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3 services user guide
3 services user guide
Troubleshooting, Index & Useful Numbers
NEC's Health & Safety Information


Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for NEC 338

  • Page 1: Table Of Contents

    3 services. NEC Corporation Ltd is the manufacturer of the NEC 338 handset and has Get going provided the information on its features and use set out in this user guide.
  • Page 2 Ready for it. User guides can be daunting things, can’t they? Well we’ve made this one as simple as possible. Let’s go. Your guide has been designed to make finding your way around your mobile second nature. There’s also an introduction to the fantastic range of services offered by 3, to help you get the best from them.
  • Page 3 Contents The sections in orange describe 3 services, and those in black describe NEC services. 4.11 Music Getting set up Contacts Extra features and security 4.12 Accessing Music 4.13 Games Installing the SIM Storing a contact Storing an appointment in the Calendar 4.15...
  • Page 4: Getting Set Up

    Getting set up. First things first. There are a few simple things to do before you can use your new mobile. This section shows you how to install your SIM and battery and how to charge up the mobile. Installing the SIM Installing and charging the battery Battery use...
  • Page 5: Installing The Sim

    Installing the SIM How to get your own mobile number and other details onto the mobile. Your SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) 1. Place the mobile on its front. 3.Slide the SIM securely into its SIM holder. contains your mobile number, service details and contacts, and must be inserted into your mobile.
  • Page 6: Installing And Charging The Battery

    Make sure the battery is installed and you buy your mobile but there may The battery’s power levels (4 levels) are charge it using the NEC charger supplied. be enough power in the battery to indicated by the following icons: turn the mobile on.
  • Page 7: Battery Use

    NEC’s mobile warranty does not cover recycled. Refer to your battery’s label for battery type. damage caused from using non-NEC batteries and / or Contact your local recycling centre for proper disposal battery chargers.
  • Page 8: Your Mobile Explained

    Your mobile explained. Your NEC 338 can do a lot of things, so it makes sense for you to know your way around its navigation and controls. Spend a few minutes familiarising yourself with your mobile’s screen and icons now, and you’ll be ready to explore all its features.
  • Page 9: Getting To Know Your Nec 338

    Getting to know your NEC 338 Familiarise yourself with it’s features. Earpiece Screen Headset connector Left soft box Right soft box Antenna displays a variety of prompts. displays a variety of prompts. Camera Right soft key activates the prompts displayed on screen in the right soft box.
  • Page 10: Your Mobile's Start Screen

    Your mobile’s start screen Your mobile’s screen is divided into four basic displays: the icon indicator bar; a central Icon Description window that includes the start screen; the prompt bar; and the shortcut icons display. Battery level – indicates the amount of power in your battery. Each of these is described below: Weak Strong...
  • Page 11: Your Mobile's Keys And Navigation

    Your mobile’s keys and navigation 6 The Enter key 9 The Clear key 3 The Menu key Once you have scrolled to your desired This key has two functions. It will 1 The Triangle key choice, use the Enter key to select it. take you back to your previous This key takes you to the main This key is your one-touch access...
  • Page 12: Get Going

    Get going Now you know your way around your mobile, we’ll show you how to do things like setting the time and date, adjusting settings, choosing your personal profiles – and turning your mobile on and off! It starts with a quick explanation of how to follow the detailed instructions so you can get going right away.
  • Page 13: Turning Your Mobile On And Off

    Turning your mobile on and off Setting the time and date Ensure that your SIM is in your mobile and the battery is charged. After turning your mobile’s power on for the first time, you will be asked to set your home (local) time.
  • Page 14: Setting Your Sim Card Contacts As The Default On Your Mobile

    Using your own shortcuts Setting your SIM card contacts as the default on your mobile You can create shortcuts to your most frequently used services, eg Calendar, which will then feature on your screen’s desktop or the Quick Menu link. If you have contacts stored on your SIM card and wish to use them, you will need to set your SIM card as the default contact memory.
  • Page 15: Choosing Rintune And Alert Profiles

    Choosing ringtunes and alert profiles Setting a picture as a wallpaper You can take photos and store them in a library on your mobile. Your mobile rings or vibrates to notify you of an incoming call, message or event. You can set different profiles, ringtunes and vibrations. Press Scroll to and press...
  • Page 16: Choosing A Text Entry Method

    Choosing a text entry method Messaging shortcuts While writing a message, entering contact details, and appointments etc, Use the chart below as a guide for entering numbers, letters, symbols, you will need to select an appropriate text entry method. spaces and other characters. Function Entry Method Function...
  • Page 17: General Shortcuts

    General shortcuts Use the chart below as a guide for general navigation shortcuts and key functions. Function Today on 3. Also returns you to Today on 3 from any browser page A–Z list of your contacts – from the start screen Missed calls list –...
  • Page 18: Today On

    4 Today on 3 3 brings you a whole world of communication, information and entertainment services. You can ask for directions within major cities, get the latest news, keep up to date with Premier League footie action, play games and much, much more. This section is your guided tour of that world.
  • Page 19: Today On 3

    Today on 3 Using Today on 3 It’s where you get the latest on 3 every day laid out on one screen, ready for you to check it out. Today on 3 is the first screen you will see after pressing .
  • Page 20: Getting To Know The Services Screen

    Getting to know the Services screen The service icons A whole range of amazing services laid out as a series of icons. These service icons provide quick access to the home page of each service. Music Weather You can also select at the top of Keep up with the kings and Watch and listen to the national...
  • Page 21: Tunes & Pix

    The service icons Many services are updated regularly. Check out our timetable on More of the services you can get on 3… for more information. Note: Some of these services may not be available in the voice & picture service area. For details, see the ‘Little book of stuff’.
  • Page 22 Tunes & Pix on 3 Get the cool! User guide...
  • Page 23: Downloading A Ringtune

    Downloading a ringtune Get the sound that says it’s your mobile that’s going off. To access… Press To download a new ringtune… press press Scroll to your preferred style of ringtune and press to see the list of available At 3 Tunes & Pix press ringtunes Scroll to Ringtunes and press Scroll to your preferred ringtune and...
  • Page 24: Accessing Music

    Accessing music Music on 3 Watch a video on your mobile. To access the clip Press again later… Select Press Scroll to and press press Scroll to MUSIC VIDEOS press Scroll to the folder or clip you want Bang on. to view and press Scroll to your preferred singer / band and press...
  • Page 25 Games on 3 The next level. 4.13 User guide...
  • Page 26: Finding A Game

    Finding a game Playing a game Download a game to your mobile. Pick anything from fast-paced Play a game you have already downloaded. shoot-’em-ups to classic brainteasers. Press Press press Scroll to and press Scroll to and press Scroll to your preferred game and press Scroll to your preferred game and press At the selected game press (twice)
  • Page 27 Football on 3 Have it!! 4.17 User guide...
  • Page 28: Accessing Football Services

    Accessing football services How to set goal alerts for your football team Get the latest news, match reports, live scores and video clips, with Barclays Premiership To alert you to goals, half-time and full-time results and match highlights. You can only get these and UEFA Champions League goal action.
  • Page 29: Downloading And Storing Match Highlights From An Alert

    Downloading and storing match highlights from an alert If you set up a video alert for your favourite Premiership team, 3 will send you a text message containing a link to the full-time match highlights. To view the clip without To access the clip downloading…...
  • Page 30 Comedy on 3 Laughing gear. 4.23 User guide...
  • Page 31: Accessing Comedy

    Accessing comedy How to have a laugh whenever you feel the need... To access the clip Press again later… press Other useful Press Scroll to and press press Scroll to your preferred category and press Scroll to the preferred folder or clip you want to view and press Select your preferred video clip and press Scroll to the folder or clip you want to...
  • Page 32: Setting Your Favourite Locations

    Setting your favourite locations Using Quick Map We recommend that you set your favourite locations upfront. This will save you from having View a map of where you are now or of to enter them each time you use the service. So whenever you use Quick Map, Find or A to B, another location.
  • Page 33: Using My Nearest

    Using My Nearest Viewing the latest news Find a bank, restaurant, florist, or whatever you need, wherever you are. Keep up to date with news as it breaks. This example shows how to find your nearest florist. Press Press press press Scroll to and press...
  • Page 34: Setting Up A Financial Portfolio

    Setting up a financial portfolio How to keep track of your stocks and shares. Press press Scroll to and press Scroll to Finance Page and press Scroll to My Portfolios and press Your mobile will display You currently have no Portfolio, would you like to set one up? Scroll to Proceed and press At the query box press...
  • Page 35: Calls

    Calls You can make and receive voice and video calls on your new NEC 338. There are a few simple ways of doing it – the following pages show you how. You’ll also find a range of useful functions which will make it really easy to manage your calls.
  • Page 36: Making And Receiving A Voice Call

    Making and receiving a voice call Making and receiving a video call How to speak face to face on a mobile To make a voice call... To make a video call... Enter the number including the full Enter the number including the area code full area code To delete a digit press...
  • Page 37: Making A Call From Contacts And Recent Calls List

    Making a call from Contacts and recent calls list Grouptalk It’s easy to call anyone whose number you have stored in your Contacts. You can talk with up to 2 people simultaneously. Enter the first person’s number, To make a call from your Scroll down including the full area code Received Calls list…...
  • Page 38: Caller Id

    Caller ID Diverting incoming voice, video and fax calls to an alternative number Handy if you don’t want the person you’re calling to know it’s you. You can divert all your incoming calls to another number (such as your Voicemail) or divert them only when your mobile is busy, out of coverage or unavailable.
  • Page 39: Contacts

    You can store them all on your mobile using Contacts. Your mobile also provides you with far more than a way to make and receive calls. The Media centre on your NEC 338 lets you take a photo or a video clip, and play downloaded audio clips.
  • Page 40: Storing A Contact

    Storing a contact Editing a contact Your Contacts will give you quick access to names, numbers and email addresses. You can also store It’s easy to keep up to date with changes to your contacts’ details. a number to your Contacts when dialling by pressing Add after all the digits are visible on the screen. Scroll down Enter the first letter of the name Enter the contact number, including the...
  • Page 41: Searching And Deleting A Contact

    Press Yes when copying from take about 60 seconds. Scroll to the number you want to delete mobile to SIM Press Scroll to Delete field and press Press Yes NEC 338 3 User guide User guide...
  • Page 42: Sim Card

    Copying a contact between your mobile and SIM card When copying a contact from the mobile memory to the SIM card, not all contact details, eg pictures, will be copied to the SIM card. Scroll down Scroll to your preferred contact Press Scroll to Manage contacts and press Scroll to Copy this and press...
  • Page 43: Media Centre

    Media Centre Your NEC 338 is way more than just a mobile. It’s also a camera – for photos and video – and a way to play music, too. These next few pages show you how to take pics and video clips and store them, and how to play different kinds of music files.
  • Page 44: Making And Playing A Video Clip

    Making and playing a video clip Taking and viewing a photo You can send video clips of up to 11 seconds to other 3 customers. You can take photos and store them in a library on your mobile. To play the recorded video Press Camera clip from the start screen…...
  • Page 45: Deleting A Picture Or Video Clip

    Deleting a picture or video clip Playing an audio clip If you have songs stored on your mobile, you can use it as an MP3 player and listen to the songs. Press Scroll to and press Scroll to View images / Play video and press Scroll to your the media folder and press...
  • Page 46: Mail & Messaging

    Mail & messaging With 3, as well as sending a text, you can send a multimedia message by attaching video clips and images, as well as audio. Plus, our Mail service means you get all your voicemail, email and faxmail conveniently stored in one place. Setting up and listening to your Voicemail Creating and sending a text message Setting up your email username...
  • Page 47: Setting Up And Listening To Your Voicemail

    Setting up and listening to your Voicemail Creating and sending a text message Choose your PIN and record greetings by calling in from your mobile. Press and hold Press Msg for 3 seconds Once connected to 3, follow the voice prompt and...
  • Page 48: Setting Up Your Email Username

    Setting up your email username Setting up your email profile To use 3’s email service, you’ll first need to choose a username. Once you have chosen a username, you need to set up email settings on your mobile. After this you can start sending and receiving emails on your mobile. Once your username, eg Press Msg Press...
  • Page 49: Addressing A Message Using Contacts

    Addressing a message using Contacts Capturing and sending a photo or video clip as a multimedia message This is a shortcut for sending a text, video or multimedia message. You can record up to 11 seconds of video. Scroll down Press Camera Enter the first letter of Point the camera at your subject –...
  • Page 50: Creating And Sending A Multimedia Message

    Creating and sending a multimedia message Browsing into Mail You can send text, photos and audio clips as a multimedia message. From the 3 browser, you can also view emails and headers of voicemails and faxmails. You can also create and send new emails. To send the message to more than one contact,...
  • Page 51: Setting Up Your Pop3 Email Account

    Setting up your POP3 Email account Creating and sending emails – direct You can use your mobile to collect emails stored in your other email accounts Using the email application on your mobile. once you have completed the configuration to access them. Press Msg Press New Press...
  • Page 52: Accessing Your Mobile Email Inbox

    Accessing your mobile email inbox Press Msg Scroll to 3Mail and press Scroll to your Inbox and press Scroll to your preferred email and press To reply to the email... Press Reply To download an attachment... Press Attach. Scroll to your preferred attachment and press To save an attachment...
  • Page 53: Extra Features And Security

    Extra features & Security Your NEC 338 has a bunch of useful extra features, including a Calendar with alarms to remind you of specific appointments and a way to lock your phone. Storing an appointment in the Calendar How to set an alarm...
  • Page 54: Storing An Appointment In The Calendar

    Storing an appointment in the Calendar How to set an alarm The Calendar lets you schedule and organise events such as appointments and meetings, You can use your mobile as an alarm clock only when the mobile is switched on. as well as allowing you to review your schedule of appointments by the week or by the day.
  • Page 55: Setting The Pin Code

    Setting the PIN code Changing your mobile Call Barring password Your PIN (Personal Identification Number) code protects the information stored on your SIM. You can control the way your mobile is used by restricting outgoing or incoming calls, We recommend that you change your PIN from the default to a new PIN. including international numbers or calls while roaming.
  • Page 56: Auto-Locking Your Mobile

    Auto-locking your mobile Changing your mobile lock security code You can lock your mobile whenever you like to stop anyone else from using it, or you can set it to lock every time you turn it off. Press Press Scroll to and press Scroll to and press...
  • Page 57: Health & Safety

    A message from your handset manufacturer NEC Health & Safety Information The information in this section gives you detailed guidelines on how to use your mobile as safely as possible. 10.1 Emergency Services 10.1 General care 10.2 Important Safety Information 10.5...
  • Page 58: Emergency Services

    1 Ensure that your 338 is switched on and in The 112 emergency number service is PL-2 IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION service. available on every digital network service.
  • Page 59 A message from your handset manufacturer NEC • Do not pierce the battery with a sharp • When a phone is set to Vibration mode, • Hold the phone away from your ear when • Do not use the phone on the ground without object such as a needle.
  • Page 60: Road Safety

    We recommend that your NEC phone levels of radio wave exposure for the general • Pull off the road and park before making is serviced or repaired by an NEC authorised service population. The guidelines were developed by PL-4 IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION or answering a call.
  • Page 61: Declaration Of Conformity

    A message from your handset manufacturer NEC include a substantial safety margin designed to assure • Radiocommunications (Electromagnetic Radiation the safety of all persons, regardless of age and health Human Exposure) Standard 1999, Australian and to account for any variations in measurements.
  • Page 62: Troubleshooting, Index

    Troubleshooting, Index & Useful Numbers Facing a problem? Use this section to track down what’s wrong – and correct it... 11.1 Troubleshooting 11.3 Index 11.5 Useful Numbers...
  • Page 63: Troubleshooting

    Your call did not reach the network. You may have called the number too soon after Has the mobile been damaged, Dropping your mobile, getting it wet or using a non-NEC battery charger can and heard an alternating turning your mobile on. Wait until your mobile’s screen shows either dropped, or did it get wet? Was a damage the mobile.
  • Page 64: Index

    Index Mobile - deleting - features 2.1- 2.2 - general 2.4, 3.4, 3.9 Alarm Date Keys Wallpaper - keys 2.5- 2.6 - on screen Alert profiles 3.5, 3.9 - clear - setting Music 4.12 - text entry Appointments - end - using Audio clip Email...
  • Page 65 Useful Numbers Problem Mobile Other Phones 3 Customer Services 0870 7330 333 Mail (Voicemail, 07782 333 123 Email and Faxmail) ThreePay top-up 0870 7330 444 Directory enquiries 118 333 118 333 International directory enquiries 118 313 118 313 Disabled & elderly enquiries Emergency calls* *112 is the international standard emergency number from your mobile.

Table of Contents