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Diamond series 65" and 85" class
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DM65USR 65" Class
DM85UXR 85" Class
Before operating your LED TV, please read this manual thoroughly.
(*Images shown in this user manual are for illustration purpose only.)


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Summary of Contents for JVC DIAMOND DM65USR

  • Page 1: User Manual

    USER MANUAL DIAMOND SERIES LED UHDTV DM65USR 65” Class DM85UXR 85” Class Before operating your LED TV, please read this manual thoroughly. (*Images shown in this user manual are for illustration purpose only.)
  • Page 3 Congratulations on purchasing your new JVC LED TV. To get the most out of your JVC LED TV, read these instructions before making any adjustments, and retain them for future reference. For assistance, call the JVC Customer Support and Service Center 1-855-868-1928 or visit our website:
  • Page 4 WARNING: This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1) this device may not cause CAUTION harmful interference, and (2) this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation. Note: This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules.
  • Page 5: Important Safety Instructions

    Important Safety Instructions Read these instructions. manufacturer, or sold with the apparatus. When a cart is used, use caution when moving the cart/apparatus combination to avoid injury from tip-over. Keep these instructions. 13) Unplug this apparatus during lightning storms or when unused for long periods of Heed all warnings.
  • Page 6 Important Safety Instructions 19) If an outside antenna or cable system is connected to the unit, be sure the antenna electric shock and serious personal injury. Read the owner’s manual of the other or cable system is grounded to provide some protection against voltage surges equipment carefully and follow the instructions when making any connections.
  • Page 7 Important Safety Instructions CONDENSATION Possible Adverse Effects on LED Panel: Moisture will form in the operating section of the unit if the unit is brought from cool If a xed (non-moving) pattern remains on the LED Panel for long periods of time, surroundings into a warm room or if the temperature of the room rises suddenly.
  • Page 8: Television Antenna Connection Protection

    Important Safety Instructions Television Antenna Connection Protection External Television Antenna Grounding ANTENNA LEAD IN WIRE If an outside antenna/satellite dish or cable system is to be connected to the TV, make sure that the antenna or cable system is electrically grounded to provide some protection against voltage surges and static charges.
  • Page 9: Dtv Transition Advisory

    Important Safety Instructions DTV Transition Advisory As of June 12, 2009, all U.S. television stations have switched to digital broadcasting. As a result, owners of analog television sets must connect a digital-to-analog converter box to the television set or subscribe to cable or satellite TV to receive over-the-air TV.
  • Page 10: Attaching The Stand

    Remove TV from the box and place it on a at and clean surface with TV screen facing down. Attach the metal bracket to the stand using the provided screws. (DM65USR model only) Attach the stand to TV using the provided screws.
  • Page 11: Package Contents

    Package Contents Check if the following items are included in your package. LED TV Remote Control Batteries DOWNLOAD FULL VERSION USER MANUAL Roku Streaming ® Quick Start Guide Power Cord...
  • Page 12: Remote Control Batteries

    Remote Control Batteries Push the tab, then lift to open the cover. Close the battery cover. Insert the batteries, making sure the [+] and [-] polarities are correct. Battery Precautions: Be sure to follow the correct polarity. Incorrect installation may cause battery leakage or damage the remote control.
  • Page 13: Parts And Functions

    Parts and Functions DM65USR Front View Rear View HDMI-1 HDMI-2 HDMI 2.0 HDMI-3 HDMI-4 HDMI/MHL AC Power USB 2.0 USB 3.0 Power and Function Digital Optical Output Buttons Power indicator Remote control IR receiver Component/ Audio Input Antenna Input Ethernet...
  • Page 14 Parts & Functions DM85UXR Front View Rear View HDMI-1 HDMI-2 HDMI 2.0 HDMI-3 HDMI-4 HDMI/MHL USB 2.0 USB 3.0 Power and Power and Power and Digital Optical Output Function Function Function Buttons Buttons Buttons Buttons Buttons AC Power On/O Ethernet Audio Out Component/ Audio Input Antenna Input...
  • Page 15 VOL- to decrease volume. 2 POWER button: Turns the TV on or o . 13 JVC Home button: Press to enter JVC home screen. 3 INPUT button: Changes the input source. 14 CH (Channel) buttons: Use CH+ to increase the 4 Remote Control LED: LED lit on when a button is channel number or CH- to decrease the channel number.
  • Page 16: Making Connections

    Making Connections Connecting Antenna / Cable Connecting HD Devices Connect the 75 ohm coaxial cable directly to the DTV/TV Cable/Antenna jack You can connect di erent devices to the TV using HDMI, Composite, or Component connections. of the TV. Check the type of connection available on your device. DTV / TV CABLE / ANTENNA 75 ohm coaxial cable...
  • Page 17: Connecting External Speakers / Soundbar / Av Receivers

    Making Connections Connecting External Speakers / Soundbar / AV Receivers Digital Connection Analog Audio Connection Connect the SPDIF/Optical audio cable to the Audio OUT optical port of the Connect the audio cable to the Audio OUT port of the TV and the analog Audio TV and the optical port of the soundbar, AV receiver, or audio system.
  • Page 18 Basic Operations – Setup Wizard The Setup Wizard will assist you with setting up your TV for Select the TV Mode, then press OK. Remote pairing. the rst time. Please follow the instructions carefully. TV Mode options: Home Use: Select this mode for in home use. Note: If you would like to setup over-the-air or cable programming, make sure the antenna or cable TV system Retail Demo: Select this mode for in store demo.
  • Page 19 Basic Operations – Setup Wizard Select the Network Setup, then press OK. Select Time Zone. Note: Scanning may take some time to complete. Select Stop Scan to cancel the auto scan at any time. Finish. Enter Zip Code. Select Auto Channel Scan.
  • Page 20: Input Menu

    Basic Operations – Changing Channel/Volume To Select Analog Channels Press the number buttons to directly select channels. Press 1~9 as needed. Note: After pressing the number buttons, there will be a few seconds delay before the TV changes Example, to select channel 2, channel.
  • Page 21 Basic Operations – Select Digital Channels Press the rst 3 digits, then press - , followed by the remaining number. Example, to select channel 15-1, press 1, 5, - ,1, then press OK. To Select by Channel List All channels found from channel scan are listed on the Channel List screen. You can select channels from this screen. 1 Press OK to display the Channel List screen.
  • Page 22 Basic Operations – Set Aspect Ratio Press Menu to display the Quick Setup menu. Go to Wide and press OK to select Aspect Ratio options. Normal Wide When watching a 4:3 content, When displaying a 4:3 content, the the TV displays a standard picture is stretched horizontally to picture with black side bars.
  • Page 23: Playing Multimedia Files

    Basic Operations – Multimedia Mode The TV Allows you to play photo, video and music les from a USB memory stick. Note: Due to the wide variety of multimedia le formats some formats may not be supported. Playing Multimedia Files Insert the USB memory stick into the USB slot of the TV.
  • Page 24: Installing Wall Mount

    TV. If you decide to install the wall mount and TV without the assistance of a technician or professional, JVC will not be responsible for any damage to the product or injury to yourself or others.
  • Page 25 Adjusting the Menu Settings – Menu Operation Remote Control Press the MENU button. Display the menu. 1. Press to select a menu or option. Select a menu option. 2. Press OK or to enter a menu or con rm an option. 1.
  • Page 26: Picture Mode

    Adjusting the Menu Settings – Quick Setup Menu Picture Mode Quickly access to frequently used TV options. Select the picture mode. Custom For custom picture settings. Standard For standard picture settings. Movie For moving pictures such as movies. Game For fast and dynamic pictures suitable with playing games. Vivid For bright and vivid picture settings.
  • Page 27 Adjusting the Menu Settings – Picture Menu Adjust picture options such as Brightness, contrast, and advanced picture settings. Picture Select the picture mode. Custom For custom picture settings. Standard For standard picture settings. Movie For moving pictures such as movies. Game For fast and dynamic pictures suitable with playing games.
  • Page 28 Adjusting the Menu Settings – Picture Menu Backlight Ambient Light Sensor Adjust the backlight that a ects the overall brilliance of the picture. (0 ~100) Select the sensitivity of the ambient light sensor to automatically adjust to light changes in the room.
  • Page 29: Xinemasound® Leveler

    Adjusting the Menu Settings – Audio Menu XinemaSound® Leveler Delivers smooth, steady volume levels from the quietest sound to the loudest volume with exceptional audio clarity. Bass Adjust the bass level to your preference. (-12 ~ 12) Treble Adjust the treble level to your preference. (-12 ~ 12) Balance Adjust the audio level of the L/R channels of the speakers to your preference.
  • Page 30: Channel Management

    Adjusting the Menu Settings – Channel Menu Find Channel New channels may be added to your area periodically. Use the Add Channel function to add new channels. Channel Management To mark favorite channels or to remove channels from the Channel List. Digital MTS Select Digital MTS modes.
  • Page 31 Adjusting the Menu Settings – Closed Caption Closed Caption decodes and displays closed caption data of television programs as subtitles. Press MENU. Select “Closed Caption”, then press OK. Select “Analog Closed Caption” or “Digital Closed Caption”, then press OK. Note: Either “Analog Closed Caption” or “Digital Closed Caption” is available depending on Video content. For digital closed caption, you can select closed caption options, such as text size and text color.
  • Page 32 Adjusting the Menu Settings – Devices Menu Con gure connected input devices. CEC Settings CEC allows you to control devices using your TV remote control when the CEC devices are connected via HDMI. CEC Function Enable or disable CEC function. Connect to your device though Audio Return Channel-enabled System Audio Control HDMI Port.
  • Page 33 Adjusting the Menu Settings – Network Menu Select Network methods (Ethernet or WiFi). Ethernet To establish Hard-Wired Ethernet connection, connect one end of a CAT5 Ethernet cable to your home network router, connect the other end of CAT5 Ethernet cable to the Ethernet connector jack on the back of the TV.
  • Page 34: Power Indicator

    Adjusting the Menu Settings – System Menu Select the input source signal. Access Parental Control Menu The Parental Control menu requires you to enter the 4 digit password to access its submenu. Language Select the on-screen menu language (English, French or Spanish). Power Indicator To turn on/o the LED power indicator while TV is on.
  • Page 35: Customer Support

    Adjusting the Menu Settings – System Menu Restrict By Channel • “CAN-English”: Set by Canadian English movie rating standards. Use the Channel Lock feature to restrict viewing a speci ed channel . Once locked channel is • “CAN-French”: Set by Canadian French movie rating standards. selected, the TV displays a blank screen.
  • Page 36 Access to JVC Home Screen ime information. Press the JVC home button to enter JVC home screen. Press JVC home button again or the Global return button to exit. Apps list Preview PIP shows content from last input source. Use Up and Down Directional buttons to navigate main menu options.
  • Page 37 Home Screen: My APP to navigate App menu and OK button to select App. Use Directional buttons Press Left button for 3 seconds to access my APP management mode to add or remove Apps from “My APP” home screen. Press Right button or the Global return button Press Left button or the Global return button to go back to main menu.
  • Page 38 Home Screen: Browser Select “Browser” on main menu wheel. Press Left button for 3 seconds to access Bookmark or history mode. Press Right button or the Global return button Access Bookmarks info in Browser. to exit.
  • Page 39 Home Screen: Browser Choose a Bookmark or History, then press OK button to start browsing the Press Up/Down Directional buttons to navigate between History/Bookmarks mode. selected website.
  • Page 40 Home Screen: Browser To manage “History” or “Bookmarks” in browser. Manage “Bookmark” or “History” on the control page by choosing the Bookmark or History of your choice then press and hold the “Left mouse button” located on top right Open the browser. of the Qwerty Keyboard.
  • Page 41 Home Screen: Input Use Directional buttons or touchpad to choose TV input source.
  • Page 42 MMP (Multimedia Player) There are two ways to enter MMP mode: Select MMP App from “My APP” home page. Plug in USB stick and click “OK” when Auto device detection window popped up.
  • Page 43 MMP (Multimedia Player) MMP Menu Wheel • Devices • Photo • Music • Video...
  • Page 44 Multimedia Menu: Device Operation Use Directional buttons to select media type on main wheel menu. • USB • LAN...
  • Page 45 Multimedia Menu: Photo Use Directional buttons to navigate device photo folder. Press Left button to enter Photo setting menu. Press Left button or the Global return button Press Right button or the Global return button to go back to main menu. to exit.
  • Page 46 Multimedia Menu: Music Use Directional buttons to browse device Music folder. Press Left button to enter Music setting menu. Press Left button or the Global return button Press Right button or the Global return button to go back to main menu. to exit.
  • Page 47 Multimedia Menu: Video Use Directional buttons to browse device Video folder. Press Left button to enter Video setting menu. Press Left button or the Global return button Press Right button or the Global return button to go back to main menu. to exit.
  • Page 48 Roku App Launch Roku App Roku Remote Control Operation Instructions RW button: Rewind, scroll left one page at a time. Press key anytime when TV is on and Roku streaming stick is plugged into Play/Pause button: Start or pause playback. the Input button and select “Roku”...
  • Page 49: Supported Resolution

    Appendix Supported Resolution Model Name DM65USR / DM85UXR 640 x 480 @ 75Hz 800 x 600 @ 60, 75Hz Supported PC Timing 1024 x 768 @ 60, 75Hz (HDMI) 1920 x 1080 @ 60Hz 3 0 x 2160 @ 60Hz...
  • Page 50: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting If your TV fails to work properly, check the following guidelines for possible causes and solutions. Consult your local dealer or service provider if problems persists. Problem Solution No power. • Make sure the power cord is plugged in. •...
  • Page 51 Problem Solution Poor picture or no picture. • The channel or cable TV is experiencing problems, tune to another channel. • Make sure that channels are set into memory. • Check the antenna or cable TV connections. • Check for possible sources of interference. Poor reception on some channels.
  • Page 52 Problem Solution TV shuts o . • Sleep timer is on. • Power is interrupted. No CATV reception. • Check all cable TV connections. • Set the TV Mode in Channel menu. Closed caption is not activated. • The program tuned is not closed captioned. Try another channel. •...
  • Page 53: Speci Cations

    Speci cations Speci cations are subject to change without prior notice. DM65USR DM85UXR DM65USR DM85UXR Display   S pecifications Convenience   F eatures Size   C lass   ( Diagonal) 65”   ( actual   v iewable   s ize:   6 5”) 85”   ( actual   v iewable   s ize:   8 4.5”) Ambient  ...
  • Page 54 [MHL CONNECTOR] Plugs into the port on the back of your TV. ® [STATUS LIGHT] Roku Streaming ® [RESET BUTTON] Used to reset your Streaming Stick (you probably Roku Ready TV (or other device) High speed Wireless Router Internet...
  • Page 55 at Your Roku Streaming Stick will generate a unique ® ™ Plug your Roku Streaming Stick into the MHL port ® ™ code that links your player to your new account. Roku accounts are of your TV or other Roku Ready device. free.
  • Page 56 • If you are not getting 3 or more signal-strength bars above your Get the most out of your Roku Streaming Stick . wireless network, adjust the location of your Roku Streaming Stick ® ™ Check out our FAQs, instructional videos and user forums. and/or wireless router.
  • Page 57: Limited Warranty

    Warrantor is not responsible for the transportation costs to the service center, but will cover the known as “Warrantor”) under brand license by JVC KENWOOD Corporation. The Warrantor provides costs for return shipping to the customer. PRE-AUTHORIZATION IS REQUIRED BEFORE SENDING ANY a warranty to the original purchaser of a new Product against defects in materials and workmanship PRODUCT TO A DESIGNATED SERVICE CENTER FOR WARRANTY SERVICE.
  • Page 59 Roku® Streaming Stick™ Contact information can be found by visiting RMA numbers expire thirty Important Product Information days from issuance. Roku may attempt to troubleshoot a warranty-related problem prior to issuing a RMA number. Please be prepared to provide additional information upon request. Once a RMA The License Agreement number is obtained, you must ship your Streaming Stick, freight prepaid, together with proof of The Roku and third-party software license terms can be found at:
  • Page 60 This warranty does not cover damage due to improper operation or maintenance, connection to operation of this product in the U.S.A. is rmwarelimited to channels 1 through 11. Wireless Radio improper voltage supply or attempted repair by anyone other than a facility authorized by Roku Use: to service your Streaming Stick.
  • Page 61 French translation: • Keep the Streaming Stick and any accessories, including the remote, out of the reach of small Ce dispositif est conforme à la norme CNR-210 d’Industrie Canada applicable aux appareils radio children. exempts de licence. Son fonctionnement est sujet aux deux conditions suivantes: (1) le dispositif •...
  • Page 62 Do not send product or other Place Model Number correspondence to this address Stamp Serial Number Here Dealer Name Purchase Price Date of Purchase Attn: Product Registration Comments P.O. BOX 50427 I would like to receive the JVC Community e-mail newsletter IRVINE, CA 92619...

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