Krell Industries KAV-300IL Instructions For Use Manual

Krell Industries KAV-300IL Instructions For Use Manual

Remote control integrated amplifier
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Remote Control
Integrated Amplifier
Instructions for Use
Owner's Reference


Table of Contents

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Summary of Contents for Krell Industries KAV-300IL

  • Page 1 KAV–300iL Remote Control THE LEADER IN AUDIO ENGINEERING Integrated Amplifier Instructions for Use Owner’s Reference...
  • Page 2 This product is manufactured in the United States of America. Krell Industries, Inc., and is restricted for use by Krell Industries, Inc., its subsidiaries, and authorized agents. Krell Current Mode™ and Theater Throughput™ are trademarks of Krell Industries, Inc. All other trade- marks and tradenames are registered to their respective companies.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

  • Page 4 Illustrations FIGURE 1 The KAV–300iL Front Panel FIGURE 2 The KAV–300iL Back Panel FIGURE 3 The KAV–300iL Remote Control Page Krell KAV–300iL...
  • Page 5: Introduction

    Introduction Krell KAV–300iL Thank you for your purchase of the Krell KAV–300iL Remote Control Integrated Amplifier. This fully integrated amplifier and pre- amplifier has a fully balanced signal path from input to output and employs a wide bandwidth design with low negative feedback for sonic accuracy throughout the frequency spectrum.
  • Page 6: Definition Of Terms

    Definition of Terms CONFIGURATIONS INPUT AND OUTPUT CONNECTIONS OPERATION Following are the definitions of key terms used in your owner’s ref- erence manual. Theater Throughput Theater Throughput is a Krell configuration option that allows the signal from a surround preamp/processor to pass through a Krell preamplifier or integrated amplifier with no gain, for integrated vol- ume and balance management of Krell home theater systems.
  • Page 7 Definition of Terms, continued TECHNOLOGY Krell KAV–300iL Krell Current Mode A proprietary Krell circuit topology in which the audio gain stages of a component operate in the current rather than voltage domain. This unique technology provides the component with exceptional speed and a wide bandwidth.
  • Page 8: Unpacking

    Unpacking Notes After opening the box and removing the top layer of foam, the KAV–300iL and the KAV–300iL accessory kit containing the follow- ing items will be visible: 1 AC power cord 1 12 VDC (12 V trigger) cable 2 spare loudspeaker fuses (AGC 8) 1 KAV–300iL remote control 1 CR2025 lithium battery Grasp the underside of the amplifier and lift it straight out of the...
  • Page 9: Placement

    Placement AC Power Guidelines Power Cord Krell KAV–300iL Before you install the KAV–300iL into your system, review the fol- lowing guidelines to choose the location for the KAV–300iL. This will facilitate a clean, trouble-free installation. The KAV–300iL does not require any type of special rack or cabinet for installation. For the dimensions of the KAV–300iL, see Specifications, on the back cover.
  • Page 11: Front Panel Description

    Front Panel Description See Figure 1 on page 6 POWER ANALOG SOURCE COMPONENTS Krell KAV–300iL The front panel of the KAV–300iL accesses power on and off, analog input selections, volume control, and mute. The front panel display shows the volume and balance levels, and Theater Throughput status.
  • Page 12 Front Panel Description continued MODE INDICATORS VOLUME ADJUSTMENT FUNCTIONS 8 Mute Button Use this button to interrupt the signal of the input you have select- ed. To unmute, press the mute button again. 9 Mute LED The red mute LED illuminates when you press the mute button or mute key (28) on the remote control.
  • Page 14: Back Panel Description

    Back Panel Description See Figure 2 on page 9 AMPLIFIER CHANNEL OUTPUTS ANALOG INPUTS ANALOG OUTPUTS REMOTE CONNECTIONS The KAV–300iL back panel provides connections for all inputs and outputs, power on/off, and additional remote connections. 12 Left and Right Loudspeaker Outputs The KAV–300iL is equipped with standard binding posts for each amplifier channel.
  • Page 15 Back Panel Description, continued REMOTE CONNECTIONS, continued Notes POWER Note Krell KAV–300iL 20 12 VDC In The KAV–300iL is equipped with an input that receives 12 VDC (12 V trigger) power on/off signals from other Krell components and other devices that incorporate a 12 V trigger. This allows you to turn the KAV–300iL on or off, or to and from stand-by, from other components.
  • Page 16 29 Vol (Volume) Keys 30 Bal (Balance) Keys Note Remote control keys listed above function with the KAV-300iL. Other keys on this remote control may activate other Krell components. Consult the Krell reference manual for each model to review your component’s full remote control capabilities.
  • Page 17: Remote Control Description

    Remote Control Functions POWER Krell KAV–300iL The KAV-300iL remote control uses one CR2025 lithium battery, which is included with the shipment. To open the battery compartment on the back of the remote control: 1. Place the remote face down on the table.
  • Page 18 Remote Control Functions continued ANALOG FUNCTIONS OUTPUT CONTROL FUNCTIONS Note 26 Analog Input Keys Use these keys to select a balanced source (B-1) or single-ended sources (S-1, S-2, or S-3). The selected input LED on the front panel illuminates. 27 Tape Key Use this key to monitor the output signal of a three-head analog tape recorder, compared to the output signal from an audio source, when making a recording.
  • Page 19: Connecting The Kav-300Il To Your System

    Connecting the KAV–300iL to Your System USING BALANCED CONNECTIONS Connection Steps Pin assignments for the XLR connectors Krell KAV–300iL Krell recommends using balanced interconnect cables. Balanced interconnect cables not only can minimize sonic loss but are also immune to induced noise, especially with installations using long cables.
  • Page 20: Operating Your Kav-300Il

    Operating Your KAV–300iL Amplifier Operation Note ON/OFF AND STAND-BY OPERATION This section provides information about operating the KAV–300iL. The KAV–300iL provides basic input selection and volume control operation from the front panel. The remote control includes addi- tional preamplifier functions as well as CD transport and amplifier controls.
  • Page 21: Tape Input And Output

    Operating Your KAV–300iL, continued ON/OFF AND STAND-BY OPERATION, continued Tape Input and Output Note Krell KAV–300iL 3. To turn the amplifier off, press the power button (1) or power key (24). The red stand-by LED (3) illuminates. It is now safe to turn off the rest of the system. The KAV–300iL has a discrete tape input and output.
  • Page 22: Optional Configurations

    KAV–300iL input is configured for Theater Throughput and con- nected to the audio/video surround sound processor’s input config- ured for Theater Throughput, all KAV-300iL volume and balance adjustments are made through the surround sound processor. When you disengage the KAV–300iL input from Theater Throughput, the volume and balance controls revert to the KAV–300iL.
  • Page 23 Optional Configurations, continued Preamplifier Output Note Krell KAV–300iL The KAV–300iL is equipped with a pair of single-ended preamplifi- er outputs (17). These outputs enable the KAV–300iL to be used as a preamplifier when it is connected to a separate amplifier. The amplifier channel outputs are always active, even when the KAV–300iL is being used only as a preamplifier.
  • Page 24: How To Troubleshoot System Noise

    How to Troubleshoot System Noise AC grounding becomes critical when connecting high performance audio components. When you mix and match audio components, each with its own ground potential, a low frequency hum may occur in one or both loudspeakers. This sometimes occurs when introducing a new component into a system.
  • Page 25: Questions And Answers

    Questions and Answers Krell KAV–300iL Q. Should I leave my KAV–300iL on at all times? A. Krell recommends leaving the amplifier in the stand-by mode, ready to play music. If you are not going to play music for a long time, you may disconnect the amplifier from AC power supply.
  • Page 26: Warranty

    Warranty To register your product for warranty benefits, please complete and return the Warranty Registration Card enclosed in the ship- ping box within 15 days of purchase. Thank you. This Krell product has a limited warranty of five years for parts and labor on circuitry. Should this product fail to perform at any time during the warranty, Krell will repair it at no cost to the owner, except as set forth in this warranty.
  • Page 27: Return Authorization Procedure

    Return Authorization Procedure HOW TO EXPEDITE SERVICE HOW TO RETURN A PRODUCT IMPORTANT HOW TO PURCHASE ADDITIONAL PACKING SERIAL NUMBER Krell KAV–300iL If you believe there is a problem with your component, please con- tact your dealer, distributor, or the Krell factory to discuss the problem before you return the component for repair.
  • Page 28: Remote Control

    Krell Industries, Inc. 45 Connair Road Orange, CT 06477-3650 USA TEL 203-799-9954, FAX 203-891-2028 E-MAIL WEB SITE Specifications All operational features, functions, specifications, and policies are subject to change without notification. FREQUENCY RESPONSE 20 Hz-20 kHz +0 dB, -0.07 dB SIGNAL TO NOISE RATIO “A”...

Table of Contents