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Hitachi BD-W85TAE Operating & Installation Instructions Manual

Front loading washing machine
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Operating & Installation Instructions
Front Loading Washing Machine
Model BD-W85TAE
Thank you for purchasing a Hitachi front loading washing machine.
Please read these operating & installation instructions carefully for proper
operation of the machine.
Please keep these operating & installation instructions for future reference.



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  Summary of Contents for Hitachi BD-W85TAE

  • Page 1: Table Of Contents

    Error Codes How to Install the Washing Machine Customer Service Consumption Values Specifications Thank you for purchasing a Hitachi front loading washing machine. ■ Please read these operating & installation instructions carefully for proper operation of the machine. ■ Please keep these operating & installation instructions for future reference.
  • Page 2 Memo 3WPL090501...
  • Page 3: Environmentally Friendly Waste Disposal

    Environmentally Friendly Waste Disposal Disposing of the The shipping package has protected your new washing machine on its way to your home. All materials are ecologically harmless and recyclable. packaging Please contribute to a better environment by disposing of packaging materials in an environmentally conscious manner.
  • Page 4: Safety Instructions

    Safety Instructions Before operating the washing machine, please read these safety instructions carefully. Warning Issues which could cause death or serious injury ■ Do not dismantle, repair or modify the appliance. General safety ÆThis could cause malfunction, fire, electric shock or injury. ÆFor repair, please contact your local service center.
  • Page 5 Safety Instructions ■ Keep packaging out of reach of children and babies. Child safety ÆDanger of suffocation. ■ Do not let children climb onto the washing machine or open the drum door, and do not leave a box or chair near the washing machine which could enable children to climb onto it.
  • Page 6: Product Descriptions

    Product Descriptions Detergent Dispenser Softener Cap Dispenser : For fabric softener Dispenser : For prewash Dispenser : For main wash Drain Hose Control Panel Door Handle Door Lock Power Cord Emergency Door Lock Release Drain Tube Drain Filter Filter Cover Adjustable Feet (4 pcs.) Packed-In Accessories Either type of water supply hose...
  • Page 7: Control Panel And Display

    Control Panel and Display Power button Start/Pause button Jog Dial Temperature button Spin button Prewash button Intensive button Extra Rinse button Rinse Hold button (Child Lock) Timer button Memory button LED multi function display Auto Self Clean button Press this button to switch power on and off. If no program is selected or Power button no button is pressed for 10 minutes, the washing machine automatically switches itself off.
  • Page 8 Control Panel and Display Displays all cycle information, remaining time and error codes. LED multi function display Water temperature symbol is on when the heater is off (Cold setting). Spin speed (No Spin) : Final spin is cancelled and last rinse water is drained only.
  • Page 9: Before You Start Washing

    Control Panel and Display The following symbols are displayed when washing time is prolonged due to : ● Excessive foam in the drum. ÆPouring in extra water to remove excessive foam. The symbol on the left lights. ● Imbalance in the drum. ÆCorrecting imbalance by rotating the drum.
  • Page 10 Before You Start Washing ■ Detergent and Use the amount of detergent recommended on the detergent package. The type and amount of detergent depends on the type of fabric, load additives size, degree of soiling and hardness of the water used. Use less detergent if : - you wash a small load.
  • Page 11: How To Use The Washing Machine

    How to Use the Washing Machine Sort and load ■ Sort the laundry according to type of fabric, care label symbol, color the laundry and degree of soiling. ÆPage 9 : Preparation of the washing. ■ Do not exceed the maximum load. ■...
  • Page 12 How to Use the Washing Machine ■ Pausing a program. Press the Start/Pause button. The washing machine switches itself off if it is not restarted within 1 hour. Switch the power on and the program starts again from the beginning. ■...
  • Page 13 How to Use the Washing Machine 1. Press the Power button to turn on the power. How to 2. Select a program. use the 3. Press the Auto Self Clean button, and then press the Auto Self Clean Start/Pause button. function ■...
  • Page 14 How to Use the Washing Machine How to use the 1. Press the Power button to turn on the power. 2. Select and adjust the program as desired. Memory function 3. Press the Memory button for 3 seconds, then the setting is memorized. 4.
  • Page 15 How to Use the Washing Machine Washable Items with the Duvet program : ● Washable Duvets Machine washable duvets stuffed with not more than 1 kg of down or synthetic material (polyester). - Do not wash duvets stuffed with wool or duvets with a silk covering. - Do not add other items in the same wash.
  • Page 16: Program Overview

    Program Ove Temperature Program Max Load Spin Setting Type of Laundry / Note Setting 400-1200r/min, For daily washing of cotton and linen items such Cotton 8.5 kg /30-90ºC No Spin, Rinse Hold towels, bed linen and table linen. 400-1200r/min, For cotton and linen items. Eco operation that sa Cotton Eco 8.5 kg 30-60ºC...
  • Page 17 gram Overview Selectable Options Auto Laundry / Notes Prewash Rinse Hold Timer Self Intensive Extra Rinse Clean inen items such as shirts, underwear, operation that saves energy and water that ormance as the Cotton program. f lightly soiled clothes and small items s.
  • Page 18: In Case Of Emergency

    In Case of Emergency In the event of a The washing machine features a Fully Auto Restart function. If the power is shut off part way through a wash, the cycle (wash/rinse/ power outage spin) at the time is memorized, and when power is restored, the same cycle automatically restarts from the beginning.
  • Page 19: Care And Maintenance

    Care and Maintenance Cleaning the Drain tube drain filter Drain filter Filter cover Risk of injury! Hot water may come out from the drain tube and drain filter. - Do not open the drain filter when a program is running. - Do not clean the drain filter just after a program using hot water. - Do not operate the washing machine without the drain filter.
  • Page 20 Care and Maintenance 1. Remove the detergent dispenser. Cleaning the detergent Push the dent dispenser Pull the detergent dispenser while pushing the dent. 2. Remove dirt or detergent remaining in the detergent dispenser casing with a brush. Detergent dispenser casing 3.
  • Page 21: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Problem Possible Cause Solution ● ● Door cannot be There is still some water in the washing Run the Drain program to opened. machine. drain water. ● ● Child lock may be activated. Deactivate the child lock. (See page 8) ●...
  • Page 22 Troubleshooting Problem Possible Cause Solution ● ● Foam remains You may have used too much detergent. Use the appropriate amount of ● on the door or Laundry is new or not that soiled. detergent. the door seal. ● ● Fabric softener You may have exceeded the max.
  • Page 23: Error Codes

    Error Codes Code Description Possible Cause Solution ● Water is not Water tap may not be turned on. Check water tap, water ● supplied. Water inlet filter may be clogged. inlet filter, water line and ● Water line or water hose may be frozen. water hose.
  • Page 24: How To Install The Washing Machine

    How to Install the Washing Machine ■ Safety The washing machine is heavy. Use caution when lifting it. Instructions ■ When lifting the washing machine, do not hold the jog dial or the detergent dispenser casing. Lift the washing machine with two persons holding the bottom and the back of the washing machine.
  • Page 25 How to Install the Washing Machine ■ Removing the Remove the four transport bolts and insert the cover caps using the packed-in 13 mm box spanner. transport bolts ■ The transport bolts must always be removed before using the washing machine for the first time and must be retained for any subsequent transport (e.g.
  • Page 26: Connecting The Water Supply

    How to Install the Washing Machine Water supply hose Connecting the ● water supply ■ Optimum water pressure is 0.03-0.8MPa. ■ Do not connect to the mixer tap of an unpressurised hot-water apparatus. ■ Use a horizontal tap. Horizontal tap Extension tap Square tap Connect the water supply hose to the rear panel of...
  • Page 27: Drain Hose

    How to Install the Washing Machine ■ Make sure that the union nut between the water supply hose and main unit is tightly screwed. ■ Turn the tap on to check if the water supply hose is properly connected before starting. If it is loosely connected, water leakage may occur. ●...
  • Page 28: Level Adjustment

    How to Install the Washing Machine ■ Connecting the Connect the washing machine to an alternating current via a correctly installed earthed socket only. power ■ The mains voltage must correspond to the voltage specification on the washing machine. ■ Connection specifications as well as the required fuses are stipulated on the washing machine nameplate.
  • Page 29 How to Install the Washing Machine ■ Under-counter You need a space of 600 mm (W) x 600 mm (D) x 850 mm (H) with at least 3 mm of clearance on the sides, above and back. installation ■ If the height of the space ranges from 823 mm to 852 mm, use upper plate (sold separately).
  • Page 30: Customer Service

    Before calling, make a note of the model name, serial no. and purchase date of your washing machine. You can find the model name and serial no. on the label attached to the filter cover. Model Name : BD-W85TAE Serial No : XXXXXXXX...
  • Page 31: Consumption Values

    Specifications Model BD-W85TAE Power supply See the rating plate attached to the rear of the washer Standard water level 23L (Highest water level)
  • Page 32 3WPL090501 3WPL090501...