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Korg ER-1 Easy Start Page 4

Rhythm synthesizer.
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ER-1 EasyStart
Press STOP
press to select Part 2 key (it will light), then select either Smooth or TrigHold as type of Motion
press REC
press STOP
Each time you record a new knob or switch change with the Motion sequence function, it will OVERWRITE the previous
Motion sequence for that part. If you're not satisfied with the Motion Sequence you just recorded, simply re-record it, or
Clear the Motion Sequence. One Motion sequence, using one knob rotation can be recorded for each Part. Two knob
rotations can be recorded for the Delay Motion Sequence (See the Owner's Manual, page 18, and 28 for more
Record an Delay Motion sequence in the current pattern: In the Delay section, press the Motion Sequence key ( it
will light)
press REC
Motion sequence.
More Pattern editing:
Copy the previous pattern and change the pattern length:
Select pattern d.64
d.63. Don't PLAY pattern yet... hold down Shift to see the pattern's length. (One of keys 1-4 lights accordingly)
while holding Shift press an unlit key between 1 and 4 to change the pattern length to this new value.
View the step data in the pattern:
While pattern plays, press each part key, and note that the step keys light to indicate where each part is set to trigger
along the 16-step grid
- and loops from bars 1-2.
Continue playback of pattern press Part 4key (it will light) press Select> key 1x – the red LED in Select section
moves to 2
bar in pattern
for the two different measures of Part 4. Press the HI-HAT Close key, so that it lights.
Edit the trigger settings for HI-HAT Close:
Press Select < or > keys until bar 1's red LED is lit - to view the trigger settings for HI-HATpart, bar 1. Let the pattern
continue to play press all of the lit keys to turn them OFF. Listen as pattern loops - when bar 1 plays again, no steps
will play - the rest of the data for the HI-HAT stays the same - for bar 2
any desired step keys to change trigger settings for the HI-HAT, bar 2
Work with the Swing function:
Select pattern A.14
key 8 (Swing) - a value of 50 will flash in the display
(flashing), to set new Swing value
press step key 8.
Rotate DIAL to set value to "50"
"straight" 16-beat pattern
press PLAY to record
press WRITE 2x to write pattern with the two new Motion sequences.
press PLAY
tweak the Delay Depth and Time knobs simultaneously to record the Delay
press WRITE
rotate DIAL to select pattern d.63
watch Select LED section (above step keys). Note that green LED indicates movement through
press Select< key 1x to move back to 1
PLAY pattern to hear how it sounds
PLAY pattern to hear new swing setting
press step key 8 again to re-set Swing value
press STOP.
toggle Reverse key off / on, to record new Motion sequence for part
press WRITE again, to copy pattern d.64 to
bar. Note that you are viewing Trigger Settings
press Select > key to move to bar 2
press the STOP key.
press STOP
hold down the Shift key and press step
rotate the DIAL to a setting of "69"
STOP pattern
press step key 8 again
hold down Shift and
PLAY pattern again - to hear


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