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Learning The Basics; Interacting With The Window; Dimming And Waking Up The Screen - Sony SCR24 User Manual

Style cover window


Learning the basics

Interacting with the window

Once the Style Cover Window is set up and attached to your phone, you have to
close the cover to activate the smart window function. When the smart window
function is active, the display of your phone is shrunk to fit in the window of the
cover. This window is similar to a mini version of your phone screen and you can
interact with it in the same way. For example, you can swipe on or tap the window
screen to navigate your way around.
Swipe left or right
Open or select an item.

Dimming and waking up the screen

When the Style Cover Window is attached and left idle for a certain period of time,
the window screen dims automatically. You can also dim the window screen
manually and wake it up at any time.
To wake up the window screen
Double tap the window screen or briefly press the power key.
To dim the window screen manually
Briefly press the power key.
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