All Calls, Incoming Call and Outgoing Call in hours, minutes and seconds. You can also clear the call timers. 1.
  • Page 55: Cost Settings [Menu 3-3]

    Cost Settings [Menu 3-3] (SIM dependent) Call Cost Limit [Menu 3-3-1] This network service allows you to limit the costs of your calls to a selected number of charging units. If you have selected On, you can set cost limit in terms of unit and use your phone to a selected number of charging units.
  • Page 56: Security [Menu 4]

    Security [Menu 4] PIN Enable [Menu 4-1] Within this menu, you can set the phone to ask for the PIN code of your SIM card when the phone is switched on. To use this function, you will be requested to enter the PIN code. 1.
  • Page 57: Fixed Dial Number [Menu 4-3]

    Fixed Dial Number [Menu 4-3] You can restrict your outgoing calls to selected phone numbers, if this function is supported by your SIM card. These numbers are protected by your PIN2. 1. Enter this menu by selecting Fixed Dial No. Your phone will request the PIN2 code.
  • Page 58: Setting [Menu 5]

    Safety Information Setting [Menu 5] Network Selection [Menu 5-1] You can select the network which you will be registered either automatically or manually. I Automatic [Menu 5-1-1] The phone automatically selects network which is available in the area. Manual [Menu 5-1-2] The phone will find the list of available networks and show it to you.
  • Page 59 Key Tone Volume [Menu 5-2-3] You can set the volume level for the pressed key tone : Level 1~5, and Off. Ring Volume [Menu 5-2-4] You can set the volume level for the ringing tone : Level 1~5, and Off. LCD Contrast [Menu 5-2-5] You can set the color contrast of the characters on the LCD: Value 0~9.
  • Page 60: Call Setting [Menu 5-3]

    Setting [Menu 5] Standby Display [Menu 5-2-9] This menu allows you to select the standby window display. You can select one out of Zodiac (User Own, Monthly), Digital Clock, Analog Clock, Normal, and Text. In text mode, you can edit the text. Call Setting [Menu 5-3] Any Key Answer [Menu 5-3-1] •...
  • Page 61 I Call Mode [Menu 5-3-3] In this menu, you can use the phone and a connected PC to send and receive faxes, data, and voice. Once you enter this menu, the following options are displayed. • Single Mode : To use a data or a fax service, make sure that call mode is Single mode.
  • Page 62: Time Setting [Menu 5-4]

    Setting [Menu 5] Auto Answer [Menu 5-3-4] This function will be activated only when your phone is attached to the Handsfree kit or Portable Handsfree. • Off • 5 Seconds • 10 Seconds Time Setting [Menu 5-4] Clock [Menu 5-4-1] The phone has its own clock.
  • Page 63: Profiles [Menu 5-5]

    I Alarm [Menu 5-4-3] Your phone can be used as an alarm. The setting is made by the same method as used in time setting. • Set Alarm 1. Select Alarm. 2. Set the time your phone will raise the alarm. The way to edit time is identical to “Clock”.
  • Page 64 Setting [Menu 5] I User Own • Edit Name You can edit Profile Name. • Activate You can adjust the profile as your own environment. • Change You can change the value of settings. Accessing the Menu...
  • Page 65: Accessories [Menu 6]

    Accessories [Menu 6] Scheduler [Menu 6-1] When you enter this menu, a Calendar will be displayed. On top of the screen there are sections for date and icons. You can change the day, month and year by using navigation keys and numeric keys. A square cursor will highlight the selected day.
  • Page 66 Accessories [Menu 6] Make Allows you to write a note. You can choose the following types of note. You can edit a maximum of 40 characters, and make a maximum of 50 schedules. • Schedule • Call • Memo • Anniversary : Input the subject time and alarm time and then press Delete Allows you to delete for the selected note(s).
  • Page 67: World Time [Menu 6-2]

    View All Shows the notes that are set for all days. Use through the note(s). Pressing menu as in ‘View day’. World Time [Menu 6-2] This function shows the world map, cities and local time. The Current time is displayed according to time format(12/24 Hours). Press the time zone and your phone time to the local time of the selected city.
  • Page 68: Game [Menu 6-5]

    Accessories [Menu 6] Game [Menu 6-5] The following games are programmed in the phone. • Corsair • Crazy Race • Diamond King • Stone Axe • Black Jack Note The Control keys are different for each game. But each game has screens to explain the main control key. Other common control keys are below.
  • Page 69: Voice Dial [Menu 7]

    Voice Dial [Menu 7] You can dial a number by speaking to your GSM Phone. Training [Menu 7-1] You can programme your phone to associate a voice tag with the number which will be entered. Once you select this menu, you should speak a word within 2 seconds, and the phone asks you to speak it again to ensure the accuracy of voice recognition.
  • Page 70: Setting [Menu 7-3]

    Voice Dial [Menu 7] Number Search [Menu 7-2-2] You can find the only numbers recorded by number. You don’t have to type all numbers. It will show the numbers including part for to type in. You can hear the voice and see the number using hear the voice positioned the number by pressing phone.
  • Page 71: Internet [Menu 8]

    Internet [Menu 8] You can surf the Internet and get the latest information. This information is made available in a special format (WAP) adapted to the display options available in the phone. Accessing the Internet may be required registration with your Service Provider. Home [Menu 8-1] Return to homepage.
  • Page 72: Profiles [Menu 8-3]

    Safety Information Internet [Menu 8] Profiles [Menu 8-3] Display or enter your own profile settings for the internet connection. You can make up to 5 profiles and activate the required option. Scroll to desired profile and press • Activate : Activate the selected profile. •...
  • Page 73: In Internet Menu

    In Internet Menu Home Refers to [Menu 8-1]. Bookmarks Refers to [Menu 8-2]. Save as Bookmark You can add the site which your phone is connecting to bookmark list in this menu. Go to URL Moves to the site you require. In this menu, you can edit the site address.
  • Page 74: Additional Functions

    How to SEND DTMF tones Additional Functions Some telephone services(such as telephone answering machine and pager) require your telephone to transmit DTMF tones(Dual Tone Multi- Frequency), also known as “touch tones”. These are used to communicate passwords, call back numbers, and so on. Wait Characters To obtain a wait character, press and hold .
  • Page 75: In-Call Options

    In-Call Options The phone provides a number of control functions that you can use during a call. You cannot utilize all of these functions at all times. Most of the In- Call options are network services. By pressing following In-Call options may be available: Hold Call (network dependent) During a call, you can put an active call on hold.
  • Page 76 In-Call Options 3. To add a new participant to the call, repeat steps 1 and 2. 4. To drop a single participant from the call, press conference call, select private and press participant that you want to drop and press 5.
  • Page 77 DTMF Off If this function is selected, you cannot send DTMF tones. Default Setting is DTMF ON. 1. During a call, press 2. Select DTMF Off to prohibit from sending DTMF tones. Scratch PAD You can take a note(phone number) while a call is in a progress by using this function.
  • Page 78 In-Call Options Additional Functions SIM SERVICE Your service provider can offer special application through SIM card, such as homebanking, stock market, etc. If you are registered for one of these services, the service name will appear at the end of the Main Menu.
  • Page 79: How To Use Data And Fax Call

    How to Use Data and Fax Call To be able to data or fax service, you need the communicate software such as a data or a fax program. Before using these functions, you need to connect your phone to a computer or make sure that your phone is in connection with a compatible device.
  • Page 80: Making A Voice & Fax Call

    How to Use Data and Fax Call Making a Voice & Fax call In this mode, you can transmit voice and also fax without voice call release. Note • This mode is network feature. If the network doesn’t support this mode, you can’t use a voice &...
  • Page 81: Voice Memo

    Voice Memo The voice memo features you to record up to 3 voice messages and each one is up to 30 seconds. This is useful when you don’t have a pen and paper to hand for taking directions or a messages. Voice Memo 1.
  • Page 82: Care And Maintenance

    Unlike other battery systems, there is no memory effect that could compromise the battery’s performance. • Use only LG batteries and chargers. LG chargers are designed to maximize the battery life. • Do not disassemble or short-circuit the battery pack.
  • Page 83: Technical Data

    Technical Data General Product Name : LG-600 System : GSM 900/DCS 1800 SIM Card : Small plug-in card, 3V or 5V type Dimensions Size : 109.5 19.8 mm Weight with Standard battery : 93.6g Ambient Temperatures Max : +55°C Min : -10°C...
  • Page 84 Memo...
  • Page 86 Memo...

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