Rear Panel Connection - D-Link DAS-3216 Quick Installation Manual

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Setup DAS-3216/3208 ADSL IP
The DAS-3216/3208 can be installed in a standard 19-inch rack, by using
the mounting brackets provided. The only difference between DAS-3216
and DAS-3208 is the port density: DAS-3216 is a 16-port design, while
DAS-3208 is equipped with 8 ports to meet the application of fewer
subscribers. Mount the shelf on the rack using the large screws provided.
The procedure to connect and wire the system is as follows.
Note: this Q.I.G takes DAS-3216 as example.

Rear Panel Connection

The following figure shows the rear panel connection of DAS-3216/3208:
Ground DAS-3216/3208 by connecting a grounded wire
Connect the ADSL line connector, a 50-pin centronic connector, of
DAS-3216/3208 to CPE by using a telco cable. Each line connector
supports 8 ports of ADSL for Data path from MDF(Main Distribution
Connect the phone connector, a 50-pin centronic connector, of DAS-
3216/3208 to Exchange/PBX by using telco cable. Phone connector
is an optional module supporting Voice path to Exchange/PBX; it
must be along with Line Connector.
Connect the power adapter and plug it into an outlet.


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