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Krell Industries KRC-HR Owner's Reference Manual

Krell preamplifier owner's reference.
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Leader in Audio Engineering

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    Leader in Audio Engineering KRC-HR PREAMPLIFIER OWNER’S REFERENCE...

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    KRELL staff for assistance. In the unlikely event that your KRC-HR requires know that it is backed by a comprehensive one of the most advanced service information on the terms warranty registration Distributor.

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    CAUTION: Do not connect mains before completing the "Installation" surrounding please contact bags, the preamplifier, power supply, If you must ship your KRC-HR in the future, the power cord from the power supply section. UNPACKING The following items your authorized...

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    Locate the switch towards the front of the board that is labeled Set the dip switch to the proc (processor) NOTE: The default position operation. In this position, c. Place the top cover back on the KRC-HR and insert © SETUP after the top cover...

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    CIRCUITRY section of this 6. The power-up sequence KRC-HR can be operated from the front surface free from excessive hum sensitive, If the optional phono card is installed such as Digital to Analog in a location...

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    When $4 is selected, change in level), performed by the A/V surround 4. Connect the main output of the KRC-HR to the input of your power amplifier. The KRC-HR has both balanced ended outputs via RCA connectors. The pin assignment...

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    INPUTS Four single-ended inputs PH (Line level input if phono board is not installed) Two balanced inputs via standard Tape input via standard MAIN OUTPUTS Single ended RCA output Balanced XLR output connectors Balanced XLR output pin configuration: Pin 1 Shield (ground) Pin 2 Non-inverting...

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    This insures damaging to your system with a high output level. THEATER THROUGHPUT The $4 input of the KRC-HR can be set to operate removes the KRC-HR volume control then transferred from the KRC-HR to an A/V surround the $4 input.

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    INPUT SELECTION Selects not installed) Selects Selects Selects Selects B- 1 input Selects FUNCTIONS TAPE Selects PHASE Inverts LED illuminates GAIN Low 6dB, High 12dB. LED illuminates MUTE No signal L BALANCE Left channel attenuation Right channel attenuation R BALANCE VOLUME Stepmotor driven optical FRONT...

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    4. Replace the back plate is pressed on the KRC-HR. When the button that the KRC-HR has received when the KRC-HR functions to expose the battery storage (+-) markings while inserting and insert the four hex head screws.

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    KRC-HR from the AC wall socket. back into the AC wall socket. flashing and the unit should follow the standard unit does not perform in this manner, contact PROTECTION...

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    QUESTIONS ANSWERS Q. When I turn up the volume on the KRC-HR, a loud hum is present loudspeakers. What could this Hum can be caused by several that of the cables, proper contact. Make sure inducing components on top of or directly...

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    If you must use single-ended setting, which has 6dB more gain than the Low position. Q. The pilot LED in the KRC-HR and its What should I do? Check the fuse in the back of the power supply. wire inside the fuse, replace it.

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    SPECIFICATIONS GAIN: 6dB or 12dB SIGNAL TO NOISE: 96dB unweighted THD: 1KHz less than .01% 20KHz less than .01% INPUT IMPEDANCE: 47,000 Ohms (47K Ohm) OUTPUT IMPEDANCE: 5 Ohms OUTPUT VOLTAGE: 14 volts R.M.S. DIMENSIONS: Unit: 19.0" Wide 14.5" Deep 2.75"...

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    THERE ARE NO USER-SERVICEABLE The KRELL KRC-HR has a limited parts and labor. The warranty period begins on the date of retail noted on the retail sales Distributor, or on the warranty registration adequate proof of purchase date is unavailable,...

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    WARRANTY SERVICE KRELL is not responsible shipping damages are incurred must initiate filing of the insurance claim. Likewise, KRELL will file shipping damages incurred The use of any packing KRELL may, at its discretion, shipment. Krell will bill packing or if the original need to purchase additional Dealer, Distributor...

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    KRELL 45 Connair Road ¯ Orange, CT 06477-3650 203-799-9954 ¯ Fax: 203-799-9796 ©1997 by Krell ® Industries, Inc. All rights reserved. P/N 1960602000023...

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