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Aironet workgroup bridge
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Configure the Bridge
After you choose an initial configuration for the bridge, you can choose to access the bridge's
management system through your Internet browser or through a Telnet session. Each method
is described below.

Using an Internet Browser

Follow these steps to configure the bridge with an Internet browser:
Open an Internet browser.
Enter the bridge's IP address in the browser's location field. (If you are using Netscape, the
field is labeled Netsite or Location; if you are using Microsoft Explorer, the field is labeled
Address.) Press Enter.
When the bridge's management home page appears, click Allow Config Changes in the
upper-left corner.
In the Configuration menu, click Radio.
SSID in the next step could interrupt connectivity to the device. Be sure to enter an SSID
that matches the SSID of an access point near the bridge.
On the Radio page, look at the SSID in the Service set identifier field. If it is tsunami, the
default setting, delete it and enter the SSID provided by your network administrator. Click
If you already set the SSID using IPSU and the SSID in the Service set identifier field is
correct, you do not need to set it again.
Steps 6 through 15 help you set the bridge's WEP key. If your wireless network does not
use WEP, skip to Step 16.
In the Item column on the Radio page, click Privacy configuration.
In the Privacy configuration menu, click Set the keys.
Click inside the box labeled Enter a key number from 1 to 4.
If you are configuring the bridge through a wireless connection, changing the


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