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   Summary of Contents for Yamaha 2002 YFS200

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    YFS200U SERVICE MANUAL: 2XJ-ME1 YFS200A(’90) SUPPLEMENTARY SERVICE MANUAL: 2XJ-AE1 YFS200(P) 2002 SUPPLEMENTARY SERVICE MANUAL  2001 by Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. First Edition, May 2001 All rights reserved. Any reproduction or unauthorized use without the written permission of Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.

  • Page 4: Important Information

    EB001000 NOTICE This manual was produced by the Yamaha Motor Company primarily for use by Yamaha dealers and their qualified mechanics. It is not possible to include all the knowledge of a mechanic in one manual, so it is assumed that anyone who uses this book to perform maintenance and repairs on Yamaha machine has a basic understanding of the mechanical ideas and the procedures of machine repair.

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    HOW TO USE THIS MANUAL CONSTRUCTION OF THIS MANUAL This manual consists of chapters for the main categories of subjects. (See “Illustrated symbols”) 1st title 1: This is a chapter with its symbol on the upper right of each page. 2nd title 2: This title appears on the upper of each page on the left of the chapter sym- bol.

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    EB003000 ILLUSTRATED SYMBOLS Illustrated symbols 1 to 9 are printed on the SPEC top right of each page and indicate the subject INFO of each chapter. 1 General information 2 Specifications 3 Periodic checks and adjustments 4 Engine 5 Carburetion 6 Drive train 7 Chassis 8 Electrical...

  • Page 7: Table Of Contents

    CONTENTS GENERAL INFORMATION ................1 MACHINE IDENTIFICATION ..............1 MODEL LABEL ..................1 SPECIFICATIONS .....................2 GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS ..............2 MAINTENANCE SPECIFICATIONS ............3 ENGINE ....................3 CHASSIS ....................5 ELECTRICAL ..................5 CABLE ROUTING ..................6 PERIODIC CHECKS AND ADJUSTMENTS...........11 INTRODUCTION..................11 PERIODIC MAINTENANCE/LUBRICATION INTERVALS.......11 CHASSIS....................12 ADJUSTING THE REAR BRAKE LIGHT SWITCH......12 ELECTRICAL ....................13 CHECKING THE SWITCH ...............13 CHECKING THE SWITCH..............13...

  • Page 9: General Information

    MACHINE IDENTIFICATION INFO GENERAL INFORMATION MACHINE IDENTIFICATION MODEL LABEL The model label 1 is affixed to the frame. This information will be needed to order spare parts. – 1 –...

  • Page 10: Specifications

    SPEC GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS SPECIFICATIONS GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS Model YFS200(P) 2002 Model code number 5KJ8 (CDN, Europe, Oceania) Spark plug: Type/manufacturer BR8ES/NGK Spark plug gap 0.7 ~ 0.8 mm (0.028 ~ 0.031 in) Tire: Type Tubeless AT21 × 7 – 10 DUNLOP KT851A Size: Front CHENG SHIN C873N AT21 ×...

  • Page 11: Maintenance Specifications

    SPEC MAINTENANCE SPECIFICATIONS MAINTENANCE SPECIFICATIONS ENGINE Model YFS200(P) 2002 Piston: Piston size “D” 65.940 ~ 66.000 mm (2.596 ~ 2.598 in) Measuring point “H” 10 mm (0.39 in) Piston off-set 0 mm (0 in) Piston-to-cylinder clearance 0.035 ~ 0.040 mm (0.0014 ~ 0.0016 in) <Limit>...

  • Page 12

    SPEC MAINTENANCE SPECIFICATIONS Model YFS200(P) 2002 Air filter oil grade Yamalube 2 or air cooled 2-stroke engine oil Carburetor: I.D. mark 2XJ01 Main jet (M.J.) #230 Main air jet (M.A.J.) ø0.7 Jet needle-clip position (J.N.) 5J22-2 Needle jet (N.J.) P-6 (#345) Cutaway (C.A.) Pilot outlet...

  • Page 13: Chassis

    Rear bumper ELECTRICAL Model YFS200(P) 2002 Ignition coil: Model/manufacturer 2JN/YAMAHA Minimum spark gap 6 mm (0.24 in) 0.18 ~ 0.28 Ω at 20 °C (68 °F) Primary coil resistance Secondary coil resistance 6.32 ~ 9.48 kΩ at 20 °C (68 °F)

  • Page 14: Cable Routing

    SPEC CABLE ROUTING CABLE ROUTING 1 Clutch cable B Main switch lead È The throttle cable should be 2 Parking brake cable C Headlight lead routed behind the clutch cable, 3 Front brake cable D Control unit and on the left side of the guide. 4 Throttle switch lead E CDI unit É...

  • Page 15

    SPEC CABLE ROUTING 1 Front brake cable È Route the clutch cable in front of the fender stay. 2 Clutch cable É Route the front brake cable through the cable 3 Main switch lead guide, behind the front shock absorber, and 4 Fuel breather hose above the tie rod.

  • Page 16

    SPEC CABLE ROUTING 1 Wire harness È For installing the wire harness, align the posi- 2 Crankcase ventilation hose tioning tape with the wire holder. 3 Fuel hose É The leads should be clamped on the inward half 4 Wire holder of the frame pipe.

  • Page 17

    SPEC CABLE ROUTING 1 Front brake cable C Throttle cable 2 Parking brake cable D Clutch cable 3 Spark plug lead E Ignition coil lead 4 Crankcase ventilation hose F Ignition coil 5 Rear brake light switch G Ground lead 6 Band 7 Tail/brake light lead È...

  • Page 18

    SPEC CABLE ROUTING 1 Rear brake light switch È Route the parking brake cable in front of the 2 Oil hose fender stay. 3 Crankcase ventilation hose 4 Parking brake cable 5 Cable guide 6 Rear brake cable – 10 –...

  • Page 19: Periodic Checks And Adjustments

    • Check routing and connection. Throttle, control cable • *Lubricate. Outside nuts and bolts • Retighten. Frame • Clean and inspect. Lighting equipment • Inspect. * It is recommended that these items be serviced by a Yamaha dealer. ** Lithium-soap-based grease – 11 –...

  • Page 20: Chassis

    ADJUSTING THE REAR BRAKE LIGHT SWITCH CHASSIS ADJUSTING THE REAR BRAKE LIGHT SWITCH NOTE: The rear brake light switch is operated by movement of the brake pedal. The rear brake light switch is properly adjusted when the brake light comes on just before the braking effect starts.

  • Page 21: Electrical

    – ELEC CHECKING THE SWITCH ELECTRICAL CHECKING THE SWITCH CHECKING THE SWITCH Use a pocket tester to check the terminals for continuity. If the continuity is faulty at any point, replace the switch. Pocket tester: P/N. YU-03112, 90890-03112 NOTE: Set the pocket tester to “0” before starting the test.

  • Page 22: Signal System


  • Page 23: Checking The Signal System

    – ELEC SIGNAL SYSTEM CHECKING THE SIGNAL SYSTEM 1.If the tail/brake light fails to come on: NO CONTINUITY 1.Bulb and bulb socket Check the bulb and bulb socket for continu- ity. Replace the bulb and/or bulb socket. CONTINUITY NO CONTINUITY 2.Brake light switches Refer to “CHECKING THE SWITCH”.

  • Page 24

    – ELEC SIGNAL SYSTEM 4.Lighting coil resistance Disconnect the CDI magneto leads (Yel- low/Red and Black). Connect the pocket tester (Ω × 1) to the lighting coil leads. Tester (+) lead → Yellow/Red lead 1 Tester (–) lead → Black lead 2 OUT OF SPECIFICATION Measure the lighting coil resistance.

  • Page 25: Yfs200(p) 2002 Wiring Diagram

    YFS200(P) 2002 WIRING DIAGRAM 1 CDI magneto 2 Voltage regulator 3 CDI unit 4 Ignition coil 5 Spark plug 6 Control unit 7 Throttle switch 8 Carburetor switch 9 Oil indicator light 0 Oil level gauge A Main switch B Engine stop switch C Lights switch D Headlight E Tail/brake light...

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