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Casio 3040 Operation Manual


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Keep your watch exposed to light!
Your watch runs on electrical power generated from light and stored by a rechargeable battery.
To ensure stable operation, make sure that the watch is exposed to light as much as possible.
How the solar panel and battery work
When exposed to light
Solar panel
(Converts light
to power.)
Electrical Energy
able Battery
Power supplied to watch
When not exposed to light
able Battery
Power supplied to watch
Your watch continues to operate, even when it is not exposed to
light. Leaving the watch in the dark can run down its battery and
cause functions to become disabled.

Modes and Indicators

Each press of the C
C button cycles through available modes in the sequence shown below.
Timekeeping Mode
Home Time Screen
Month, Day
Day of the Week
(Mode Switching)
PM indicator
(no display for AM)
(Changes Display)
Transmitter Indicator*
Hour, Minutes
Switching between Display Screens
Each press of the
button switches the display between
the home time screen and the dual time screen.
Dual Time
Dual time lets you view the current time in your Home City
and in one more time zone (Secondary City).
• A simple operation lets you make the current Secondary
City Zone your Home City, and your current Home City the
Secondary City. See "Using Dual Time".
Operation Guide 3040
Avoid overuse of display illumination
Over use of display illumination can run down the battery.
able Battery
Power supplied to watch
Dual Time Screen
Dual Time
Current Time
Days of the Week
SUN : Sunday
MON : Monday
TUE : Tuesday
WED : Wednesday
THU : Thursday
F R I : Friday
S AT : Saturday
• See "Transmitter Indicator" for more information
about the transmitter indicator.
Tips on how to keep the battery
• Watch functions are disabled as remaining battery power drops.
To ensure normal watch operation, be sure to expose the watch to
light as much as possible.
• Whenever you are not wearing the watch on your wrist, position it
so the face (solar panel) is pointed in the direction of a source of
bright light.
Solar panel
Leave the watch under
fluorescent lighting, near a
window, etc.
• When wearing the watch, try to keep your sleeve from blocking its
face (solar panel).
Charging efficiency is significantly
reduced even if the face of the
watch is only partially covered by
your sleeve.
World Time Mode
World Time
City Code
• The watch will revert to the Timekeeping Mode
automatically if you leave it in the Alarm Mode or
Reception Time
Receive Mode without performing any operation
for about two or three minutes.
All of the illustrations in this manual show a Type A display (dark
figures on a light background).
The Type B display has light colored figures on a dark
Timer Mode
Stopwatch Mode
Timer Time
Receive Mode
Alarm Mode
Alarm Time Mode Name


Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for Casio 3040

  • Page 1: Modes And Indicators

    Operation Guide 3040 MA0605-EA Tips on how to keep the battery Keep your watch exposed to light! Display charged • Watch functions are disabled as remaining battery power drops. Your watch runs on electrical power generated from light and stored by a rechargeable battery.
  • Page 2: Power Supply

    Operation Guide 3040 Charging Precautions Charging Guide Required Daily Charging Time Power Supply • The following is the daily amount Avoid charging the watch in the following locations, and anywhere Starting from a full charge, the watch of charging required each day to support the operations under else where the watch may become very hot.
  • Page 3: How A Radio-Controlled Watch Works

    Operation Guide 3040 Reception Ranges How a Radio-controlled Watch Works The table below shows the time calibration signal that the watch receives when a particular city code is selected as your Home City. • For information about selecting a Home City, see “To configure Home City settings”. See the “City Code List” for more information.
  • Page 4 Operation Guide 3040 ❚ To position the watch for optimum ❚ To interrupt reception Time Required for Reception Receive Level Indication reception Signal reception takes anywhere from about one to seven The receive level cycles through the Receive Level Press the D...
  • Page 5 Operation Guide 3040 Calibration Signal Reception Troubleshooting Precautions • Is the watch in any mode other than the Timekeeping Mode or 5. I can’t turn auto receive on and off 1. The watch cannot receive the time calibration signal. • Auto receive can be performed while the watch is in the World Time Mode during the auto receive times (midnight, 1:00 •...
  • Page 6: Using World Time

    Operation Guide 3040 Using Summer Time (DST) City Code List Using World Time C button to enter the World Time Mode as shown under Use the C “Modes and Indicators”. Summer time, or Daylight Saving Time (DST) as is it is called in...
  • Page 7: Using The Timer

    Operation Guide 3040 Configure the setting that is flashing . Using the Timer Use the C C button to enter the Timer Mode as shown under “Modes When all of the settings are the way you want, press the A button to exit the setting screen.
  • Page 8 Operation Guide 3040 Setting the Home City Time and Date Press the C C button to AT (AUTO) display the summer time This setting enables the auto summer time setting, which setting. turns summer time on or off in accordance with the received You can use the following procedure to set the current time and time calibration signal.

Table of Contents