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Please read this instruction sheet completely before installing the product.
This air conditioning system meets strict safety and operating standards. As the installer or service person, it is an important part of
your job to install or service the system so it operates safely and efficiently.
• Installation or repairs made by unqualified persons can result in hazards to you and others.
Installation MUST conform with local building codes or, in the absence of local codes, with the National Electrical Code NFPA
70/ANSI C1-1993 or current edition and Canadian Electrical Code Part1 CSA C.22.1.
• The information contained in the manual is intended for use by a qualified service technician familiar with safety procedures and
equipped with the proper tools and test instruments.
• Failure to carefully read and follow all instructions in this manual can result in equipment malfunction, property damage, personal
injury and/or death.
: Improper installation, adjustment, alteration, service or maintenance can void the warranty.
The weight of the condensing unit requires caution and proper handling procedures when lifting or moving to avoid
personal injury. Use care to avoid contact with sharp or pointed edges.
Safety Precautions
• Always wear safety eye wear and work gloves when installing equipment.
• Never assume electrical power is disconnected. Check with meter and equipment.
• Keep hands out of fan areas when power is connected to equipment.
• R-22 causes frostbite burns.
• R-22 is toxic when burned.
When wiring:
Electrical shock can cause severe personal injury or death. Only a qualified, experienced electrician
should attempt to wire this system.
• Do not supply power to the unit until all wiring and tubing are completed or reconnected and checked.
• Highly dangerous electrical voltages are used in this system. Carefully refer to the wiring diagram and these instructions when
wiring. Improper connections and inadequate grounding can cause accidental injury or death.
• Ground the unit following local electrical codes.
• Connect all wiring tightly. Loose wiring may cause overheating at connection points and a possible fire hazard.
When transporting:
Be careful when picking up and moving the indoor and outdoor units. Get a partner to help, and bend your knees when
lifting to reduce strain on your back. Sharp edges or thin aluminum fins on the air conditioner can cut your finger.
When installing...
... in a wall: Make sure the wall is strong enough to hold the unit's weight.
It may be necessary to construct a strong wood or metal frame to provide added support.
... in a room: Properly insulate any tubing run inside a room to prevent "sweating" that can cause dripping and water
damage to wall and floors.
... in moist or uneven locatinons: Use a raised concrete pad or concrete blocks provide a solid, level foundation for the
outdoor unit. This prevents water damage and abnormal vibration.
... in an area with high winds: Securely anchor the outdoor unit down with bolts and a metal frame. Provide a suitable air baffle.
... in a snowy area(for Heat Pump Model): Install the outdoor unit on a raised platform that is higher than drifting snow.
Provide snow vents.
When connecting refrigerant tubing
• Keep all tubing runs as short as possible.
• Use the flare method for connecting tubing.
• Check carefully for leaks before starting the test run.
When servicing
• Turn the power OFF at the main power box(mains) before opening the unit to check or repair electrical parts and wiring.
• Keep your fingers and clothing away from any moving parts.
• Clean up the site after you finish, remembering to check that no metal scraps or bits of wiring have been left inside the unit
being serviced.
The Owners Instructions and Warranty are to be given to the owner or prominently displayed
near the indoor Furnace/Air Handler Unit.
Special warnings



   Summary of Contents for LG DELUXE HIGH WALL MINI SPLIT

  • Page 1: Installation Instructions

    DELUXE HIGH WALL MINI SPLIT INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS IMPORTANT! Please read this instruction sheet completely before installing the product. This air conditioning system meets strict safety and operating standards. As the installer or service person, it is an important part of your job to install or service the system so it operates safely and efficiently.

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    INSTALLATION OVERVIEW Installation Required Parts Required Tools Requirements The following should be always observed for safety ....3 Installation of indoor, outdoor Installation guide map Level gauge unit ..........4 Four type "A" screws & plastic Screw driver anchors Electric drill Connecting cable Hole core drill Ø50mm(1.97") Horizontal meter...

  • Page 3: The Following Should Be Always Observed For Safety

    THE FOLLOWING SHOULD BE ALWAYS OBSERVED FOR SAFETY Be sure to read "THE FOLLOWING SHOULD BE ALWAYS OBSERVED FOR SAFETY" before installing the air conditioner. Be sure to observe the cautions specified here as they include important items related to safety. The indications and meanings are as follows.

  • Page 4: Select The Best Location

    INSTALLATION OF INDOOR, OUTDOOR UNIT Read completely, then follow step by step. Select the best location Rooftop Installations: If the outdoor unit is installed on a roof structure, be sure to level the unit. Ensure the roof structure and Indoor unit anchoring method are adequate for the unit location.

  • Page 5: Preparing Work For Installation

    Preparing work for Installation Cover pipe and cover side remove Open panel front Remove two screws(for fixing cover pipe) Pull up the cover side of desired connecting First,Pull the grille bottom, then remove direction, then cover side is separated. screws(2 pieces), and close grille bottom In case connecting direction is left or right, path again.

  • Page 6: Sticking The Installation Guide Map And Fixing Indoor Unit

    Sticking the installation guide map and fixing Indoor unit Look at suited horizon by horizontal Put an Installation Guide Map meter on the horizontal setting line, on the desired surface. and Fix lightly the map by adhesive INSTALLATION GUIDE MAP tape.

  • Page 7: Flaring Work And Connection Of Piping

    FLARING WORK AND CONNECTION OF PIPING Flaring work Main cause for gas leakage is due to defect in Handle flaring work. Carry out correct flaring work in the following procedure. Yoke Cut the pipes and the cable. Cone Use the piping kit accessory or the pipes purchased locally.

  • Page 8

    Tape the tubing, drain hose and the connecting When extending the drain hose at the indoor unit, cable. Be sure that the drain hose is located at install the drain pipe. the lowest side of the bundle. Locating at the upper side can cause drain pan to overflow inside the unit.

  • Page 9

    Connection of the CAUTION Installation Information (For right piping) pipes-Outdoor • Good case For right piping, follow the instruction below. Press on the upper side of clamp and Align the center of the pipings and unfold the tubing to downward slowly. sufficiently tighten the flare nut by hand.

  • Page 10: Connecting The Cable Between Indoor Unit And Outdoor Unit

    CONNECTING THE CABLE BETWEEN INDOOR UNIT AND OUTDOOR UNIT Connection of the cable 1. Remove the cover control from the unit by loosening the 3 screws. Wiring Diagram 2. Dismount caps on the conduit panel. Connecting cable(Low voltage) b Indoor Unit Outdoor Unit 3.

  • Page 11

    Connection method of the connecting cable(Example) (1) Dismount two-caps on the conduit panel. (2) Make a hole appropriate for the passage of connection cable through on cap by tool. (for low voltage line) (3) Pass the connecting cable through the hole. Terminal (4) Properly connect the cable on the terminal block.

  • Page 12: Form The Piping

    CHECKING THE DRAINAGE AND FORMING THE PIPINGS Form the piping Checking the drainage Form the piping by wrapping the connecting portion of the indoor unit with To check the drainage. insulation material and secure it with two kinds of vinyl tapes. Pour a glass of water on the evaporator.

  • Page 13: Connect The Cable To The Indoor Unit

    CAUTION CAUTION If a power plug is not to be used, provide a circuit breaker between power source and the unit as shown below. Main power source Circuit Breaker Conditioner Use a circuit breaker or time delay fuse. Connect the cable to the indoor unit 1.

  • Page 14: Air Purging

    AIR PURGING Air purging Do a leak test of all joints of the tubing(both indoor and outdoor) and both gas and liquid side service valves. Air and moisture remaining in the refrigerant Bubbles indicate a leak. Be sure to wipe off the system have undesirable effects as indicated soap with a clean cloth.

  • Page 15

    Soap water method Liquid side (1) Remove the caps from the 2-way and 3-way valves. (2) Remove the service-port cap from the 3-way valve. (3) To open the 2-way valve turn the valve stem Gas side counterclockwise approximately 90°, wait for 2-way valve about 2~3 sec, and close it.

  • Page 16: Panel Front Assembly

    PANEL FRONT ASSEMBLY First, Check the side cover assembly exactly, Drive two screws. Fix power cord in the bottom groove of cover side left. Assemble connecting lead wire with controller and first fix the upper part of panel front, then match the lower part of panel front Panel Front Connector...

  • Page 17: Test Running

    TEST RUNNING 1. Check that all tubing and wiring have been 3. Ensure the difference between the intake properly connected. temperature and the discharge is more than 8°C 2. Check that the gas and liquid side service valves (46°F) are fully open. Intake temperature Discharge air Prepare remote control...

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