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HP 9000 User Manual: Monetary Formatting; Display Of Time

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• The "radix" symbol which performs the decimal-indicating function (the
period in America).
• The thousands separator (the comma in America) which serves to separate
groups of digits.
• The convention for grouping digits (by three's in the american locale).
In the United States, a number is represented as follows:
But when representing the same number in France, the thousands separator is
blank, and the radix symbol is a comma:
2 345,678
Monetary Formatting
Currency units and how they are subdivided vary with region and country.
The symbol for a currency unit can change as well as the placement of the
can precede the numeric value, follow it, or appear within it.
Between the currency conventions used by America and France, the currency
symbol string is transposed.
2 345,77 FF
Display of Time
Computation and proper display of time, including 24-hour vs. 12-hour
clocks, must be considered. The HP-UX system clock runs on Coordinated
Universal Time (UTC). Corrections to local time zones consist of adding or
subtracting whole or fractional hours from UTC. Some regions, instead of
using the Western Gregorian calendar system, designate the years by seasonal,
astronomical, or historical events. One system which HP supports is the
Imperial system used in Japan for numbering years based on the reign of the
current emperor.
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