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Safety Precautions - Kenmore POWER MISER 153.321341 Owner's Manual

Kenmore water heater user manual
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Safety Precautions
Imp_per ;ast_,llatlon, adiustnnem, alteration, sarvmce or mamnte- I
ERTY DAMAGE,Referto this n_nu_l for assistance or consult
yourlocalSearsServlceCedar for further informatlon,
At the time of manudacture t his water heaterwasprovidedwith
a combination _mperatere-pmssures reliofveivecertiEadbya
nat;onally recoge;zed testingbboratery that maintains peHod;c
inspect;onOFproductionof listedequ;pment or materials,as
meot'mg the requirements for ReliefValvesand Autemudc Gas
ShutoffDevices for Hot Water Supply Systems, _lndthe current
editionef ANSI 7.21,22. CSA 4,4and the coderequlremer_ ef
ASME, If replasced, the valve must meet the requirements OF
localcodes,but not lessthin a €omblnotlon temperature and
_ressure rellef valve certiEedas meetingthe requirements for
ReliefValves and AutomaticGasShut!off Devlces for Hot Wa_r
SupplySystems, A NSI Z21,22 • CSA 4,4 bya nationaily recog-
nized te_tlng laboratorythat maintainsperlodlc iespection OF
_reductfenef listedequipmem or materials,
The valvemust be markedwlth a maximum sot pressure not
to exceedthe marked hydrostaticworking pressure of the
water heater (150 Ibs,p,_L) and a discharge capacitynot less
than the water heater inputrate us shmvn on the model rating
plate, (Electric heaters - watts dividedby 1000 x 3412 equal
Yourlocaljurisdicdonai a_Cd*orlty, whilemandating the useef a
temperatureq_ressurerelief valvecomplylngwith ANSI Z21.22o
CSA 4,4 and ASME,may requirea valvemodeldiffere_ from
the one fumlshed wi_ the water heater,
Compliance with such localrequirememsmust be s_tisfed by
the insteJler
or end user
the water heater
with a locally
scribed tempera_re.pressure
reliof v_
installedin the desig-
nated opening in the water heater in pla_e of the factoryfur-
Forsafeoperationofthe wa_r heater,the relief valvemust not
be removedfrom i_ deslgrBted opening or plugged.
The temperatere-pressurerellef valvemust be iest_lled directly
into the ftting of the water heater designatedfor the teller
valve. Pesidonthe valve downwardand providetublng so that
any d(s_harge will exit onlywithin6 inches above,or at any dis-
_ancebelowthe structuralI]oor. Be certainthat no €orda_tis
madewith any liveelec_rlcalpart. The discharge o peningmust
not be blockedor reduced in size under any circumstances,
Excess'rye length,ever 30 feet, or useof more thanfour elbows
can causereslzlctlon and reducethe discharge cap_ity of the
No valve or other obstruction isto be pla_edbetweenthe relief
valve and the _nk, Do not connect t ubingdirectlyto discharge
drainunlessa 6 air gapisprovided. To preventbodily injury, h az-
ard to llfe,or propertydamage, t he rellef velve must be allowed
to discharge w ater in quantities should circumstances demand, I f
the discharge p ipeis not connected to a drainor other suitable
means, t he water flowmaycause propertydamage,
The Discharge Pipe;
Must not be smallerin sizethan the outlet pipesize of the
valve,or hareanyreduclng€ouplln_s o r other restdctiom.
Mustnot be plugged or blocl_d.
Mustbe ef mate_al listedfor hot waterdlstzlbotlon,
Mustbe iest_lled soasto allow completedralnage of beth the
temperature-pressure rellof valve, and the dischargepipe,
Musttermlnate atanadequatedr_n.
Mustnot hareanyvalvebetweenthe reliefvaiveand tenL
accesspanelsor sorvlciag the water heater, make sure the
electricalsupply to the water heater isturned ='OFF", Failure[
to do this could result in DEATH, SERIOUS BODILY INJURY,
HOTTERWATERCAN SCALD:Water heatersare intendedto
=reduce hotvratecWaterheated to a tempersture which willsotis-
fy spareheating, clothes wmhlag, d !_ washing, and othersanldzing
needs canscaldand permanently injureyouuponcontact.Some
people aremore Iil_lyto be permanently i njured byhotwaterthan
others. T heseinclude the elderly, children, the infirm,or physicak
lyimenteJly handicapped. If anyoneusing hot water in yourhome
fits intooneofthesegroups or if t_re isa localcodeor state la_v
requlHnga certaintemperature water at the hotwater _
_u musttal_ special p recaotion_ In addition to using t_ lowest
_essible t emperature setting that satisfiesyourhot water needs,a
means such asa mixing valve,shallbe used at the hot water taps
used byt_so people or at thewaterheater. M ixing valves areavelk
able at plumbing supplyor hand,rare stores.Follow manufacturers
instructions for insteJladon ofthevalves. B efore changing t hefacto-
ry so_ng on the thermostat, r eadthe "TemperatureRegulation"
section in this manual.
ONLY: This
water heater is equipped for one type voltage only. Check the
rating plate near the bottom accesspanel for the correct volt-
age. DO NOT use thls water heater with any voltage other than
the one shown on the model rating plate, Failure to use the cor-
rect voltage can cause problems which can result in DEATH,
hare any questionsor deub= consultyour electric company,
INSULATING JACKETS:When installingan external water
heater ;nsulation jacl_t on anelectricwater heater:
a, DO NOT coverthe temperature-pressure rellef valve.
b. DO NOT put insulation over the accesscovers or any
_vCCeSS _e_$.
€. DO NOT coveror remove operatingimtrectlons, and safe-
ty related wanning labelsand materials affgod to the water
d. DO obtain now w_nnlngand instructionlabelsfrom Sears
for placement on the jacl_t directlyover the existinglabels.
Do not usethis apphance if any part of mthas been under [
water. An electrical short or malfunction could occur. The
water heater shoud be repaced.
LEAK; Installation of the
water heater must be _ccompllshed in such a manner that if
the t_nl_ or any connections should leak, the flow of water
will not cause damage to the structure. For thls reason, it is
not advisable to instell the water heater in an attic or upper
floor. When such locations cannot be avolded, a suitable
drain pan should be in.lied
under the water heater. Drain
pans are available at your Ioeal Sears Store. Such a dra;n pan
must be piped to an adequate drain,

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