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Dimensions; Placement; Heat Output - Decware SE84ZS Owner's Manual

Zen triode select amplifier


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The SE84ZS amplifier is 7.25 inches wide by
14.75 inches deep with a height of 6.5 inches.


With the jacks vertically mounted at the rear
of the amplifier, it is possible to push the
amp all the way to the rear of a shelf. How-
ever, we recommend keeping a 2 inch
spacing on all sides and at least 6 to 10
inches of space above the amplifier.
Avoid closed cabinets. The better the venti-
lation around your amplifier the cooler it will


This is a Class A amplifier where the tubes
idle at near full power at 47 miliamps each. It
is designed to run at a temperature that
humans would perceive as hot.
temperature of the power transformer and
metal parts of the amplifier will depend on
the following conditions:
Ambient room temperature. At 70 degrees F.
the amp should run at around 118 degrees.
Volume level. The amp will generate less heat
at lower volumes then at higher volumes.
Amount of time the amplifier has been on.
Depending on the two variables above it can
take up to several hours to reach full tempera-
NOTE: in rooms with high ambient tempera-
tures the SE84ZS could after many hours
reach temperatures of 140 degrees, although
it requires a worse case scenario to achieve
that temperature.
allowable temperature recommended for op-
eration as anything higher could burn you.
If you turn your amp off when not in use and
your listening room isn't baking hot, you'll
find your SE84ZS to average a comfortable
115 degrees F. This is cool enough to keep
your hand on the power transformer for
extended periods of time.
You will find where heat is concerned, that
after about 30 minutes or so once the amp
has become warm, the sound will be better
then when the amp is ice cold.
The actual
This is the maximum

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents