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Kenmore 100.80001 Use And Care Manual page 6

3 speed
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6. Turn the ControlSwitchto turn the unit ON, The ON ind}cator w ill Itlumlnstegreen_
Press and release the High or Low
button to startbrander,The button you
Fig B
presswillilluminate gresn_The blender
will runcontinuously untilyou press the
button again to turnttOFF°
Youcan also turn the blender OFF by
turning the controlswitch to OFE
The Ice Crushbutton Is the highest and
strongest speed of the blender,
In the ice Crush speed the blender will
stay on only as longas you keep
pressing the button. As soon as you
stop pressing,the blenderwiltturn
OFF (Rg. 8).
7. To run the blenderintermittently ratherthan continuously, turn the ControlSwitchto
PULSE. When the blander is in PULSE mode, the PULSE Indicatorlightflashes
green and the button youpressfor either High Low or ice Crushwill only stay on
as longas youare pressingthe button. As soon as you stop, the blender will
Flashing tight indicates ready to operate. Do not touch
B To add food or fruit Io the jar whife the blender is running, remove the measuring cup
in the middle of the lid Add the food or fruit through the hole tn the middle of the lid
and then replace the measuring cup on lid
NEVER start LJp the blender witheu! the lid in place+ The speed of the blades will
lh_'ow contents high up in the jar and without the lid it could spill out
NOTE: Only operate
blender In one speed at a time.



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