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Kenmore 721.80032 Installation Instructions Manual

Microwave hood combination
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Microwave Hood Combination
Combinaci6n Microondas
Part No. MFL39433001
Sears, Roebuck and Co., Hoffman Estates, IL 60179



  Summary of Contents for Kenmore 721.80032

  • Page 1 Models/Modelos 721.80032 721.80033 721.80034 721.80039 721.80042 721.80043 721.80044 721.80049 Read and save these installation instructions. Lea y guarde estas instrucciones instalaci6n Part No. MFL39433001 Sears, Roebuck and Co., Hoffman Estates, IL 60179 INSTALLATION INSTRUCCIONES Microwave Hood Combination Combinaci6n Microondas INSTRUCTIONS DE INSTALACION _>...
  • Page 2: Your Safety First

    - Read the entire manual before you begin. - The model number label is located on the oven front. See Figure 1. - Mounting plate is located on back side of microwave oven. See Figure 2. BE SURE TO READ THE FOLLOWING...
  • Page 3 - DO NOT place objects between the microwave oven front face and the door. - DO NOT allow soil or cleaner residue to build up on the flat surfaces around the microwave oven door. - DO NOT operate the microwave oven if it is damaged.
  • Page 4 - ATTACH AT LEAST ONE of the two lag screws supporting the oven to a vertical, 2" x 4" wall stud. - DO NOT mount the microwave oven to an island or peninsula cabinet. - BE SURE the upper cabinet and rear wall structures are able to support 150 Ibs., plus the weight of any items you place inside the oven or upper cabinet.
  • Page 5 FOLLOWING PARTS NOTE: Depending on your ventilation requirements, you may not use all of these parts. Damper/duct connector (for roof vented or wall vented installation) Not Actual Size One power cord clamp bushing Four 1/4" x 2" lag screws - Actual Size (for wall stud holes) Two 1/4"...
  • Page 6: Parts, Tools, Materials

    PARTS, TOOLS, MATERIALS YOU WILL NEED THE FOLLOWING INSTALLATION: Carton or other heavy material for covering the counter top. Clear tape (for taping the templates to the wall) Saber saw (for cutting vent holes for roof or wall venting) Phillips screwdriver (for the screws) Pencil Flat blade screwdriver (for the bolts) Measuring tape (metal preferred)
  • Page 7 1. Locate the grounded electric outlet for this oven in the cabinet above the oven, as shown in Figure 4 Detail. NOTE: The outlet should be on a circuit dedicated to the microwave oven 120V, 60Hz., AC only, with a 20ampere fused electrical supply. IMPORTANT:...
  • Page 8: Step 2: Prepare The Venting System

    STEP 2: PREPARE THE VENTING SYSTEM NOTE: The ductwork you need for outside ventilation is not included with your oven. The standard ductwork fittings and length are shown in Figure 9, page 9. WARNING THIS OVEN MUST BE PROPERLY You may vent your oven in one of three ways: Roof Venting If your oven is located on an outside wall near the roof, as in Figure 6 (3-1/4"...
  • Page 9: Duct Length

    STEP 2: PREPARE THE VENTING SYSTEM STANDARD FITTINGS NOTE: If the existing duct is round, you must use a rectangular-to-round duct installed between the damper assembly and the adapter to prevent the exhaust damper sticking. DUCT LENGTH The total length of the duct system, including straight duct, elbows, transitions, wall or roof caps must not exceed the equivalent of 140 feet.
  • Page 10: Step 3: Prepare The Venting Blower

    STEP 3: PREPARE THE VENTING BLOWER Your microwave oven is shipped with the blower assembled for room venting (recirculating). You need to adjust the blower if you want wall vented or roof vented installation. ELECTRICAL SHOCK HAZARD! DO NOT PULL OR STRETCH THE BLOWER WIRING! Pulling and stretching the blower wiring could result in electrical shock.
  • Page 11 STEP 3: PREPARE THE VENTING BLOWER WALL VENTED INSTALLATION: 1. Remove one blower unit mounting screw and two blower plate screws. Remove the blower plate from cabinet. See Figure 12. 2. Carefully lift the blower unit out of the microwave oven.
  • Page 12 3. Rotate blower unit 90 ° so the exhaust ports face the top of the cabinet. See Figure 19. 4. Place blower unit back into microwave oven. 5. Use side cutters or tin snips to cut and remove knockouts "A" from blower plate. Discard knockouts.
  • Page 13 STEP 4: PREPARE THE WALL AND UPPER CABINET FOR INSTALLATION MEASURE AND TACK / TAPE UP THE TEMPLATE 1. Using a plumb line and (metal) measuring tape, find and mark the vertical center line (_)on the back wall, as in Figure 22. 2.
  • Page 14: Step 4: Prepare The Wall And Upper Cabinet For Installation

    • Mark the center of each filler block and drill a 3/8" diameter hole at the mark. • Align filler blocks over the two openings in the top of the microwave oven cabinet and attach to cabinet with masking tape. See Figure 25.
  • Page 15 STEP 5: INSTALL THE MOUNTING PLATE TO THE WALL THE OVEN MUST BE CONNECTED TO AT LEAST ONE WALL STUD. 1. Draw a vertical line on the wall at the center of the 30" wide space. Use the mounting plate as the template for the rear wall.
  • Page 16 STEP 5: INSTALL PLATE TO THE WALL TO PREPARE THE REAR WALL CUTOUT OPENING AND EXHAUST ADAPTOR/MOUNTING PLATE FOR WALL VENTING AND ROOF VENTING: NOTE: If room vented installation is used, skip this step. 1. Using the Wall-template.This template will give the location and size of the box cutout for the rear wall duct as described in step 5 item 1(page 15) 2.
  • Page 17: Step 6: A Ttach The Oven To The Wall

    1. Carefully lift microwave oven and hang it on support tabs (See Figure 26) at the bottom of the mounting plate. Reaching through upper cabinet, thread power supply cord through the power supply cord hole in the bottom of the upper cabinet.
  • Page 18 7. To install the grease filter: Slide it into the slide slot, then push up and toward oven center to lock. See Figure 34. 8. Plug in the power supply cord. 9. Read your Owner's Manual, then check the operation of your microwave oven. {,-- Figure 32 power supply cord "...
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