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Kenwood KRF-V8881 D Instruction Manual

Kenwood audio-video receiver instruction manual
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KR F-V8881 D
KRF-V7771 D
on country
About the DTS multi-channel
audio format
i The DTS multi-channel
is available
on CD, LD and
DVO software.
DTS is a strictly
I digital
and can not be decoded
For this reason,
if you
to listen
to DTS encoded
the analog
of your new
i player,
you will experience
in most
cases. This noise
can be quite
loud if the analog
I output
is connected
to a high power
for playing the
I digital
as described
be taken
to avoid
this situation.
To enjoy
DTS Digital
an external
5.1 channel
DTS Digital
or an amplifier
with a built-in
DTS Digital
must be connected
to the digital
EBU or TosLink)
of a CD, LD or DVD
Important: Set Up the Remote Control First
To operate
your audio
it is important
to first set up the remote
The operation
on your remote
over the receiver
and other
the instructions
for the remote,
to swttch
Quick Start
To enables
in the
of time,
by a _z (star}
01 f_H_ (K, P, M, C, Y) ::'_MC'i



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  Summary of Contents for Kenwood KRF-V8881 D

  • Page 1 KENwOOD AUDIO VR-2090 VR-2080 KR F-V8881 D KRF-V7771 D INSTRUCTION KENWOOD This Model area. About the DTS multi-channel i The DTS multi-channel I digital attempt i player, I output I digital Surround with a built-in EBU or TosLink) Important: Set Up the Remote Control First...
  • Page 2 Befo.. r plj . .ingon.ower Units are designed for operation as follows U.S.A. and Canada ... *Other countries ... A C 110-120/220-240 V switchable *AC voltage selection AC voltage selector switch on the rear voltage that prevails in the area to which Before connecting...
  • Page 3 Contents description Surround Sound Introduction introductio_n=i System connections Connections for remote control of other components b2 Controls and indicators Setup of the remote control unit ... _" Setup fur controlling Setup for multi-room Setup Setup forsurroundplay Setup for remote contro/ling Setup for macro play (automatic Remote control of system components Remote control of CD player ...
  • Page 4 For ease of use, Kenwood grouped associated icons on the same screen. Perfect Macro Operation (VR-2090/KRF-V8881D) The MACRO...
  • Page 5: Contents

    Compared to standard remote controls, modes enable remote control to perform effectively use the remote control it is important remote control and how to switch its operation Using the remote control without completely incorrect operations. How to use this manual Composition of this manual This instruction manual...
  • Page 6 Do not plug in the power completed. Also connect the system control cords when the KENWOOD Audio Component System is connected, OUTPUT B CD2 OUTPUT A : CD1 Record player 16 TEXT jack,...
  • Page 7: Connectionof Video Components

    IIII I I III IIII III system System control is connected. cords when KENWOOD AC-3 RF Demodulator L ... (Kenwood LD player} System con[rol cord I COAX_At II ToSYSTEM CONTROL *2 Connection to the OPTICAL jack Remove the protective cap from the...
  • Page 8 LD player with a Dolby Digital (AC-3) LD player have a PCM Digital Outputs, doesn't need the DEM-9991D,) to the {optional} KENWOOD LASER (DEM-9991D). Then connect demodulator IN (VIDEO4 COAXIAL), the digital output from an LD player, connect...
  • Page 9: Operation

    [XR] equipment) Lets synchronize recording with when recording from CD, MD or analog discs, Registering setup codes for KENWOOD audio components * Once '_,ou finish makir_g the system connections, • If you own remote controllable KENWOOD audio components other system...
  • Page 10 S eaker connections PRE OUTconnections S eak ctions Connection of O Strip coating. banana plugs t::::::3d_ O- (U,S.A. and Canada) Loosen. O Secure. • Never short circuit %_)_._ and - speaker cords • Jf the lef_ right 0 Insert. speakers are connected _ Insert.
  • Page 11 Make connections as shown below, Do not connect the power cord to a wall outlet Antenna terminal connections O Push lever, O Insert cord. AM loop antenna The supplied loop antenna is for _se ndoors. Place it as far as possible from the receiver, TV set, speaker cords and power...
  • Page 12 Xantech 282-00, 286-00 or 283-00 maker's codes Source compoeents (excep_ for models connected with KENWOOD's systemcont_ol cordsl v_q-2oecI/VR-_OaOiKRF-VBB81D/KF_F V777 ! 0 {En/K') "_ "Making connections to to be released in future) IR OUT FOR REMOTE...
  • Page 13 following connections allow to connect (Room B). The monitor TV can be connected either of the connections described below. To select input adjust the volume mode. FRONT SPEAKERS B connections ((T)): These connect ons allow you to connect the speakers to the recewer without using an additions...
  • Page 14 , nllllll K_N_OOO POWER (U.S.A+, U,S+Military and Canada) Press to switch power ON and OFF. O POWER (Except for US+A,, U.S.MilRaq/and Canada) (China : O POWER) Press tO switch the main power ON and OFF+ O ON/STANDBY (Except for U+S.A. UrS+Military and Canada) Press...
  • Page 15 Turning the power on for the first time O Check that all of the connections have been _) Plug the power cord into an AC wall outlet. Push the Power key on the front panel. Military and Canada} Q Press the ON/STANDBY on the front Switching the display mode (DISPLAY MODE key) Use the following...
  • Page 17 (Room B on}Y) @Video3 icon Select to controt Video3. -Appproximate operating range e Se r_sol RC : Infrared ray system KENWOOD to it through system control cords, For details of the controllable icon displayed _cons to control Tuner matching specif...
  • Page 18 Settin up the RCaccordinq to yourreceiver Perform the following procedure after inserting the first time or when the remote control back-up been lost. Preparations • Press the POWER key and ON/STANDBY t._m it ON, Wth some models sold in certain areas, simply the ON/STANDBY key turns the unit ON Model TypeSetup...
  • Page 19 The remote control unit is given with a hierarchical For instance, the menu screen for use in setup 0 To dispJay the "Main Menu" Screen containing I"'Lstn M_ The "Main Menu" screen includes the "Lstn TPese menu screens can be displayed by moving The Main Menu street1 has the follow ng 4 menu screens Urlael it, Listen Mode menu sccee_...
  • Page 21 Video2 Video3 Video4 cord connector Q Find out the setup nent from the Setup icons [Examp_el To assign a KENWOOD E) The input setup Checked by selecting audio components (Ths resu ts in turning so However, operation: cor_trol...
  • Page 22 KENWOOD model number: RC-R0907 El, D and l_l before holding remote to the of your telephone. Menu" icon from...
  • Page 23 Code selection after mode download After successful completion of the download, as described bePow, Select the input and component names that you want to assign a setup code. Find out the numeric icon that outputs the power code of the component. Select the "_"...
  • Page 24 To control the system components in "Room A" from "Room B", it is first required to set the IR RECEIVER After this, perform the IR RECEIVER setup using the main unit keys as described in "Switching the IR RECEIVER mode", Then, perform the required setups...
  • Page 25 _[]" for the "CD2" VR 2O90/VR 2080iKRF-V8881 D/KRF-V77710 methods below. Multi-room capability CD player, other than KENWOOD Multi-room ,_,,_, _ _<-_.__,__._ capability CD Player MONITOR input jacks on the rear input jacks on the rear panel of the main cord, the "Setup...
  • Page 26 IR. In step _ of the procedure in "Assigning the connected setup code for KENWOOD system control, component is a KENWOOD CD player, when a KENWOOD CD player and a CD player for listening in "Room...
  • Page 27 Summary of Input Level Setup If the CLIP INDICATOR on the front panel "Input Level" setup. • The "Input Level" Can be set for an,/selected Select the icon of the input for which you want to set the input level _=_ Select the "Main Menu"...
  • Page 28 Opening the "Setup" menu screen ! F'J Selection in the "Setup ,menu screen t wi Selecting" $P Selection" Selecting speakers Select the "Main Menu" icon. f Lstn Mode ]Sn'dfFnc|StPlL] _m_ Select the "Surround" icon. Select "SP Selection'; SP Selection: Speaker [] Setting the "Speaker Distance"...
  • Page 29: Select The Speakers

    Select the on/off conditions or sizes of the speakers. _A. If you want a simplified setup operation, select "Quick Setup" _:_._z-'_rei!,_, Custorn Setup B. If you want a detailed setup operation, select When using widehand speakers, it is recommended speaker size in "SP Setectior_ (Custom)"...
  • Page 30 "Home Automation". In addition to the componentswhich can be remote controlled bysetup code inputs,the following equipmentcan be remote controlled. "Accessories "°control The remote control unit can output the KENWOOD-original codes, Opening the "Function" menu Select the "Main Menu" icon.
  • Page 31 "Accessories" control Perform selection in the "Function"menu. Perform selection in the "Accessories"menu. I;,_-_.,=[÷ ... ) '-:::!: t,... 4 "Home Automation" control Perform selection in the "Function" menu. Perform selection in the "Home Automation mm"['zzzx_z_z]_=('z*_P'l_|=;!! Perform selection in the "X-tO (1-8)menu. All On O Select the "Accessories"...
  • Page 32 Lutron control Perform selection in the "Home Automation" menu. Perform selection in the "Lutron (Spacer)" menu. Perform selection in the "Lutron (GRAFIK Eye)" menu. O Select "Lutron The following icons can be selected, "Toggle" : Toggle "Raise" : To raise, "Lower"...
  • Page 33 Makita control Perform selection in the "Home Automation" menu. _1 [11] I I [:][f _Jrrt (11111 ][|] [Lutron) (x-lo) ( Maklta Perform selection in the "Makita (1)" menu. i_5_'l,'It t;lll Cu .in ! Ir-eTq opo:open i OPn StoP)I, St?_'.! Perform selection in the "Makita (2)"...
  • Page 34 O To set the timing select the icon corresponding • Device : Set up the connected • Accessories : To set KENWOOD • TV : The icor_ shown • The displayed Type setup allows you to set the remote...
  • Page 35 Operation in the "Custom # Edit: VCR" screen. (_'m__Q _JL_(_ J@lm ®l P,v P,ay Channel Code JQ_L_! • The output tmingof each code can be switched "- -" ndicates that nO code is output and "Os" code is output at the same time es a macro e×ecute •...
  • Page 36 Macro Execute [ General setup flaw L1 Opening the "Macro Execute" menu screen [] Operation in the "Macro Execute" menu screen select the "Macro" icon from the fixed segments. [_tn ,Mode |Snd[Fnc]St Execute a macro in the "Macro Execute" menu screen. Video Custom1 perfect Macro (For VR-2OgO/ KRF-V8881D)
  • Page 37 VR-2090/VR-2080/KRF-VM81D/KRF-V7771B CORRECTION _P"_ Execute a macro in the "Macro Execute" menu screen, ii!iii ,a- Sr; ti: custom1 ji':iiii i::_i!_ Video |::[ Custorn2 lili!i! i;ii;{ Aud o On Custom3 }%!.2 w:i,_i:i3 On Perfect Mac E_£ompatible mod=[_hen _When "Prefect Macro" is executed, The "Prefect Macro"...
  • Page 38 'when you meant to turn it on, "Automatic Power Sensing" works with these Audio equipment : AI Kenwood eqa pment connected Video equipment : All equipment attached to this rece vet with Video monitor : Any equipment...
  • Page 39 General operation flow IBI Selecting the icon of the component to be controlled fixed segments /_ ' _ _, ,,., _.. m _ • The selected input changes according 1€] Performing operation in the menu screen component Remote control of tuner [] Select the "Tuner"...
  • Page 40 Remote control of satellite tuner • It is necessar¥ to assign the satefr te tuner to one of the "Video" p_eviously, [] Select the "Video 1, 2, 3 or 4" icon. • The "Video1/21 3t 4" input is selected, 0 Select the icon to be controlled. oso Menu Function J l Pad...
  • Page 41 Remote controlling a Multi-room CD player or a 200-disc changer CD player By connecting the Multi-room capability CD Ptaver from KENWOOD COs can be played as "CDI" and "CO2" Preparation • Some preparatory setups are required...
  • Page 42 _ample o_men_ E_]Xtdl screen: _{_3__ When code [] Perform operation in the "CD Mode" menu screen. Random , ,,) Repeat Remote control of non-KENWOOD • It is necessary _u ass_n player input previously Zl Select the "CDI" icon. • The "CDI"...
  • Page 43 control in "Room B" is possible when Preparation following preparatory setups are required audio in "Room B", • Perform the operations described in "Connections control of other components" and "Setup eration", • For the connect on to the speaker termina see "Making connections to another...
  • Page 44 Midnight mode i/2/Off (Dolby Digital (AC-3) mode only) When watching movies at night you might range of previously specified parts of the AC=3 sound in volume between specified and non-specified volumes. TFnc|St I_IL Tone • ' SP Level J _:"' FL Dimmer, FL Display setecting the "Main Menu"...
  • Page 45 Use the following procedure to play _,,_t_!_i I Preparation [:!_[_: '_"_ | • Perform the operations in "Connections" L e Perform [he operations in "Setup" Press the ON/STANDBY(POWER) [ Main unit ] "1 Selectthe source. IRC] l,iiain unit ] Select the icon of the desired source iNPUT _ELECTOR Play the selected input source.
  • Page 46 Select the speakers If you havenotcompleted thesetup of "Room A'°and"RoomB": O A ON Listening SPEAKERS O B ON Listening l_t A + B ON Listening and SPEAKERS Q A + B OFF Muting Setting up the IR RECEIVER The following setup operations are required...
  • Page 47 "Tape2 (Monitor)", However, remember "CD2/Tape2" icon in the fixed segments noise be generated. ICON DISPLAY 002 ! TAPE2 MONITOR of KENWOOD, synchro recording connected component. a When "Remote components assigned icons differ according "Video2", "Video3" setup of +Setup IR"...
  • Page 48 inputs/Outputs and "CD2/ Tape2 (Monitor)" DIGITAL ...J I OPT,OUT ! tVR-2090,KRF-V8881DI A_"f:LO'G ... • ',CD1 O: _- :cDzt i Tape2 : VIDEO X4 0 eto. ;REC OUT VIIOEO SELECTORB (VR*2OeO} Select the source O Set the video deck to record, O Start playback, then...
  • Page 49 Radio stations can be classified into RDS (Radio Data Sys- tem} stations and other stations, For listening tions or storing RDS stations in preset memory, entitled "Functions of RDS". General Operation flow I11Selecting the "Tuner" icon Selecting control keys Receiving broadcast station Se/ect the "Tuner"...
  • Page 50 is a system which trans_it_s_ul information receivers designed for RDS reception such as automatic display of the station Functions made possible with RDS (Program Type Identification) Search The tuner automatically searches for a station rently broadcasting a specified program (Traffic Program} serch Automatically...
  • Page 51 Use the operating procedure on this stations automatically in preset memory. stations can be preset received operation. This unit is compatible with the RDS so it can use convenient RDS functions including automatic tuning. The following procedure allows to select stations stations can be preset).
  • Page 52 The Auto Memory function gives precedence tions and assigns them from preset number when it is required to preset RDS stations as well as non-RDS stations, execute Auto Memory operation proceed to the manual memory operation tions. Manual memo pf Ill Select the "Tuner"...
  • Page 53 By specifying the type of program Igenre) broadcasting a program of the specified I With certain receiving conditions, it may I minute until the search completes. Preparation a Preset RDS stations with the "Auto Memory" a Select Lhe "Tuner" input. •...
  • Page 54 Start the search. Di_p. To change to a different program type Repeat steps n, Ittl, I=;1, I _1 To cancel 111Select the _PTY" icon during PTY search, VR-20gO/VR-208O/KRF-V888 O Select the "PTY" icon. Select the icon again while it is displayed •...
  • Page 55 TP (Traffic Program) serch : Automatically tunes to a station broadcasting traffic information. Pre-paration Perform steps I_ to Ig of "Storing RDS stations the preset memory (Auto Memory)". the Auto Memory procedure. This step can be omitted if you have already TP Search Se/ect the "Tuner"...
  • Page 56 General operation flow [] Selecting the "Tuner" icon F_ Selecting control keys Receivin broadcast station ... _-._!_._L I_! ... Select the "Tuner" icon, Perform selections, Except for U,S,A. and Canada VR-2OgO/VR-2OBO/KRF VBBB 1 D/KRF-V7771 • ]he "Tuner" input is selected O Select "Band", The band...
  • Page 57 a stationb Select the "Tuner" input. Perform selection in the "Tuner" menu screen. Specify the frequency. VR 2OB[3/VR 2OBt_/KRF VBBBq D/KRF.V7771D O Select "Tuner" icon. • The last tuned frequency is d splayed 0 Set the receiving band. Each select "Band"...
  • Page 58 I Preparation • Select the "Tuner" input. ! n Select the "Tuner" icon. [] Perform operation in the "Tuner" menu screen. [] Perform operation in the "Memory/lOkey menu screen. Operation in the "Memory/lOkey Pad" menu mm L_i [ _ H z,] t_lJ [ l] .'_,--...1.,i -.=_-'r_ Operation in the Tuner menu...
  • Page 59 This receiver incorporates 5 different sound modes The Dolby Digital (AC-3) and Dolby Pro Logic surround Digital (AC-3) and Dolby Surround program a panoramic frontal sound field. environments from PCM as well as analog To obtain the best possible surround sound, be sure to complete The DTS multi channe...
  • Page 60 Dolby 3 Stereo Dolby 3 Stereo is avaiJable for systems that do not have surround When in the Dolby 3 Stereo mode the surround the front left and right speakers This mode is designed Surround program sources, aJso improve programs that are not Dolby Surround encoded.
  • Page 61 Available The following table showsthe relationship than can be selected from the surround Source Signal Source Component / LD / DVD Dolby Digital (AC-3) Dolby Digital (AC-3) LD (DEMODULATOR) CD [ LD / DVD PCM / Analog During playback of a DTS source a I'he "Input Analog"...
  • Page 62 pund Select the "Main Menu" icon, [ LS=tnj M ode-lSnd[FnclSt el=] "input Select the Digital" icon so that "Auto" is displayed. Digital Ster, eo "Auto" should be displayed i_ normat use, If you want "Lstn Mode" to "Manuel", verify the surround by referring to the table on the previous page.
  • Page 63 Playback of digital input/nlavback_of anaion innut Switch the input setup of the receiver to "Input component is digital or analog. [][] II m *j_ l.'z,], nnz.dt-'_tr_t, _ input Signal A.alog Checking the surround play status surround mode input signal used Select the "Main Menu"...
  • Page 64: Available Play Modes

    played signal is a PCM or analog, I Preparation [Play music. Select the "Main Menu" icon. _mmmm_ Perform operation in the "Lstn Mode" menu screen. cap : |013 Digital Stereo ...i iaU Pro Lovicl -=S us ... iCff 1 Stereoll ;111,.
  • Page 65 sound quality volumes of the Use the procedure on this page adjust effects of the loudness tone setups loudness or tone control effect is maximized Therefore, when the front speakers are set loudness tone effects minimized. _m_ Select the "Main Menu" icon. _='_ Perform operation in the "Sound"...
  • Page 66 What appears be a mulfunction below to see if the problem corrected How to reset the microcomputer The microcomputer may malfunction (impossibility erroneous display, etc.) when the power plugged in again while the unit is in ON mode pressed or due to other external causes.
  • Page 67 Memory backup function Please note that the following items this unit's memory if the power cord from AC outlet for approximately • ]'he input selection is cleared and the "Tuner" • The volume setting is cleared and the volume • The receiving band setting...
  • Page 68 68 dB (65 dBf input) Weight (Net) ... 38 dB 70 dB dB, -3.0 530 kHz - 1,700 kHz 16 pV / (600 pV/m) 50 dB 1. KENWOOD in developrner_t. changed 2 Full performance locations VR-2090!VR-206_3/KRF VBB81D/KRF-V7771D terminal output current...
  • Page 69 75 dB {65 dBf input) 68 dB (65 dBf input) 38 dB 70 dB -3.0 dB 530 kHz ~ 1,700 kHz 16 pV / (600 pV/m) 50 dB 1. KENWOOD in deveopment. changed 2 Ful locations IN terminal output current...
  • Page 70 TV Setup Codes Codes de configuration pour les televiseurs C6digos de preparacion de televisores Maker Setup Codes Fabricants Codes de canfiguration Fabricunte C6digos de preparaci6n 1034, 1045 AdmiraJ 1i08 Adventura 1061 Aiko 1107 Akai 1045 Alaron ! 194 Ambassador 1192 Ampro 1766 Anam...
  • Page 71 TV Setup codes (continued) Codes de configuration pour les tel_viseurs Codigos de preparaci6n de televisores (continuacion) Maker Setup Codes Fabricants Codes de configuration Fabricante Codigos de preparaci6n Scotct 1193 Scott 1034, 1193, 1194 1195, 1251 Sears 1062, 1069, 1071, 1169, 1171, 1174, 1193, 1194...
  • Page 72 Harley Davidson 4015 HarmaniKardon 4053 Harwood 4087 Headquarter 4061 Hitachi 4056, 4057 4023, 4056, 4082 Jensen 4056 4052, 4293 4087 Kenwood 4053, 4056, 4082 Kodak 4050, 4052 4052 LJoyd's 4015 Logik 4087 M E/ 4050 4058 MGN Technology 4255 4015, 4255...
  • Page 73 Maker Setup Codes Fabricants Codes de configuration Fabricante C6digos de preparaci6a Carver 5209 Disco Vision 5038 Hitachi 5038 Kenwood 5273 Magnavox 5209 Home Automation Home Automation Home Automation Maker Setup Codes Fabricams Cedes de configuration Fabricante C6digos de preparaci6n...
  • Page 74 I Marantz 7173 ' nlllllll II I Casset deck Setup codes Codes de configuration pour les platines a cassette C6digos de preparaci6n de platinas de casetes For Kenwood System control operation Pour la commande d'un ensemble Kern,rood Para la operacion...
  • Page 75 Codes de configuration pour les MD C6digos de preparacion de reproductores de minidiscos For Kenwood System control operation ... 9990 Pour la commande d'un ensemble Kenwood ... 9990 Para ta operaci6n de control det sistema Kenwood ... 9990 Maker Setup Codes Fabricants Codes de configuration...
  • Page 76 Cable Setup codes Codes de configuration pour le cable Codigos de preparacion de televisi6n Maker Setup Codas Fabricants Codes de configuration Fabricante C6digos de preparaei6n 0016, 0180, 0022, 0023, 0026, 0028, 0029, 0032 AI egro 0168 Antronix 0037 Archert 0037, 0168, 0812 Cabletenna 0037 Cableview...
  • Page 77 Setup Codeschart Tableau des codes de configuration : Remarque Gr#fico de c6digos de preparacion Although each setup code is designed models. (Also, certain codes may only operate With some models, be sure to keep the ENTER key pressed for a while. Bien que chaque code de commande doive permettre qui sont sans effet sur un modele...