AHP WELDS Alpha-TIG200X User Manual

AHP WELDS Alpha-TIG200X User Manual


(version III)



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  Summary of Contents for AHP WELDS Alpha-TIG200X

  • Page 1 AHP WELDS USER MANUAL Alpha-TIG200X (version III)
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents 1. Safety ............................2 2. About your AlphaTig 200X ....................3 3. Parameters ..........................4 4. Panel Index ..........................5 5. Setup Instructions ......................... 6 6. Operating Instructions ....................... 8 7. Polarity Recommendations ....................8 8. Routine Maintenance ......................11 9.
  • Page 3: Safety

    Safety In welding and cutting processes protective measures should be taken to prevent injuries. For details refer to the safety protection guide for operation that meet the manufacturers’ requirements for accident prevention. Electrical Shock ·Grounding devices should be installed according to the applicable standards. ·Do not make contact with live parts or welding with exposed skin or with wet gloves or clothing.
  • Page 4: About Your Alphatig 200X

    About your AlphaTig 200X This welder adopts rectifiers designed with advanced inverter technology. The introduction of inverter TIG welders derives from inverter power theory and devices. The inverter TIG welding power uses high-power IGBTs to turn the working frequency of 50/60Hz to high frequency (20KHz or higher).
  • Page 5: Parameters

    Parameters Model Alpha-TIG200X Parameter 1phase AC110V±15% 1phase AC220V±15% Power voltage (Hz) Frequency 50/60 50/60 TIG:37.4 TIG:28 Rated Input Current MMA:58.2 MMA:42.2 TIG:10-150 TIG:10-200 (A) Output Current Regulation MMA:30-145 MMA:30-195 No-load Voltage 50-80 50-80 TIG:16 TIG:18 Rated Working Voltage MMA:25.8 MMA:27.8 AC BALANCE (-5+5)20-80%...
  • Page 6: Panel Index

    Panel Index Pulse frequency adjustment Amp meter Start Amp adjustment 12 AC frequency adjustment Peak Amp adjustment 13 Cleaning width adjustment (balance) End Amp adjustment 14 Post Flow adjustment Pulse Amps adjustment 15 Gas Connector Pulse time adjustment 16 Negative electrode output AC/DC Function switch Torch control switch socket/ Remote( pedal ) control socket...
  • Page 7: Setup Instructions

    Setup Instructions The welder is designed with a power voltage compensation. When power voltage fluctuates within a range of 15% of rated voltage, it will continue to operate. If a longer cable is used, we suggest using cable with a greater cross section in order to reduce line loss voltage.
  • Page 8 Alpha-TIG200X Installation diagram - 7 -...
  • Page 9: Operating Instructions

    Operating Instructions DC TIG welding 1. Turn the power switch ON, this is located on the back of the unit, the digital current meter and the cooling fans will turn on. 2. Open the valve on the gas cylinder and regulate the flow meter to the required value ( 15 to 20 cfh). 3.
  • Page 10 7. When you press the control button on the torch this will activate the solenoid valve and the high frequency in the machine, a sound will be heard with the argon gas flowing through the torch. If switched to pedal operation the pedal activates the flow and high frequency start. 8.
  • Page 11 - 10 -...
  • Page 12: Routine Maintenance

    Routine maintenance Warning: All the maintenance/service must be completed with the unit totally disconnected from any power source. Make sure the unit is not plugged into any electrical source before removing the cover. 1 Dust should be removed with dry and clean compressed air regularly. If the welder is used in a heavily polluted environment with smoke and polluted air, dust must be removed from the welder each month.
  • Page 13 3)Welding in the dusty environment should be avoided. 4)TIG welding operation in an environment with strong winds or airflow should be avoided. 2. Essentials for safety This welder has been equipped with over-voltage, over-current and overheat protection circuits. When the grid voltage, output current and machine temperature surpass the set standards, the machine will stop automatically.
  • Page 14: Warranty

    AHP Welds discretion. AHP Welds will not be responsible for time/contract loss from unit failure, damages occurring from improper or unskilled operation, damages resulting from improper maintenance, improper wiring, poor quality power sources, abuse or neglect.