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Introduction; Features - Crate Thunder Bass BX-220H Owner's Manual

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BX-220H / BX-2115
BX-220H / BX-2115


Crate's new BX-220H/BX-2115 ThunderBass amplifiers are feature-packed, professional-strength power-
houses which can deliver incredible bass sounds. Rugged construction, reliable American craftsmanship and
solid state electronics add up to create one very roadworthy, stage-ready piece of gear.
The BX-220H packs solid performance into a compact head unit, contained in a rugged Tolex
cabinet. Its side-mounted handle and heavy-duty rubber feet on two sides (not just the bottom, but also on
the end you set it down on in real life) increase its value to those musicians who are always "on the go." The
BX-2115 combines the same great bass amp with an equally outstanding 15" ThunderBass American-made
transducer for a small but hard-hitting combo amp suitable for the club, small hall or recording studio. An
optional JBL 15" bass transducer is also available (BX-2115L).
Both amplifiers will deliver 220 watts into 4 ohms, or 150 watts into 8 ohms. A listing of the features of
these amps is given below.


Additional information can be found on the pages indicated.
• Solid state circuitry for reliable service and incredible tones.
• Crate's APM (Automatic Power Maximizer) limiter circuit for the most output without distortion.
• Variable input gain control with -15dB pad switch and 3 input icon LEDs for the best match between
your bass and the amplifier (page 4).
• Switchable contour control (page 4).
• 8-band graphic equalizer for optimum tone control (page 4).
• Switchable chorus with adjustable spectrum, rate and depth controls (BX-2115 only) (page 4).
• Balanced line out with adjustable level control and "pre/post" switch (pages 4 and 5).
• Headphone jack with adjustable level control for private practice sessions (page 4).
• Effects loop for noiseless use of your favorite processors and effects (page 5).
• Rugged Tolex
• Removable heavy duty casters for ease of transportation (BX-2115/2115L only).
• Musician made in the U.S.A.
• Crate's exclusive 5-year warranty (U.S. only - see your dealer in other areas for warranty information)
covered cabinets for durability with nickel and chrome accents for high cosmetic appeal.
ThunderBass Amplifier
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