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GoWISE USA GW22025 Instruction Manual

Digital body fat scale
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G o
Digital Body Fat Scale
n Manual
Thank you for purchasing this
GoWISE USA Digital Body Fat Scale.
To assure correct use of this
analyzer, read these
carefully and thoroughly.
Please keep the manual for future



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  • Page 1 WISE USA Digital Body Fat Scale n Manual GW22025 Thank you for purchasing this GoWISE USA Digital Body Fat Scale. WISE USA To assure correct use of this analyzer, read these carefully and thoroughly. Please keep the manual for future 1-855-233-9199 reference.
  • Page 2: Specifications

    Specific Uses Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) to determine body fat Weight Capacity: 180 kg / 400 lb / 28 st: 5 lb Weight Unit: kg / lb / st: lb Weight : kg: 0.1 kg / lb: 0.2 lb / st: 0.2 lb Body Fat : 0.1% (in the range of 5% - 80%) Height Range: 3’...
  • Page 3: Body Mass Index

    HOW DOES BODY MASS INDEX (BMI) WORK? The scale will calculate your BMI based on your height and weight. As your body fat, water, muscle and bone results appear, your BMI appears as a symbol in the bar at m of the display.
  • Page 4: Body Fat - What Does It Mean

    BODY FAT – WHAT DOES IT MEAN? Human body is made up of, among other things, a percentage of fat. Body fat is an important component of a healthy and g body because it protects vital organs, helps regulate body temperature, stores vitamins, and helps the body sustain itself when food is scarce. However, too much body fat or too e body fat can cause damage to your health.
  • Page 5 varies throughout the day and affects your impedance measurement. If you are dehydrated, there is a greater chance for n in the body fat percentage displayed by this scale than when you are fully hydrated. For best results, choose a consistent time to use this analyzer, such as in the morning. By establishing the n of your body’s n over a period of one month, you can...
  • Page 6: Battery Set-Up

    percent during weight calories At rest, the body burns approximately 110 for each kilo of muscle gained. Benefits of gaining muscle mass include: Reversing the decline in strength, bone density, and muscle mass with aging. Maintenance of flexible joints. Guide weight r n when combined with a healthy diet.
  • Page 7: Weight-Only Operation

    When the LCD displays “Lo”, replace the s with the “+” signs up. Replace both worn s at the same ; do not combine old and new The scale needs to be alized before first use and a y replacement. Press firmly on the scale .
  • Page 8: How To Enter Personal Data

    REMINDER: The scale needs to be on. The scale may also need to be d if it is moved or bumped. At all other , you may directly proceed with the following s for programming your personal data into the scale. To e the scale, simply press firmly on the scale .
  • Page 9: Weight/Body Fat Reading

    5. Press( ) or ( n to increase / decrease the age value. Press SET to confirm displayed age. 6. When the scale shows “0.0”, you may step on the scale for a measurement. Otherwise, the scale will turn off ally.
  • Page 10: Automatic Memory Recall Function

    HOW TO TURN OFF THE SCALE To turn the scale off, press and hold “SET”. Or, if no b s are pressed and nothing is weighed, the scale will turn off a r about 30 seconds. AUTOMATIC MEMORY RECALL FUNCTION Once personal data has been saved and a weight/body fat reading has been taken, the scale y recall your memory number based on the last weight reading.
  • Page 11 the ( ) to select the number on the or the( ) to select the number on the right. 1. Press ▲ to choose P1 Press ▼ to choose P2 2. Press ▲ to choose P2 Press ▼ to choose P3 3.
  • Page 12: Troubleshooting

    TROUBLESHOOTING 1. You must have bare feet to take this measurement. In order to get the most accurate and consistent reading, wipe your feet with a damp cloth, leaving them slightly damp before stepping on the scale. Repeat measurements again, maintaining maximum contact between your feet and metal sensors.
  • Page 13 Why is the Athlete mode necessary? It has been found that body fat e n using BIA could e the percentage body fat of adult elite athletes. The physiological n of athletes in bone density and level of n are two of the reasons said to account for the difference. The Athlete mode is selectable only for adults 18 years of age or older.
  • Page 14: Fcc Regulations

    Why should I avoid using the GoWISE USA Body Fat Scale while pregnant? During pregnancy, a woman’s body composition changes considerably in order to support the developing child. Under these circumstances, body fat percentage readings could be inaccurate and misleading. PREGNANT WOMEN SHOULD CONSULT THE DOCTOR BEFORE USE. FCC REGULATIONS This device complies with part 15 oft he FCC Rules.