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  • Page 1 Register your product and get support at CEM5100 User manual ES-AR Manual del usuario PT-BR Manual do Usuário...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents Turn Dynamic Bass Boost (DBB) on/off Turn MAX sound on/off Select preset equalizer Switch music listening zone Turn on/off full sound Important Other sound settings Safety Notice Adjust system settings Turn beep sound on/off Your car audio system Select blackout setting Introduction Turn demo mode on/off What’s in the box...
  • Page 3 1 Important ‡ Do not place any sources of danger on the DSSDUDWXV HJ OLTXLG ÀOOHG REMHFWV OLJKWHG candles). Safety Notice ‡ Read and understand all instructions before you use your apparatus. If damage is FDXVHG E\ IDLOXUH WR IROORZ LQVWUXFWLRQV WKH warranty does not apply.
  • Page 4 Your product is designed and manufactured device that are not expressly approved by ZLWK KLJK TXDOLW\ PDWHULDOV DQG FRPSRQHQWV Philips Consumer Lifestyle may void the user’s which can be recycled and reused. authority to operate the equipment. When you see the crossed-out wheel bin 2011 ©...
  • Page 5: User Manual

  • Page 6: Overview Of The Main Unit

    Overview of the main unit a SOURCE ‡ Access music search in iPod/iPhone ‡ Select audio source. mode. ‡ Display LCD color. ‡ Turn the unit on or off. ‡ Press to answer or redial a call. ‡ &RQÀUP VHOHFWLRQ ‡...
  • Page 7: Disc Slot

    ‡ Select MP3/WMA folder. ‡ Switch music listening zone. ‡ Press to terminate call. ‡ Turn on or off full sound. s RESET ‡ Enter iPod/iPhone control mode. ‡ Restore default settings. t SD card slot ‡ Eject disc. u Disc slot ‡...
  • Page 8: Get Started

    These instructions are for a typical installation. +RZHYHU LI \RXU FDU KDV GLIIHUHQW UHTXLUHPHQWV make the corresponding adjustment. If you have DQ\ TXHVWLRQV UHJDUGLQJ LQVWDOODWLRQ NLWV FRQVXOW your Philips car audio dealer. Caution ‡ This unit is designed for negative ground (earth) 12 V DC operation only.
  • Page 9 Gray/black Right speaker (Front) strip Purple/black Right speaker (Rear) Note strip ‡ Consult a professional to connect CEM5100 as Ignition key +12V DC instructed below. when ON/ACC Blue Motor/electric antenna relay control lead Connect the supplied male connector to Blue/white $PSOLÀHU UHOD\ FRQWURO...
  • Page 10: Mount Into The Dashboard

    ‡ If you disconnect the car battery in a car that has an on-board drive or QDYLJDWLRQ FRPSXWHU WKH FRPSXWHU may lose its memory. ‡ ,I WKH FDU EDWWHU\ LV QRW GLVFRQQHFWHG WR DYRLG VKRUWFLUFXLW HQVXUH WKDW WKH bare wires do not touch each other. Ensure that car dashboard opening is within these measurements: Connector...
  • Page 11: Attach The Front Panel

    Reconnect the negative terminal of the car battery. Attach the front panel Attach the trim plate. Insert the right side of the panel in the chassis until it is correctly engaged. Press the left side of the panel until the mechanism locks it into place.
  • Page 12: Turn On

    ‡ [M-EAST] (Middle East) Insert one CR2025 battery with correct ‡ [ASIA] $VLD 3DFLÀF polarity (+/-) as indicated. ‡ [JAP] (Japan) Close the battery compartment. ‡ [AUST] (Australia) Press WR FRQÀUP Set clock Press MENU repeatedly until current time LV ÁDVKHG Rotate to set hour.
  • Page 13: Listen To Radio

    4 Listen to radio ‡ [LOCAL ON] (local on): Only stations with strong signal can be broadcast. ‡ [LOCAL OFF] (local off): Stations Tune to a radio station with strong and weak signals can be broadcast. Press SOURCE repeatedly to select radio mode.
  • Page 14: Use Bluetooth Devices

    » [REDIAL] is displayed. can pair with your device. Press again. Select “Philips” in the pairing list. » [CALLING] is displayed and the unit Enter default password “0000”. starts dialing the number dialed last » [PAIR OK] is displayed on the panel if time.
  • Page 15: Receive Call

    6 Play with RDS Receive call ,I WKHUH LV LQFRPLQJ FDOO WKH SKRQH QXPEHU The RDS (Radio Data System) function is displayed. operates only in areas with FM stations ‡ if the incoming call has no phone broadcasting RDS signals. If you tune to an RDS QXPEHU [PHONE IN] is displayed.
  • Page 16: Select Alternate Frequencies

    Item Program type Description Select alternate frequencies NEWS News services AFFAIRS Politics and ,I WKH UDGLR VLJQDO LV SRRU WXUQ RQ $) $OWHUQDWH current affairs Frequency) to search for another station with INFO Special stronger signal. information programs Press and hold MENU. SPORT Sports Press...
  • Page 17: Set Rds Clock

    ‡ [TA OFF] 7UDIÀF DQQRXQFHPHQW GRHV 7 Play audio files not cut in. Note Note ‡ If the current received TA signal remains weak for RYHU  VHFRQGV WKH XQLW ZLOO DFWLYDWH 7$ 6HHN PRGH ‡ (QVXUH WKDW WKH GLVF RU GHYLFH FRQWDLQV SOD\DEOH ÀOHV automatically.
  • Page 18: Play From Usb

    » The unit starts playing from the card automatically. ‡ ,I WKH GLVF LV EORFNHG LQ WKH GLVF FRPSDUWPHQW SUHVV DQG hold until the disc comes out. Play from USB Note ‡ Ensure that the USB device contains playable music. Remove the card Insert the USB device Press...
  • Page 19: Search For A Track

    ‡ iPhone To control playback under audio control ‡ iPhone 3G mode: ‡ iPhone 3GS ‡ 7R SDXVHUHVXPH SOD\ SUHVV ‡ iPhone 4 ‡ 7R VNLS WR D WUDFN SUHVV ‡ 7R VHDUFK GXULQJ SOD\ SUHVV DQG KROG  WKHQ UHOHDVH WR UHVXPH QRUPDO SOD\ Connect iPod/iPhone ‡...
  • Page 20: Connect External Sound Source

    » The name of the current folder is ‡ [SHUFFLE ALL]: start random play for displayed. all tracks. ‡ [SHUFFLE OFF]  FDQFHO VKXIÁH SOD\ Rotate to navigate through all folders. Press to access the selected folder. » 7KH XQLW VWDUWV SOD\LQJ WKH ÀUVW VRQJ Connect external sound from the selected folder automatically.
  • Page 21: Gmxvw Vrxqg

    Switch music listening zone Turn Dynamic Bass Boost (DBB) on/off Philips’ innovative Zone technology enables driver or passengers to enjoy music with the best speaker balance and experience more vivid Press DBB and the current setting is spacial effects as the artist is intended to create.
  • Page 22: Adjust System Settings

    9 Adjust system Press again to select an option. settings Other sound settings Turn beep sound on/off You can also adjust the preset EQ / AUDIO settings. Press EQ / AUDIO for 3 seconds. (DFK WLPH \RX SUHVV D EXWWRQ WKH XQLW EHHSV You can turn the beep sound on/off.
  • Page 23: Dimmer

    Rotate to select a setting: Rotate to select a setting: ‡ [DEMO ON] : turn on the demo ‡ [DEFAULT] (default setting) mode. When the unit is idle for more ‡ [COLOR SCAN] (color scan) WKDQ  VHFRQGV DOO IXQFWLRQV DUH ‡...
  • Page 24: Reset

    10 Additional Reset information You can reset the unit to its default setting. Detach the front panel. Detach the front panel Press the reset button by using a ball-point pen or a similar tool. » Preset adjustments such as preset You can detach the front panel to deter theft.
  • Page 25: Remove The Unit

    Suitable speaker 4 - 8 impedance ‡ ,I WKH QHZ IXVH JHWV GDPDJHG DJDLQ WKHUH PD\ EH DQ internal malfunction. Consult your Philips dealer. Maximum power output 50 W x 4 channels Continuous power 24 W x 4 RMS (4 output 10% T.H.D.)
  • Page 26: Troubleshooting

    12 Troubleshooting Output power 0 dBm (Class 2) Frequency band 2.4000 GHz - 2.4835 GHz ISM Band Range 3 meters(free space) Caution Standard %OXHWRRWK  VSHFLÀFDWLRQ ‡ Never remove the casing of this apparatus. Compatible USB devices: ‡ 86% ÁDVK PHPRU\ 86%  RU 86% 7R NHHS WKH ZDUUDQW\ YDOLG QHYHU WU\ WR UHSDLU ‡...
  • Page 27: About Bluetooth Device

    The CD skips tracks system or remove any obstacle between ‡ Ensure that the CD is not damaged or the mobile phone and the system. dirty. ‡ Some mobile phones may connect and ‡ Ensure that random mode is deactivated. disconnect constantly when you make or end calls.
  • Page 28: Glossary

    13 Glossary $ ÀOH IRUPDW ZLWK D VRXQG GDWD FRPSUHVVLRQ system. MP3 is the abbreviation of Motion Picture Experts Group 1 (or MPEG-1) Audio /D\HU  :LWK WKH 03 IRUPDW RQH &'5 RU CD-RW can contain about 10 times more data than a regular CD.
  • Page 30 © 2011 Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V. All rights reserved. CEM5100_IFU_00_V2.0...