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Acer LumiRead 600 User Manual


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  • Page 1 Acer LumiRead 600 User Guide ► Press the Next page button on your reader to see more.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Sharing a book ..........24 Acer eBook Manager Disconnecting a device .
  • Page 3 Regulatory information ........62 © 2010. Acer Incorporated. All rights reserved. Acer LumiRead 600 User Guide Original issue: 06/2010 This reader contains Adobe...
  • Page 4: Getting To Know Your Reader

    • Browse thousands of books ready for purchase. • Easily read the energy-saving and eye-friendly screen, even in full sunlight. • Connect to the Internet and download books or read news with RSS feeds. • Acer eBook Manager to synchronize and backup your library.
  • Page 5: Unpacking Your Reader

    Your new reader comes packed in a protective box. Carefully unpack the box and remove the contents. If any of the following items is missing or damaged, contact your dealer immediately: • Acer LumiRead Quick Guide • Companion CD (including Acer eBook Manager) • USB cable • AC adapter...
  • Page 6: Getting To Know Your Reader

    Getting to know your reader Views (top/front)
  • Page 7 Top/front features (image on previous page): No. Item Description Power button Slide to turn the reader on or off: • Power on, or to enter/resume from Sleep mode: briefly slide the power key. • Power off: slide and hold for more than five seconds.
  • Page 8 Views (back/bottom) 151617 18 Description on previous page.
  • Page 9: Charging Your Reader

    It is normal for the reader to heat up when charging or during long periods of use. All Acer readers are factory tested before release. Installing a microSD card To take expand your reader’s capabilities, you may install a microSD card.
  • Page 10: Installing A Sim Card (Depends On Model)

    Installing a SIM card (depends on model) To take full advantage of your reader’s capabilities, you may install a SIM card. The card slot is located under a cover on the back of the reader. Note: The SIM card slot is only available on 3G-enabled readers.
  • Page 11: Using Your Reader

    Using your reader Turning on for the first time To turn on your reader for the first time, slide and hold the power button until the screen turns on. You will then be asked to assign a name to your reader. Type your choice, select Confirm by moving the navigation dial down and finally press the dial.
  • Page 12: The Home Screen

    Turning on your reader If the screen is off and the reader does not react to the front panel buttons, it may have been locked and is in sleep mode. Slide and release the power button to wake up your reader. The Home screen After the first start process is completed, your reader will display the Home screen.
  • Page 13 Icon Item Description Activity dial The activity dial is shown when the reader is busy. Transfer The transfer icon is shown when your reader is using the network connection. Wireless The wireless icon is shown when your reader is connected to a wireless network. Battery status The battery status indicates current battery charge.
  • Page 14 Note: When you first turn on your reader, the shelves include some decorations to fill the space. These decorations are ornamental and cannot be selected. If you add a book or microSD card they are removed. A box or highlighted area shows the current selection; use the navigation pad to move the selection.
  • Page 15 If a tag has been selected, only books with that tag will be displayed. Bookshelves Libri Bookstore The Libri bookstore allows you to purchase and download eBooks for your reader. With Internet access you can browse and purchase items on your reader, or you may use your computer and then transfer the books over USB or microSD card.
  • Page 16 microSD card (if inserted) If you have inserted a microSD card (“Installing a microSD card” on page 9) select this icon to see the contents of the card. However, the contents of the microSD card must be organized in specific folders to be seen.
  • Page 17: Navigation

    Navigation There are two ways to navigate using your reader. You may use the 4-way navigation dial to change the highlighted item or move around a page, or use the navigation keys (on either side of the keyboard) to page through menus or a book. Navigation dial and confirm button The 4-way navigation dial allows you to change the highlighted item on the screen, indicated by a box...
  • Page 18: The Keyboard

    The keyboard Use the mini keyboard to enter notes and type text for book and Internet searches. Simply select a text box and tap keys to enter text. Entering numbers Press and hold the ALT key and then press the keys in the top row to type the associated number.
  • Page 19 After your reader has connected, press the Internet button to open the browser. Searching Press the search key to search the items on your reader. The type of search depends on the item that is open. You can search for the title of a book or an annotation from the Home screen.
  • Page 20: Getting Books Onto Your Reader

    USB connection allows you to transfer books from a USB-equipped computer. Acer eBook Manager provides a complete set of management tools for your reader on a PC, including importing and synchronizing files, software updates and organizing multiple readers.
  • Page 21 The network may use extra security options, follow any further onscreen instructions to complete the connection. After your reader has connected to the network, press the Internet key to open the browser, or select Meine eBooks from the Home screen. 3G access Access to a 3G network gives you convenient access to the Internet almost anywhere you can receive a phone signal.
  • Page 22: Transferring Files

    Connect the USB cable to the micro USB connector on your reader, and then connect the USB cable to a USB port on your computer. You should use Acer eBook Manager To computer to view the contents of your reader (“Acer eBook Manager” on page 26), but the reader will be detected as a USB external storage device;...
  • Page 23: Copying Files To A Microsd Card

    • Images for book covers must be placed in the covers folder. • You may organise your books into folders on your reader, simply use your PC to create additional folders in the books folder. These folders will be added to your reader’s bookshelves.
  • Page 24: Sharing A Book

    Libri. Sharing a book Share via wireless with another reader You can share a book with a friend who also owns an Acer reader. To do this you must create an ‘ad-hoc’ (device-to- device) network. Creating an ad-hoc network Press the MENU button, then select Turn Wi-Fi On.
  • Page 25 Sending your book Select the book you wish to share, press the MENU button and select More Information. Select Share this book and press the confirm button (navigation dial). Available ‘ad-hoc’ (device-to-device) networks will be shown; select your friends device and select Yes to send the book. Wait for your friend to accept the transfer on their reader, then wait the transfer to finish.
  • Page 26: Acer Ebook Manager

    After installing Acer eBook Manager, you can start the application from the Windows Start menu. Click on Start > All Programs > Acer > Acer eBook Manager > Acer eBook Manager Connect your reader to your computer. See “Connecting to a PC with USB”...
  • Page 27: Disconnecting A Device

    If you have more than one device, it will also be shown in this list. Click the device’s name to select it. Use Acer eBook Manager to access and modify the synchonized copy of the contents of a device at any time, and later synchronize changes when your reader is attached to your computer.
  • Page 28: Selecting An External Memory Card

    Selecting an external memory card If you have expanded the storage of your reader by adding a memory card, you can see the contents of the card in the Acer eBook Manager window. Click on the Memory Card entry under the name of your reader; the contents of the card will be shown in the main page.
  • Page 29: Item Details

    Adding a cover You can use an image on your computer as a cover for an eBook. To add a cover to a book, right-click the book in Acer eBook Manager, then select Detail information. Click the image of the book and browse to the image. Select the image and click Open.
  • Page 30: Deleting An Item

    Delete button in the tool bar. Alternatively, right-click the item and select Delete. Wish list You may view and update your Wish list from Acer eBook Manager. Double-click the Wish list icon to open your wish list. Any items you have added to your reader’s wish list are visible in this...
  • Page 31: Synchronizing Changes

    (or your computer), you will be asked if you want to apply the change. Upgrading software or firmware You can use Acer eBook Manager to check for and install software or firmware updates. Warning: Synchronize the content of your reader before continuing.
  • Page 32 If a firmware update is available, this will update your reader to improve performance or possibly add new features. If a software update is available, this will install a newer version of Acer eBook Manager. 6. Wait until the installation has finished. Your reader will restart.
  • Page 33: Reading Ebooks On Your Reader

    Reading eBooks on your reader Your reader is able to read a multitude of file types (see “Media” on page 57). Most eBook sites provide files in one or more of these formats. Warning: Copyright protection systems may be used by certain vendors.
  • Page 34 Press the confirm button (navigation dial), and a list of books that match the search term will be displayed. If the book you want is displayed, use the navigation dial to select the book, then press the confirm button (navigation dial) to open it.
  • Page 35: Navigating In A Book

    Select the Tag an item entry, and then select the Favorites entry from the list. Once a book has been set as a Favorite, a star will be displayed on the lower-right corner of the cover, and it can be found in the Favorites section of the Favorites/tags bar.
  • Page 36 Table of contents While many eBooks include a table of contents at the beginning, it is usually not possible to use this to jump to specific chapters. You can instead use a table of contents generated by your reader to quickly navigate to major sections.
  • Page 37 Jump to page If you know a specific page reference, or want to skip forward in a book, you can enter a page reference. Press the MENU button, then select Jump to Page. Enter the page that you want to view (press and hold the ALT key to enter numbers), highlight Go on the screen, and press the confirm button (navigation dial) to...
  • Page 38: Viewing Options

    If more than one page of search results are available, use the Next Page and Previous Page buttons to switch between pages. Press the Back button to return to the book without changing the page. Viewing options In most books it is possible to change viewing options, such as the size of the text.
  • Page 39: Highlighting Text

    While viewing the page, move the navigation dial to show the cursor (a straight line | in the text). Use the navigation dial to move the cursor to the beginning of any word on the page, and start typing to enter the text for the note.
  • Page 40: Searching For Annotations

    Searching for annotations All annotations can be found easily; notes, highlights and bookmarked pages can be searched from the Home screen. Simply press the Search button and enter the search text.
  • Page 41: Shopping At Libri

    Shopping at Libri Your reader includes quick access to the Libri eBook store. However, you must create an Adode ID and Libri account before you can access the store from your reader. Create an Adobe ID To view files purchased from the Libri eBook store, you must first create an Adobe ID.
  • Page 42: Access Libri From Your Reader

    3. Enter the information requested to create login information for your account. Note down this information, as you will need it when accessing Libri from your reader. 4. Select one or more of the newsletter options to keep up to date with Libri announcements.
  • Page 43 Note: Press the MENU button, then select Turn on Wi-Fi or Turn on 3G. See “Wi-Fi and 3G connections” on page 20. 2. From the Home screen, press MENU and select eBooks kaufen. 3. Use the navigation dial to select the Login button. 4.
  • Page 44 Purchasing a book After creating an account and can purchase a book directly from the Libri bookstore. 1. Open the Libri site and log in. See “Access Libri from your reader” on page 42. 2. Use the normal browser controls to search or browse through the categories to find an eBook which you like to read.
  • Page 45 3. Select Jetzt Kaufen on the product page. 4. Enter your password and confirm your purchase. Note: You must provide credit card information to purchase eBooks. If you have not already entered this information, please click on Mein Konto. 5. Allow your reader to download your new eBook. To find your book once the download has finished, select Meine eBooks.
  • Page 46: Using The Wish List

    Using the Wish List The Wish list allows you to store information about books and other publications so you may look for them later, or even buy them online. You can add information about a book quickly by using the ISBN (International Standard Book Number) code that is used worldwide to identify and classify books;...
  • Page 47: Using The Isbn Scanner

    Using the ISBN scanner Your reader can quickly scan the ISBN code from any book and store the code for later use. Add the book to your wish list so you can search for it later, including the book’s author and title. From the Home screen, or the Wish list, press MENU and select Scan ISBN.
  • Page 48: Purchasing A Book From The Wish List

    Tip: The scanner needs a clear image to register a code. If the scanner is unable to register the code, improve the lighting and hold the book and reader as steady as possible. Your reader will automatically register the code when the scanner is in the correct position.
  • Page 49: Internet Browsing

    Internet Browsing Your reader includes an optimized browser so you may download and read a wide variety of content directly on your reader. Activate a wireless network (Wi-Fi, or 3G if available) and press the Browser key on the keyboard. Note: The browser is optimized for mobile devices and may not display all Internet sites.
  • Page 50: My Favorites

    Current Page Instead of starting an Internet search, Current Page will search the text in the displayed page for the search term. Wikipedia The Wikipedia button will search for the text in the Wikipedia encyclopedia. When viewing an Internet page, press Search key to type a new search term.
  • Page 51 • Press the ALT key and then move the navigation dial left or right to step left or right on a page that is wider than the screen. • Move the navigation dial in any direction to move towards and select the next link in that direction. •...
  • Page 52 You may return to the normal orientation; press the MENU button and select Portrait mode. Browser settings While the browser is open, press the MENU button to see additional options: Refresh Refresh the current page to see recent changes. Add to My Favorites This option allows you to add a page to the My Favorites list.
  • Page 53: Using Eread Mode

    Smart download This option allows you to select and download an area of the page for later viewing. The area will be saved as a book in the reader’s library. This is best used on long sections of text, and certain pages are not appropriate for Smart download.
  • Page 54: Using Smart Download

    To start eRead mode, open the web page, press the MENU button and select eRead mode. Use the navigation dial to move the selected area to the starting point of the text you want to reformat. Press the navigation dial to confirm and move the end of the selection so that all the text you want to read is in the selection box.
  • Page 55: Using The Rss Reader

    After you have created your selection, select Download and confirm with the navigation dial. Note: If a microSD memory card is installed in your reader, you can choose to save the book either to your reader or to the microSD card. Normally the book will use the name of the selected page, but you can change this.
  • Page 56 Enter the full Internet address of the feed and select Add to RSS Reader. The address will be added to your list of RSS feeds. The RSS reader will show a list of the feeds you have entered. Use the navigation dial to select a feed, then press the confirm button (navigation dial) to see the individual entries from a feed.
  • Page 57: Specifications

    Specifications Performance • ARM11, 532 MHz • System memory: • 128 MB LPDDR • 2 GB moviNAND • Linux 2.6.28+ Display • 6” e-Paper • 600 x 800 resolution (168 ppi) • Grayscale Media • Reader support: • Books: PDF, ePub, CHM, MOBI, HTML, TXT, DOC, DOCX, •...
  • Page 58 Camera • 0.3 megapixel camera for barcode scanner Expansion • microSD memory card slot (up to 32 GB) • SIM card slot (3G-enabled models only) Battery • High-density, rechargeable 1530 mAh Li-Ion Polymer / Li- Ion battery (non-replaceable) Note: Length of battery operation will depend on power consumption, which is based on system resource use.
  • Page 59: End User Licence Agreement

    6. Sublicense or otherwise make the Software available to third parties, except that you may, after prior written notification to Acer, transfer the Software as a whole to a third party so long as you do not retain any copies of the Software and such third party accepts the terms of this Agreement.
  • Page 60 Title, ownership rights and intellectual property rights in and to the Software and all copies thereof shall remain with Acer or Acer's licensors or suppliers (as applicable). You do not have or shall not gain any proprietary interest in the Software (including any modifications or copies made by or for you) or any related intellectual property rights.
  • Page 61 Privacy policy During registration you will be asked to submit some information to Acer. Please refer to Acer’s privacy policy at or your local Acer website.
  • Page 62: Regulatory Information

    Regulatory information Safety Information • Use only the batteries and power adapter provided by the manufacturer. The use of unauthorized accessories may void your warranty. • Unplug the power adapter from the wall outlet during lightning storms to avoid electric shock or fire. •...
  • Page 63 and make sure it is completely dry before switching it on again. Wait overnight if necessary. Do not attempt to service your reader yourself, as opening or removing covers may expose you to dangerous voltage or other risks. Refer all servicing to qualified service personnel. Unplug your computer from the wall outlet and refer servicing to qualified service personnel when: •...
  • Page 64 Health Precautions Warning: To protect your hearing, when using speakers or headphones, increase volume gradually until you can hear clearly and comfortably; do not increase the volume level after your ears have adjusted. Do not listen to high volumes for extended periods. Do not increase the volume to block out noisy surroundings;...
  • Page 66 Taipei Hsien 221, Taiwan Declaration of Conformity Acer Incorporated 8F, 88, Sec. 1, Hsin Tai Wu Rd., Hsichih, Taipei Hsien 221, Taiwan Contact Person: Mr. Easy Lai, And, Acer Europe SA Via Cantonale, Centro Galleria 2 6928 Manno Switzerland...
  • Page 67 0.1% Cadmium 0.01% Chromium Directive 2009/125/EC with regard to establishing a framework for the setting of ecodesign requirements for energy-related product. Year to begin affixing CE marking 2010. Jun. 21, 2010 _______________________________ Easy Lai /Manager Date Regulation Center, Acer Inc.
  • Page 68 The following local Manufacturer /Importer is responsible for this declaration: Product: eReader Brand: Acer Model Number: HEB00 Marketing Name: LumiRead 600 series Name of Responsible Party: Acer America Corporation Address of Responsible Party: 333 West San Carlos St., San Jose CA 95110, U. S. A. Contact Person: Acer Representative Phone No.:...

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