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Aironet workgroup bridge
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Determine Configuration Method (continued)
Remote Configuration through an Access Point
The workgroup bridge communicates only with Cisco Aironet Access Points.
Adjust the following settings on the access point to allow it to communicate with the
— On the access point's Express
Setup management page, set
the access point's SSID to
tsunami, which matches the
bridge's default SSID.
— On the access point's AP
Radio Data Encryption
management page, set the
encryption mode to off.
To configure the bridge using a computer connected to your network with an access point
and DHCP server, continue with Steps 2 through 4.
If you do not have a DHCP server, set your PC to an address of Then open
the browser or Telnet to Skip to the "Configure the Bridge" section.
Place the bridge in the vicinity of an access point and plug in the power adapter.
The bridge communicates with the access point when you apply power to the bridge. If
your network uses a DHCP server, and if the bridge's Ethernet port is connected to a device,
the bridge receives an IP address on your network. When the bridge's IP address is changed
from the default setting, it can no longer be set using the IPSU.
When the status LED on the bridge is green (to show association of the bridge to the access
point), go to the association table. Find the entry WGB3XX_xxxxxx (xxxxxx is the last
six digits of the access point's MAC address).
Record the IP address of that entry. Browse to the bridge's management home page and
complete the configuration by following the steps in the "Configure the Bridge" section.
Access point
on the wireless LAN
File server
Wired LAN
on the wired LAN



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