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One-Touch Setup - Sony SCR24 User Manual

Style cover window


Make sure that the Style Cover Window is properly attached to your phone and
that the cover is closed.
Plug one end of the USB cable into the Micro USB port of your phone.
Plug the other end of the cable into the charger or into the USB port of a
Make sure the charger or computer is connected to an active power source.
Avoid opening the cover while the USB cable is attached as such action could damage the
cable connector and/or Micro USB port over time.

One-touch setup

With one-touch setup, all you have to do is touch the NFC area of your smartphone
to the NFC area of the Style Cover Window. The NFC function launches the setup
procedure and you can then customise your smart window functions and settings.
To set up the Style Cover for use
Open the Style Cover.
Make sure that the phone has the NFC function turned on and that the screen
is active and unlocked. Place the back of the phone over the NFC detection
area of the Style Cover, as indicated in the illustration. The NFC area of each
device should touch the other.
Position the back cover of the phone over the adhesive gel pad in such a way
that the camera lens fits directly over the corresponding opening on the cover.
Once the phone is in the correct position, press down firmly on the front of the
phone so that it becomes firmly attached to the adhesive gel pad.
If your phone has a protective film on the back, you must remove the film before attaching
your phone to the adhesive gel pad.
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