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LG SMART TV User Quick Manual

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User Quick Guide


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  • Page 1 User Quick Guide...
  • Page 2 * Image shown may differ from your TV. * Image shown on a PC or mobile phone may vary depending on the Operating System (OS).
  • Page 3 Network Connection Network Connection Network Connection SMART TV Quick Setup Guide Wireless Network Connection Wired Network Connection Wired router Wireless AP (Router) Internet connection...
  • Page 4 On-Screen Remote To use the Universal Control function (It may not be available depending upon the country/model.) With the Magic Remote Control, you can easily control your set-top box, Blu-ray player, home theater system, and Sound Bar. Check if the device is connected to the TV. You can control external devices using the Screen Remote on the screen.
  • Page 5 SMART TV Quick Setup Guide Control external devices using the navigation keys, (Wheel), or (Back) button on the Magic Remote Control. Change Device tab Device control buttons Expand the ScreenRemote Exits the Screen Remote Moves the position of the Screen Remote to left or right...
  • Page 6 NETWORK Network Connection Connect to your wired or wireless network. Network Connection Enjoy various Smart TV features through network. Network Status To connect to a wired network: To connect to a wireless network: Connect a LAN cable to the back of TV.
  • Page 7 SMART TV Quick Setup Guide The device automatically tries to connect to the network available (wired network first). The connected network is displayed. Select Complete to confirm the network Network Connection connection. If you select the Other Network List, the available network list is displayed again.
  • Page 8 Troubleshooting Network Problems Follow the instructions below that correlate Press the SMART button to Select the NETWORK to your network status. access the Smart HOME menu. Network Status menu. Select Settings and press (Wheel). Check the TV or the AP (Router). NETWORK Network Connection Gateway...
  • Page 9 SMART TV Quick Setup Guide Additional points to check when using a wireless connection Check the password for the wireless connection in the AP (Router) settings window. Gateway Internet Change the AP (Router) SSID (network name) or the When an appears on TV, Gateway and DNS, wireless channel.
  • Page 10 When you connect the TV and laptop, you should set up TV mode for Live TV and external input.  NOTE If not, your computer cannot detect LG Smart TV. Intel’s WiDi is set to On. Connect your laptop to AP It detects LG Smart TVs available, which supports WiDi.
  • Page 11 The TV screen appears on the laptop screen. The wireless environment may affect the screen display. If the connection is poor, the Intel WiDi connection may be lost. * LG TVs do not need to register. * TV sound setting for Digital Sound Out is set to PCM.
  • Page 12 SmartShare PC SW Installation & Setting Install the SmartShare PC SW(DLNA) program on your PC. Go to Then, select your region. Select SUPPORT. Then, search for your model. Select SOFTWARE UPDATE. Then, select SmartShare PC SW(DLNA). You can run the program when installation is complete.
  • Page 13 Check that Wi-Fi is enabled on your smartphone. To use DLNA, both devices must on the same local network. Install/run the app for sharing content on your smartphone (It’s called SmartShare on LG phones). Enable your smartphone to share content files with other devices.
  • Page 14 Updating the TV Firmware Updating the TV Firmware Updating the TV Firmware SMART Settings SUPPORT Software Update By default, the TV will notify you of new software updates. You can use the Software Update menu to manually check for available updates. Set it to On.
  • Page 15 To connect your smartphone to the TV using Tag On, they must be connected on  the same Wi-Fi network or Miracast™/Intel’s WiDi of the smart TV is set to On. - Do not attach the sticker to a metal part of the TV. Otherwise, your smartphone cannot recognize the Tag On sticker.
  • Page 16 Wi-Fi Direct Setting SMART Settings NETWORK Wi-Fi Direct If a local network is not available, you can connect a portable device directly to the TV using Wi-Fi Direct. With Smart Share, you can share files or screens of devices connected to Wi-Fi Direct. If Wi-Fi Direct is set to On, a list of available devices Wi-Fi Direct appears.
  • Page 17 Miracast Miracast Setting Setting Setting SMART TV Quick Setup Guide Miracast allows a portable device to securely send video and sound to the TV wirelessly. Miracast should be set to ON ( ) on your mobile device And TV. Miracast / Intel’s WiDi...
  • Page 18 P/NO : MBM63822532 (1306-REV00)

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