Important Safety Precautions; Operation - Black & Decker BDC8L-LA Instruction Manual

Travel cooler and warmer
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In order to comply with the safety requirements set forth in
several international publications, the following measures
must be followed when using this unit:
1. The maximum room temperature around the power
supply must not exceed the one indicated on its label.
2. When connecting the unit to the electric supply and
to the equipment, respectively, you must check if the
voltage is the same indicated in the unit.
3. The consumption of the equipment connected to the
source output must not exceed the one indicated in the unit.
4. This product can be used for outdoor, just make sure
not make it wet.
5. If the power supply cable is damaged, it must be fixed
by the supplier, by its representative or by qualified
personnel to avoid danger.
6. If the unit was hit and it is noticed any damage in the
protection cover or failures, the unit must not be used
and must be fixed exclusively by technically qualified
personnel assigned by the product importer and/or
legal representative.
7. The equipment must be connected to a visible and
easy access socket.
8. This product is not a toy. It is not intended for use
by children under 8 years.


Note: There is a replaceable 10A glass fuse in the
cigarette lighter adapter. Replace a blown fuse by gently
unscrewing the tip of the lighter plug and inserting in a new
one of comparable Amperes rating. Do Not replace fuse
with a higher amp rated fuse.
f Do not immerse the cooler/warmer 12V plug in water.
f Do not insert foreign objects into the cooler/warmer
vent openings.The ventilation openings should not
be covered at any time while the cooler/warmer
is operating.
f Do not use the cooler/warmer in the open air when it is
raining or snowing; it is not designed to be waterproof.
f Do not place cooler/warmer near heat sources:
heating vents, radiators, sunlight and/or any other
sources of heat.
f Do not use the cooler/heater in the presence of
flammable fumes or gases, such as propane.
f Do not use for cooking.
f Do not use for medical reasons or storage of medicine.
f Do not operate the cooler/warmer if it has received
a sharp blow, been dropped or otherwise damaged
in any way.
f Do not place liquids or foods in direct contact with this unit.
f Keep out of Reach of Children. The interior becomes
very hot or cold and could cause injury.
1. Cooling device
2. Plastic lid
3. Connection cable for 12V DC connection
4. Shoulder belt
5. Ventilation slots
6. Control panel


Note: Before starting your new cooling device for the first
time, you should clean it inside and outside with a damp
cloth for hygienic.
f Ensure the main switch is on the Off position.
f Start the vehicles engine.
f Plug the power cord into the cooler/warmer.
f Plug the power cord into the 12V cigarette lighter
outlet firmly.
f Turn the cooler/warmer on by sliding the main switch
to the desired position heat or cool.
f The Green LED will be illuminated when cooling
and the Red LED will be illuminated when heating.
f Place foods/beverages inside the cooler/warmer
and close the cover.
f Turn the cooler/warmer off by sliding the man switch
to the Off position.
f The unit will always perform best if filled with foods/
beverages that are already cold or warm. For cooling
functions, add some ice will help a lot.
f Operate unit only with cord provided. Store the cord
inside the unit to prevent losing it.
Technical description
f The cooler is suitable for mobile use. It can cool
goods to max. 18°C (65°F) under the ambient
temperature or keep them cool.
f Its cooling system is a non-wearing and CFC-free
Peltier cooling, the heat is discharged by a fan.
Energy saving tips
f Choose a well ventilated installation location which
is protected against direct sunlight.
f Allow warm food to cool down first before placing it
in the device to keep cool.
f Do not open the cooling device more often
than necessary.
f Do not leave the lid open for longer than necessary.
f Do not modify the cooler/warmer in any way.
Unauthorized modification may impair the function
and/or safety and could affect the life of the equipment.
There are specific applications for which the cooler/
warmer was designed.

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