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Korg MR-1 User Manual

Audio file conversion application.
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  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    ENAMING A SONG ... 12 DITING TEXT DATA ... 13 DITING THE SONG SETTINGS ... 14 IVIDING A SONG ... 14 OMBINING SONGS THER CONVENIENT FUNCTIONS LIST OF SHORTCUTS... 16 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CONTENTS ... 8 ... 11 ... 15 Page 2 KORG Inc.

  • Page 3: Introduction

    AudioGate is an audio file conversion application that supports 1-bit audio. Audio files created by KORG's MR-1000 or MR-1 audio recorders can be converted and exported in the desired format. An individual file may be divided into smaller, separate files; and smaller files can be joined end to end into a larger single file.

  • Page 4: Audio Format Conversion And Export

    When working with files that were recorded using the KORG MR-1000 or KORG MR-1, you will need to copy the audio files from the project file folders on the MR-1000 or MR-1 to your computer’s hard drive (desktop).

  • Page 5

    5. Specify the desired output file format. If the sample rate is set to "5.6MHz," the MR-1 will be unable to play back the file. If the bit depth is set to "32 bit (float)" or if the file format is set to "AIFF", the MR-1000 and MR-1 will be unable to play back the file.

  • Page 6

    0dB when AudioGate is running at “direct exporting mode.” Output files larger than 4 GB cannot be copied to the MR-1000 or MR-1. 7. When the process is finished, a dialog box indicating "Export completed." will appear.

  • Page 7: Advanced Settings

    AudioGate User’s Guide KORG Inc. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Advanced settings You can change the detail settings of the conversion algorithm by selecting [Advanced Settings] before exporting. Click 2.8MHz->176.4/192kHz Outband Filter Sets the additional filter for the conversion from 1bit/2.8MHz songs to 176.4kHz or 192kHz PCM files.

  • Page 8: Song Playback

    The song playback functionality provided by AudioGate is a convenience feature that uses a high-speed filter. In order to experience the full sound quality of 1-bit audio, please use a device that supports 1-bit audio, such as the MR-1 or MR-1000.

  • Page 9: Controllers You Can Use

    AudioGate User’s Guide KORG Inc. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sample rate of the audio device Indicates the sample rate of the audio device. The current song is converted to this sample rate in realtime as it plays. Song name Indicates the name of the current song.

  • Page 10: Audio Device Settings

    Fast CPU is required for stable playback 1-bit audio files. If there are frequent clicks or pops in the playback, you may improve the performance by setting the audio sample rate lower and/or by setting the audio buffer size larger. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 10 KORG Inc.

  • Page 11: Song Editing

    You can't play or export a song that is displayed in red. Even if AudioGate is not running, you can automatically start up AudioGate and load a songlist by drag-and-dropping the desired songlist file (.agsl) into the AudioGate icon. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 11 KORG Inc.

  • Page 12: Renaming A Song

    Enter the title and press ENTER key to finalize Page 12 KORG Inc. Enter the new song name, and press the ENTER key to finalize the change Double-click the song whose text data you want to edit...

  • Page 13: Editing The Song Settings

    Normally you will leave this "OFF" (disabled). If the song file contains a DC offset, you can turn this "ON" to remove the offset. While often inaudible, a DC offset can reduce the available headroom before clipping, and can affect the sound quality in other ways. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Edit text data Page 13 KORG Inc.

  • Page 14: Dividing A Song

    MR recorder's automatic split function, but some slight noise may be introduced at the point where the songs are joined. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- First half Last half (2) Hold down the Ctrl key and click Combined song Page 14 KORG Inc. (1) Click...

  • Page 15: Other Convenient Functions

    By choosing the menu command [Edit]-[Undo], you can revert to the state prior to executing the most recent editing operation. Re-executing the edit (Redo) By choosing the menu command [Edit]-[Redo], you can re-execute the operation that was reverted by the Undo command. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 15 KORG Inc.

  • Page 16: List Of Shortcuts

    Ctrl Shift ← Command Ctrl → Command Ctrl ← Command → → ← ← Shift → Shift Shift ← Shift → → ← ← Ctrl Command Page 16 KORG Inc. Shift Shift Backspace Shift Shift ← → ← → ←...

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