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Kenmore 100.80001 Use And Care Manual page 7

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For quicker, easier blending, cut food into about 2-in {one pieces before addlng to
blender _,r_To chop, grate or prepare fruit smoothies, with eilher fresh or h'ozen fruit,
cut fruit in[o about 3/4.inch long pieces
To best circulate foods or fruit that are to be blended with liquid, pour the liquid into the
jar ffrst, then add the solid feeds or fruit
Some tasks cannot be performed efficientfy with a blender. These are: Beating egg whites
whipping cream, mashing potatoes, grinding meats, mixing dough, and extracting juices
from fruit and vegetables
The following items should never be placed in the blender jar, as they can cause damage:
Bones, }arge pieces of soiid frozen foods, or dense, tough foods such as turnips.
To crush Ice, ALWAYS have liquid in the jar. Start out with 2 cups of liquid, and add about
2 cups of ice cubes Hold one hand firmly on the lid Pulse the ice Crush button
{! more ice is neede& remove the measuring cup in the middle of the lid and add cubes
one at a time through the hole in the fid. DO NOT CRUSH ICE WITHOUT LIQUID
Failure to re{low Ihese d#eelions can result in damage to the b{ades, jar, blender motor,
and possibly resull in personal injury.
if you sheutd ever need replacement
_arts for this blender, contact Sears Pads end
Repair Service at 1-800-4-MY-HOME"
1 Before cleaning, turn the conlrei knob switch to OFF and unplug the blender
2. Rinseparts
( at, blade assembly, gaskel co{far, lid and measuring cup inner {{d)
after blending for easier cleanup
3 AII removable parts can be washed by hand or In a dishwasher The lid measuring
cup, collar, gasket and bfade assembly should be placed in lhe top rack only
Disassemble belOre ptacing [n the dishwasher, The are are bottom rack
Do not place the iar or any other parts n be ng qu ds
4 The motor/base is designed to be resistant to liquids, Efliquids spill {hie the motor/base
" Unplug the motor/base
• Wipe with a damp cloth and dry thoroughly
5. Do no{ use abrasive scouring pads or cleaners on base as finish may become
scratched or damaged



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