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Latin mode
The mode where the terminal is configured so that the text display order is
from left to right.
A set of subroutines contained in a file that can be accessed by a user
library routine
A subroutine contained in a library file used to perform a task.
Computer code, displayed as it would appear in the output, or as it would
be typed in.
That part of the environment of a process which contains international
local environment files
Files external to the code of a software product containing locale-dependent
Glossary information such as messages, prompts, commands, icons, etc.
The attribute of a hardware or software product which allows it to be
localized through predefined steps (normally without redesign or recoding).
The outcome of the internationalization effort.
The adaptation of an internationalized hardware/software system for
use in different countries or local environments.
localization center
An organization in a country or region that assists in providing software or
hardware products specifically tailored for use in that country or region.
message catalog
The external file containing prompts, responses to prompts, and error
messages that can be localized into a user's native language.


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