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  • Page 1: Zoom Digital Camera

    Kodak EasyShare C763 zoom digital camera User’s guide For interactive tutorials, For help with your camera,

  • Page 2

    Eastman Kodak Company Rochester, New York 14650 © Eastman Kodak Company, 2007 All screen images are simulated. Kodak and EasyShare are trademarks of Eastman Kodak Company. P/N 4J6157_en...

  • Page 3: Front View

    Front view Shutter button On/Off button Flash Self-timer/Video light Lens Microphone Zoom lever Product features...

  • Page 4: Product Features, Back View

    Mode dial DC-In (5V) for AC adapter Review button Strap post Flash (in Capture modes) Multi-up (in Review mode) Display/Info OK button Menu button Slot for optional SD or MMC card 10 Battery compartment 11 Tripod socket 12 Dock connector

  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Copying pictures/videos... 23 Viewing picture/video information ... 24 4 Doing more with your camera ...26 Using the menu button ... 26 Using the setup menu ... 29 Using exposure compensation to adjust brightness ... 31 Using burst ... 32

  • Page 6: Table Of Contents

    8 Appendix ...43 Camera specifications ... 43 Care and maintenance ... 46 Important safety instructions ... 46 Upgrading your software and firmware... 47 Storage capacities ... 47 Battery life ... 48 Limited warranty ... 48 Regulatory compliance ... 50

  • Page 7: Setting Up Your Camera, Attaching The Strap, Charging The Klic-7005 Battery

    Setting up your camera Attaching the strap Charging the KLIC-7005 battery Full charge = approx. 2.5 hours

  • Page 8: Loading The Klic-7005 Battery, Turning On The Camera

    Setting up your camera Loading the KLIC-7005 battery Kodak Li-Ion rechargeable digital camera battery KLIC-7005 To extend battery life, see Turning on the camera page

  • Page 9: Setting The Language And Date/time

    Setting the language and date/time OK (press) NOTE: To change language or date/time in the future, Setting up your camera Language: to change. to accept. Date/Time: At the prompt, press OK. to change. for previous/next field. to accept. page...

  • Page 10: Storing Pictures On An Sd Or Mmc Card

    A card can only be inserted one way; forcing it may cause damage. Inserting or removing a card while it is being accessed by the camera may damage the pictures, the card, or the camera. Purchase SD or MMC cards at a dealer of Kodak products or at page 29).

  • Page 11: Taking Pictures/videos, Taking A Picture

    Taking pictures/videos Taking a picture Taking a video Framing marks Press the Shutter button halfway to focus and set exposure. When the framing marks turn green, press the Shutter button completely Press the Shutter button completely down and release.

  • Page 12

    When the framing marks turn green, focus is accomplished. 2 If the camera is not focusing on the desired subject (or if the framing marks disappear), release the Shutter button and recompose the scene. 3 Press the Shutter button completely down to take the picture.

  • Page 13: Using Zoom Lever

    The blue slider on the zoom indicator pauses and turns red when the picture quality reaches the limit for an acceptable 4 x 6-in. (10 x 15 cm) print. 1 Press the Zoom lever to zoom in or out.

  • Page 14: Using The Mode Dial

    Close range. Use available light instead of flash if possible. The camera automatically sets the focus distance depending on the zoom position. Scene Point-and-shoot simplicity when taking pictures under special conditions. (See Video Capturing video with sound. (See Viewing favorite pictures. (See Favorites page page page 19.)

  • Page 15: Scene Modes

    Party Beach Snow Fireworks Self-portrait Backlight Action pictures of children in bright light. People indoors. Minimizes red eye. Bright beach scenes. Bright snow scenes. Flash does not fire. Place the camera on a flat, steady surface or use a tripod.

  • Page 16: Using The Flash Button

    The current flash mode is shown in the LCD status area. If the Red-eye Pre-flash feature is turned on: ■ The flash fires once so the eyes become accustomed to the flash, then fires again when the picture is taken. see page

  • Page 17: Understanding Picture-taking Icons

    Understanding picture-taking icons In capture mode—no buttons pressed Self-timer Date stamp In capture mode—shutter pressed halfway Album Flash Picture size Exposure compensation Taking pictures/videos Pictures/time remaining Storage location Zoom: wide telephoto digital Exposure metering White balance ISO speed Low battery...

  • Page 18: Reviewing Pictures/videos, Using The Review Button

    1 Press the Zoom lever to magnify 1X–8X. 2 Press picture. 3 Press OK to return to 1X. Press OK to play/pause a video. Press to adjust the volume during playback. to view other parts of a...

  • Page 19: Deleting Pictures/videos

    Press The picture/video is protected and cannot be deleted. The Protect icon the protected picture/video. Press the Menu button to exit the menu. for previous/next picture/video. to highlight Delete, then press OK. for previous/next picture/video. to highlight Protect, then press OK.

  • Page 20: Cropping Pictures, Running A Slide Show

    Running a slide show Use the Slide Show to display your pictures/videos on the LCD. To save battery power, use a Kodak 5V AC adapter. (Visit Starting the slide show 1 Press the Review button, then press the Menu button.

  • Page 21: Changing The Slide Show Display Interval, Running A Continuous Slide Show Loop

    On, then press OK. The slide show repeats until you press OK or until battery power is exhausted. The Loop feature remains until you change it. Reviewing pictures/videos to highlight Interval, then press OK. to highlight Loop, then press OK.

  • Page 22: Viewing As Thumbnails (multi-up), Sharing Your Pictures/videos

    3 Press OK to return to single-picture view. (page to locate a picture. to highlight Share, then press OK. to change the print quantity. Repeat until the desired print 99). Zero removes the tag for that – to locate a...

  • Page 23: Tagging Pictures/videos For Emailing

    Tagging pictures/videos for emailing First—on your computer Use Kodak EasyShare software to create an email address book on your computer. Then copy up to 32 email addresses to the camera’s internal memory. For details, click the Help button in EasyShare software.

  • Page 24

    Exit, then press OK. 7 Press the Menu button to exit the menu. Third—transfer and email When you transfer the tagged pictures/videos to your computer, the Email screen opens and lets you send them to the addresses you specified. to scroll through

  • Page 25: Tagging Pictures As Favorites

    Favorites section. Videos tagged as favorites remain in the Favorites folder in EasyShare software. For details, click the Help button in EasyShare software. to locate a picture. to highlight Share, then press OK.

  • Page 26: Optional Settings

    5 Close the Sync and Transfer Manager window. Camera favorites will no longer synchronize with EasyShare software. To turn on the sync feature, select Yes, synchronize with my software. To delete favorites from your camera, do so in Favorites mode. Remove favorites Setup Menu (page (page

  • Page 27: Tagging Pictures/videos For Albums

    The album name appears with the picture. A plus (+) after the album name means the picture was added to more than one album. To remove a selection, highlight an album name and press OK. To remove all album selections, select Clear All. Reviewing pictures/videos to locate a picture. to highlight Share.

  • Page 28

    5 Highlight Exit, then press OK. Your selections are saved. Your album selection is displayed on the screen. A plus (+) after the album name means more than one album is selected. 6 Press the Menu button to exit the menu.

  • Page 29: Copying Pictures/videos

    4 Press OK. NOTE: Pictures/videos are copied, not moved. To remove pictures/videos from the original location after copying, delete them (see copied. Protection settings are not copied. To apply protection to a picture/video, see see page 28.) page 13). Tags that you applied for print, email, and favorites are not...

  • Page 30: Viewing Picture/video Information

    Press the Review button to exit Review. Understanding review icons Pictures Print tag/number of prints Favorite tag Email tag Album Scroll arrows Press Review. Press to turn on/off status icons and picture/video information. Blur warning Picture number Image storage location Protected Review mode

  • Page 31

    Yellow—Picture may be sharp enough for an acceptable 4 x 6-inch (10 x 15 cm) print or sharpness is not determined. Red—Picture is not sharp enough for an acceptable 4 x 6-inch (10 x 15 cm) print. White—Printability is still being determined. Video number Image storage location...

  • Page 32: Doing More With Your Camera, Using The Menu Button

    2 seconds—for a steady, auto-shutter release on a tripod. 2-shot—one picture is taken after a 10-second delay. A second picture is taken 8 seconds later. On or Off +/- 0.5 +/- 1.0 The camera takes 3 pictures: + (plus), 0, and - (minus) exposure.

  • Page 33

    Exposure Compensation Control how much light enters the camera. Picture Size Choose a picture resolution. For recommended print sizes, visit White Balance Choose your lighting condition. ISO Speed Control the camera’s sensitivity to light. Doing more with your camera Options -2.0 to +2.0 (in 0.5 increments)

  • Page 34

    NOTE: If you fill up your card while taking pictures, your camera’s memory plus feature prompts you to switch to internal memory, if space is available. Memory plus is unavailable in Video mode.

  • Page 35: Using The Setup Menu

    Setup, then OK to access settings Return to previous menu. Camera Sounds Choose sound effects. Sound Volume Doing more with your camera Options 640 x 480 320 x 240 Available only in Video mode. Using the setup menu Options Theme—applies the same sound effect set to...

  • Page 36

    NTSC (default)—used in North America and Japan; most common format. PAL—used in Europe and China. Off (default) Choose a date option, or turn off the feature. (Default is off.) On (default)—choose from date formats. On (default) Off (See page 25.) page

  • Page 37: Using Exposure Compensation To Adjust Brightness

    Press to decrease exposure compensation, and compensation. The exposure compensation level is shown on the LCD dimmer or brighter. Doing more with your camera Options Memory Card—deletes everything on the card; formats the card. Cancel—exits without making a change.

  • Page 38: Using Burst

    NOTE: During quickview, you can delete all pictures in the burst series. To delete selectively, do so in Review (see page 13). The first 3 pictures are saved. Purpose Capture an expected event. Example: A person swinging a...

  • Page 39: Transferring And Printing Pictures, Installing The Software

    Installing the software 1 Close all open software applications before starting the installation. NOTE: If running Windows OS and installing EasyShare software from the Kodak Web site, do not close the WinZip application. If prompted, allow EasyShare software to access the Internet.

  • Page 40: Transferring Pictures With The Usb Cable

    ■ Kodak EasyShare camera dock, Kodak EasyShare printer dock (see ■ Kodak multi-card reader, Kodak SD multimedia card reader-writer Purchase these and other accessories at a dealer of Kodak products or Turn off camera. Connect USB cable (U-8). Turn on camera.

  • Page 41: Printing Pictures

    Printing pictures Printing with a Kodak EasyShare printer dock Dock your camera to the Kodak EasyShare printer dock and print directly—with or without a computer. Purchase this and other accessories at a dealer of Kodak products or visit Direct printing with a PictBridge enabled printer Your camera is compatible with PictBridge technology, so you can print directly to PictBridge enabled printers.

  • Page 42: Transferring And Printing Pictures

    2 Disconnect the USB cable from the camera and the printer. Using a printer that is not PictBridge enabled For details on printing pictures from your computer, click the Help button in EasyShare software. to choose a picture. Choose the number of copies.

  • Page 43: Dock Compatibility For Your Camera

    Take the card to your local photo retailer for professional printing. Dock compatibility for your camera To see which EasyShare printer docks are compatible with your camera, visit Purchase camera docks, printer docks, and other accessories at a dealer of Kodak products or Transferring and printing pictures...

  • Page 44: Troubleshooting

    Install new batteries ■ Turn camera off, then back on. Camera/computer communications Status Solution ■ The computer does Visit not communicate ■ Turn on the camera with the camera. ■ Install new batteries ■ Connect cable to camera and computer port ■...

  • Page 45

    Read-only memory card. Remove write protection to capture or write to card. Memory card is unusable (Insert new memory card) Date and time have been reset Solution ■ Change image storage location setting ■ Insert a new card (page (page 29).

  • Page 46

    Create and copy address book from computer. See the Kodak EasyShare software Help. ■ Create and copy album names from computer. See the Kodak EasyShare software Help. ■ Leave the camera off until it’s cool to the touch, then turn it back on.

  • Page 47: Getting Help

    Get help with the Windows operating system and working with digital pictures Other Get support for cameras, software, accessories, more Get information on Kodak EasyShare printer docks Get information on Kodak inkjet products Optimize your printer for truer, more vibrant colors Register your camera

  • Page 48

    Getting help NOTE: If you have questions concerning this product, you may speak with Kodak customer support. Australia 1800 267 588 Austria 0179 567 357 Belgium 02 713 14 45 Brazil 0800 891 42 13 Canada 1 800 465 6325...

  • Page 49: Appendix, Camera Specifications

    Appendix Camera specifications For more specifications, visit CCD (charge-coupled device) 1/2.5 in. CCD, 4:3 aspect ratio Output image size 7.1MP: 3072 x 2304 pixels 6.1MP (3:2): 3072 x 2048 pixels 5.0 MP: 2592 x 1944 pixels 3.1 MP: 2048 x 1536 pixels 2.2 MP: (3:2) 1800 x 1200 pixels...

  • Page 50

    Capture modes Auto, Digital Image Stabilization, Portrait, Night Portrait, Sports, Landscape, Close-up, SCN (Scene Modes), Video Burst Maximum 3 pictures; 1.9 pictures per second Video capture VGA (640 x 480) @ 15 fps QVGA (320 x 240) @ 30 fps

  • Page 51

    Quickview Video output NTSC or PAL selectable Power Kodak Li-Ion rechargeable digital camera battery KLIC-7005; Kodak 5V AC adapter Communication with computer USB 2.0 full speed via USB cable model U-8, EasyShare camera dock, or printer dock Other features PictBridge support...

  • Page 52: Care And Maintenance, Important Safety Instructions

    Contact Kodak customer support. ■ The use of an accessory that is not recommended by Kodak may cause fire, electric shock, or injury. For approved accessories, visit www.kodak/go/accessories. Use only a USB-certified computer equipped with a current-limiting motherboard.

  • Page 53: Upgrading Your Software And Firmware, Storage Capacities

    ■ Remove the battery when the product is stored for an extended period of time. In the unlikely event that battery fluid leaks inside the product, contact Kodak customer support. In the unlikely event that battery fluid leaks onto your skin, wash immediately with ■...

  • Page 54: Battery Life, Limited Warranty

    Limited warranty Kodak warrants Kodak consumer electronic products and accessories (“Products”), excluding batteries, to be free from malfunctions and defects in both materials and workmanship for one year from the date of purchase. Retain the original dated sales receipt.

  • Page 55

    If Kodak is unable to repair or replace a Product, Kodak will, at its option, refund the purchase price paid for the Product provided the Product has been returned to Kodak along with proof of the purchase price paid.

  • Page 56: Regulatory Compliance

    Unless a specific Kodak warranty is communicated to the purchaser in writing by a Kodak company, no warranty or liability exists beyond any minimum requirements imposed by law, even though defect, damage, or loss may be by negligence or other act.

  • Page 57: Canadian Doc Statement

    FCC regulation. Australian C-Tick N137 Canadian DOC statement DOC Class B Compliance—This Class B digital apparatus complies with Canadian ICES-003. Observation des normes-Classe B—Cet appareil numérique de la classe B est conforme à la norme NMB-003 du Canada.

  • Page 58: Waste Electrical And Electronic Equipment Labeling

    In the European Union, do not discard this product as unsorted municipal waste. Contact your local authorities or go to program information. Korean Class B ITE VCCI Class B ITE China RoHS Russian GOST-R Eastman Kodak Company Rochester, NY 14650 AIO-40 for recycling...

  • Page 59

    9 blur, 25 blur warning, 30 burst, using, 32 button delete, 6 flash, 10 shutter, i zoom, 7 cable USB, 34 camera screen error messages, 39 camera sounds, 29 care and maintenance, 46 children, 9...

  • Page 60

    24 installing battery, 2 SD/MMC card, 4 software, 33 internal memory storage capacity, 47 interval, slide show, 15 Kodak EasyShare software installing, 33 upgrading, 47 landscape, 8 LCD, ii reviewing pictures, 12 reviewing videos, 12 lens cleaning lens, 46...

  • Page 61

    8 party, 9 portrait, 8 SCN, 8 self-portrait, 9 snow, 9 sports, 8 multi-up, 16 night portrait, 8 online prints, ordering, 37 optical zoom, 7 party, 9 PictBridge enabled printer, 35 picture size, 27 pictures copying, 23 cropping, 14...

  • Page 62

    29 white balance, 27 setup menu, using, 29 shaking hand, 25 sharing pictures, videos, 16 shutter button, i slide show continuous loop, 15 interval, 15 running, 14 snow, 9 software installing, 33 upgrading, 47 sound volume, 29 sounds, 29

  • Page 63

    38 camera/computer communications, 38 error messages, 39 turning camera on and off, 2 undelete, 13 undo, 13 upgrading software, firmware, 47 USB cable, 34 video copying, 23 date display, 30 out, 30 playback, 12 protecting, 13 size, 29...

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