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byte redefinition
Corruption of a multi-byte character when anyone of its bytes is treated as
a 1-byte character.
C (locale)
An invented, artificial computer locale which specifies the minimal
environment for C translation. C locale is the default when natural
cales are not installed or are not called by a program.
A series of one or more bytes representing a single graphic symbol or
control code.
coded character set
See code set.
code set
A set of unambiguous rules that establishes a one-to-one relationship
between each character of a character set and its byte value.
7-bit: A code set that uses seven bits to represent a collection of
characters, control codes, and the space character. A 7-bit code set allows
a maximum of 128 characters which does not accommodate international
languages. ASCII is an example of a 7-bit code set.
S-bit: A code set that uses all eight bits of a single byte to encode each
character in the code set. These code sets are designed so the range 0
through 127 are ASCII including the control codes and space character.
Non-ASCII characters appear in the range 128 through 255. (Note,
the KANA8 character set substitutes the yen symbol for the backslash
symbol, so it is not a superset of ASCII.)
multi-byte: A code set that uses two or more bytes to encode characters.
Languages such as Chinese, Japanese, and Korean require more than
256 characters, which is the maximum provided by 8-bit character
sets. Under different circumstances, 2 bytes can be interpreted as one
multi-byte value or two single-byte values.
single-byte: a 7-bit or 8-bit code set.


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