Advanced Setting - D-Link DAS-3216 Quick Installation Manual

Adsl ip dslam multiplexer
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Configure DSL Port
Click on the Port Configuration from the DAS-3216/3208 main menu.
The DAS-3216/3208 main menu tree will appear as follow:
Save Your Configuration to Flash
Click on the Save to Flash from the DAS-3216/3208 main menu. The
screen will appear as follows:
Submit the Save button.

Advanced Setting

For more detailed information about complete configuration, please
refer to the User's Manual on master CD
DSL Port
PVC Configuration To configure PVC and VID
List of Subscriber To view the existing
Routing Table
To display, modify or delete
the status of the port. It
provides the configuration of
a port's status.
on a port and setting the
priority. It also provides the
modification and deleting
information of subscribers
and modify them.
To view the existing Routing
Table and modify them.



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