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Electrical Requirements; Accessories Installation; Testing Your Range - Whirlpool LWF5050 Instructions Manual, Installation And Use Manual

30” gas range
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Electrical Requirements

If the range has accessories that need a power supply, make
sure the installation is close from a wall outlet.
The plug has to be connected to a power supply of 105-140 V
~. Make sure the installation is properly grounded.
Accessory Installation
Installation of back panel (in some models.)
If your appliance is equipped with a back panel, follow these steps for installation:
The supporting bracket should
be in this position for a correct
installation on the back panel.
Remove the packaging materials from the back panel of the range.
You will find 2 bolts and a bag with the installation (2 screws with 2 butterfly nuts and 4 standard
screws) taped to the back of the back panel.
Put the back panel over the cooktop, slide it until the back end, check the screw holes of the
panel and the cooktop are aligned.
Put the 2 screws (B) with the 2 butterfly nuts (A) following the image above.
Locate the supporting brackets, place one by one and screw the 4 standard screws (C) using a
Phillips screwdriver following the image above.

Testing your Range

Once the range has been installed, it's necessary to test the correct installation of the gas and power supply. For this, place the range on
its final location and turn on the cooktop burners and the oven.
Cooktop burners
Depending on the model of your range, the appliance may have 1 step or 2 step electronic ignition. Follow this sequence to test the
electronic ignition:
12-Apr-2013 19:18:08 EDT | RELEASED
Do not allow children to use or play with the range; keep children away whilr range is in use.
Keep the range surroundings free of flammable o liquids.
Do not get too close to the flame produced by the burners or wear loose clothing; your
clothes may ignite if contact by open flames.
Do not use your range to warm rooms, because this is dangerous.
Failure to do so can result in death, fire or explosion.
Electrical Shock Hazard
Do not use an extension cord.
Don´t use the product without ground prong.
Don´t use universal plugs.
Unplug the power supply before giving maintenance.
Do not remove ground prong.
Failure to follow these instructions can result in death, fire, or electrical shock.
In some European factories the letter "W" of the part code mentioned herein will be automatically
Fire or explosion Hazard
When the gas installation is done, connect the range to the
electric supply.
Butterfly nuts
Supporting brackets
replaced by the number "4000" (e.g. "W12345678" becomes "400012345678")

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