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Getting Started; Introduction; Overview; One-Touch Setup - Sony SCR44 User Manual

Style cover window


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Getting started


The Style Cover Window is a smart cover for your Xperia™ Z5 Compact smartphone
that lets you view and use dedicated functions. When you close the cover, the
smart window function becomes active and selected widgets from your
smartphone status bar or Home screen appear in the window. You can then
interact with these selected widgets and associated functions. For example, you
can see and read an incoming message, activate your smartphone camera, control
your music, and answer an incoming call – all without opening the cover.


NFC™ detection area

One-touch setup

With one-touch setup, all you have to do is touch the NFC area of your smartphone
to the NFC area of the Style Cover Window. The NFC function launches the setup
procedure and you can then customise your smart window functions and settings.
To set up the Style Cover Window for use
Open the Style Cover Window accessory.
Make sure that the NFC function on the phone is turned on and that the
screen is active and unlocked, then place the back of the phone over the NFC
detection area of the accessory, as indicated in the illustration. The NFC area
of each device should touch the other.
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents