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Korg ER-1 Easy Start Page 5

Rhythm synthesizer.
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Recording Patterns:
Step Record a 1-bar pattern: Select an empty pattern (try d.28 or later)
key, then press the desired step keys (they will light) to enter the pattern data for that part.
Realtime Record a 1-bar pattern: Select an empty pattern
to Metronome
desired part keys in realtime to record the pattern
this mode, by pressing the step keys as the pattern loop-records, or on pattern playback.
Pattern Sets:
Work with Pattern Sets:
Press Pattern
select any pattern
new pattern pre-assigned to that step key. When the current pattern finishes, the new pattern will begin to play. The
Pattern Set you are working with contains 16 patterns - assigned to the 16 step keys.
Hold down Shift and press Pattern Set (flashing). This holds the current pattern set, and lets you select patterns within
the pattern set group - simply by pressing the step keys – for one-touch recall of patterns!
Press the Pattern Set key again. This defeats the hold function
keys. This takes you to another Pattern Set (of 16 patterns), and you can continue selecting patterns as above. The
selected group will be indicated by the red LED's in the Select section
For more information on registering patterns to your own Pattern Sets, see the ER-1 Owner's Manual, page 31.
More ER-1 Features!
Immediacy! All functions are right on the surface – there are no menus/pages to slow you down!
The ER-1 uses a familiar 16-step key interface, allowing you to create your own patterns from modeled analog and PCM
sounds, which are assigned to 8 parts (plus and Accent part). A Master Delay Effect can then be added.
The Audio In lets you process external sources through the ER-1, just like the onboard parts! Plus you can use Tap
Tempo to "sync" the BPM of the internal rhythms to your external audio!
The Motion Sequence function lets you record a knob movement for each part, and two knob movements for the Global
Delay effect.
Parts can be manipulated in realtime, using the front panel knobs and switches.
There are 256 patterns in memory, and each pattern can be up to 4 bars long.
You can arrange the patterns in desired playback order, complete with knob movements, to create songs and store up to
16 songs in memory.
Parts can be triggered from the front panel – played and recorded in realtime, as well as step-recorded.
Pattern Set Play lets you assign 64 patterns to the 16 step keys, to instantly switch patterns as you perform!
Tap Tempo and MIDI clock and be used to sync the ER-1 to external turntables, sequencers, etc.
The ER-1 can be controlled externally and used as a MIDI tone generator.
The MIDI dump function lets you save data on external computer, data filer, or sequencer!
rotate DIAL to "r – 1" (1-bar lead-in)
press STOP when finished. Note that you can also Step Record in
Assign and trigger patterns with step keys (up to 64) for instant recall
press PLAY
hold down Pattern Set key and press any step key to switch to a
Two ways to record patterns: Step or Realtime recording
press REC
turn on the Metronome: Press GLOBAL, then CURSOR
hold down Pattern Set and press one of the Select
press STOP when finished.
ER-1 EasyStart
press PLAY
press each part
press REC
press PLAY


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